Yoshi Tatsu

Yoshi Tatsu making his debut on NXT.

Height 6ft 1in
Weight 225lbs
From Tokyo, Japan
Debut 8th February 2012
Season 1 Record 3-4
Season 2 Record 9-16
Season 3 Record 5-8
Season 4 Record 5-6

Yoshi Tatsu is a former wrestler in the WTX Universe. He has held one championship throughout his career in the WTX Universe series as he is a 1-time Cruiserweight Champion.


Debut (2012)

Yoshi Tatsu made his WTX Universe debut on the February 8th 2012 of NXT in a tag team main event in which he teamed with Sin Cara in a losing effort to the team of Mick Foley & Randy Savage.

At WrestleMania II, Jay Lethal competed in a Championship Scramble for the Cruiserweight Championship, however, the match was won by X-Pac.

Cruiserweight Champion (2013-2015)

As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, Tatsu was drafted from NXT to SmackDown. At Over The Limit, Tatsu challenged Ted DiBiase Jr. for the Light Heavyweight Championship, but was unsuccessful.

On February 6th, Tatsu defeated Xavier Woods to win the Cruiserweight Championship, however, he lost the championship shortly after back to Woods at King of the Ring.

On October 8th, Tatsu won a first round match in a tournament for the vacant NXT Championship, defeating Sami Zayn. Tatsu lost his second round match to Austin Aries, being eliminated from the tournament.

In late October, Tatsu's mentor Ricky Steamboat began to manage him, later bringing in Ultimo Dragon as a partner for Tatsu. On November 12th, Ultimo Dragon betrayed Tatsu during a match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, with Steamboat endorsing the betrayal and calling Tatsu an embarassment to his training. On November 26th, Tatsu defeated Ultimo in a "loser leaves forever" match, leaving him to feud with Steamboat one-on-one. At NXT Arrival, Tatsu got his match with Steamboat, defeating Steamboat and ending their rivalry.

On August 11th, Tatsu lost a "loser leaves" match against Sin Cara, leading to Tatsu parting ways with the WTX Universe.

Championships and Accomplishments

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