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Height 6ft 4in
Weight 505lbs
From The Land of the Rising Sun
Debut 14th March 2014
Season 3 Record 0-1
Season 4 Record 16-6

Yokozuna is a former wreslter within the WTX Universe, he is a former United States Champion.


NXT (2014-2015)

Yokozuna made his debut as a special one-night-only appearance on the March 14th 2014 edition of SmackDown as one of the legends to face Leo Kruger during his Legend Killer gimmick, Yokozuna had a competitive battle but ultimately lost to Kruger.

United States Champion & Retirement (2015)

In April of 2015, Yokozuna was drafted from NXT to SmackDown as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. He debuted on May 29th, defeating Jinder Mahal to win the United States ChampionshipAt SummerSlam, Yokozuna successfully defended the championship against Sami ZaynAt Cyber Sunday, Yokozuna defended the championship successfully again, this time against Finn Balor. On September 24th, Yokozuna hosted an open challenge under the I Quit stipulation, in which John Cena answered the challenge and defeated Yokozuna to win the United States Championship. At No Mercy, Yokozuna got his rematch, stating if he lost he would retire, in which he submitted to the STF from Cena to lose the match and end his career.

Championships and Accomplishments

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