WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 78 - WEEK 21 WrestleMania VI04:17:08

WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 78 - WEEK 21 WrestleMania VI

WrestleMania VI 
is a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, the show took place on April 2nd 2017 and featured RAWSmackDown & ECW.


This was the sixth WrestleMania event to take place within the WTX Universe, it is the follow up to March event Fastlane and will be followed in late April by RAW event Payback. The show will be one of few to host all three brands and will feature a match for every championship within the WTX Universe.

The show featured a total of fifteen matches, the first to be announced being the NXT Championship match. At Royal Rumble, Hideo Itami won the 30-Man Royal Rumble match to earn a world championship match at WrestleMania VI, after losing his WTX Championship to Bobby Lashley the following Tuesday, Itami faced Lashley in a rematch at Elimination Chamber, upon losing this match, Itami decided to reveal who he would be facing at WrestleMania VI, he announced that he would be leaving the SmackDown brand to pursue the NXT Championship, challenging Pentagon Jr. to a first-time match between the two. On February 22nd, Itami made his NXT return, defeating Matanza who was previously undefeated, after which, Pentagon stood at the entryway and had a staredown with Itami. It was then announced that NXT would be replaced by ECW, making their feud now for the ECW Championship.

At Fastlane, Batista won the King of the Ring tournament to earn a shot at the WWE Champion, Triple H. Batista then added a Hell in a Cell stipulation, Batista promised to end Triple H's near one year reign and get rid of him for good. The following night on RAW, three more matches were confirmed, as Enzo Amore & Big Cass defeated Aerostar & El Frostico to be named the new contenders for The Blood Brothers World Tag Team Championship, as well as Chris Jericho earning a shot at Neville and the Intercontinental Championship by cheating and having his feet on the ropes in a contenders match to defeat his own partner The Miz. The fifth match to be confirmed was the RAW Women's Championship match, as Charlotte defeated 3-time champion Asuka to earn a one-on-one match against Rosemary, who should had been pursuing for months. The following week, Rosemary added a stipulation to the match, making it a Falls Count Anywhere match.

On the March 14th edition of SmackDown, the final world championship main event was confirmed as it was announced that Baron Corbin would defend the World Heavyweight Championship in a Fatal 4-Way against the former champion, whom Corbin initially lost the championship to at Elimination Chamber, AJ Styles, as well as Finn Balor, who had defeated Styles and Corbin in prior weeks, and The Undertaker, who Corbin had been feuding with since the prior years WrestleMania event. It was also announced on the same episode that Alexa Bliss would defend her SmackDown Women's Championship against every SmackDown competitor besides Trish Stratus and Jade, who she had recently defeated, meaning she would defend in a 6-Woman Ladder Match against Alice Lovecraft, Emma, Lita, Tamina & Taya.

On the March 15th edition of ECW, two more matches were confirmed, the first being made after Sami Zayn was made to find a partner to face Kevin Owens & Mil Muertes, whom he had been feuding with, Zayn chose Jeff Hardy and then went on to defeat Owens & Muertes in a tag match, after which it was announced all four would face off for Zayn's United States Championship at WrestleMania VI. Later that same episode, Havok suffered her first loss of the year, being defeated by Bayley, whom Havok had made a habit of beating down for years, leading to a rematch between the two being confirmed for WrestleMania VI, this time for Havok's ECW Women's Championship.

On March 20th, RAW confirmed their final match with TJ Perkins winning a Fatal 4-Way against Crazzy Steve, Drago & Jack Evans to earn an opportunity at the Cruiserweight Championship, it was then announced the match between Perkins & Brian Kendrick would be a TLC match for the championship at WrestleMania VI. The following night on SmackDown, two more matches were confirmed via contenders matches, with Murphy defeating Jack Swagger to become the new contender for the WTX Championship held by Shinsuke Nakamura, as well as The Club members Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows earning a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship, of whom the champions they had been feuding with for weeks, after The Club defeated American Alpha, earning an opportunity at the champions, The Revival.

On March 28th, Carlito won a Battle Royal against Tyler Breeze, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, John Cena & Apollo Crews to be named the contender for the Global Championship held by Bobby Lashley, Carlito's first opportunity at the championship he introduced in 2015 since losing the championship.

On the final ECW before WrestleMania, The Nexus were made to face each other in a contenders match, with Shelton Benjamin & MVP defeating Ryback & Cody Rhodes to earn a shot at the ECW World Tag Team Championship which was held by The ShieldSeth Rollins & Roman Reigns. The show also confirmed that the Hardcore Championship was voted into a 30-Man Battle Royal defence at WrestleMania VI, pitting the champion The Great Destroyer up against 29 surprise opponents.


Opening the event was the 30-Man Battle Royal for the Hardcore Championship, seeing the champion The Great Destroyer eliminated last from the match by Edge, who had then won his first Hardcore Championship. In the second match, The Shield retained the ECW World Tag Team Championship against The Nexus. The third match saw Bobby Lashley dominate Carlito in a one-sided squash to retain the Global Championship. In the fourth match, Charlotte defeated Rosemary to win her first championship, the RAW Women's Championship. In the fifth match, Enzo Amore & Big Cass defeated The Blood Brothers to win their second World Tag Team Championship.

In the sixth match of the show, Murphy won the WTX Championship from Shinsuke Nakamura, without the help of tag team partner Blake, who was at ringside. In the seventh match, Havok retained the ECW Women's Championship against Bayley in a less than competitive match. The eigth match, similar to the prior one, saw Chris Jericho defeat Neville in a mostly one sided match to become Intercontinental Champion, Jericho's first singles championship win since debuting five years ago. In the ninth match, TJ Perkins defeated Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship when he retrieved it from above the ring in their TLC match. In the tenth match, Sami Zayn retained the United States Championship despite the odds stacked against him in his Fatal 4-Way defence.

In the eleventh match, The Club defeated The Revival following a Magic Killer to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. The twelth match then saw Lita retrieve the SmackDown Women's Championship in the 6-Woman Ladder Match to win a record fourth SmackDown Women's Championship. The thirteenth match then saw the first world championship match of the show, with Hideo Itami defeating Pentagon Jr. to become ECW Champion. The fourteenth match saw AJ Styles win his third World Heavyweight Championship, and finally, the main event saw Triple H continue his 364 day reign as champion, defeating Batista with a Pedigree inside Hell in a Cell.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Edge won last eliminating The Great Destroyer (c) 30-Man Battle Royal for Hardcore Championship 35:52
2 "The Shield" Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) def. "The Nexus" Shelton Benjamin & MVP Extreme Rules Tag Team Match for ECW World Tag Team Championship 6:17
3 Bobby Lashley (c) def. Carlito Singles Match for Global Championship 5:59
4 Charlotte def. Rosemary (c) Falls Count Anywhere Match for RAW Women's Championship 7:56
5 Enzo Amore & Big Cass def. "The Blood Brothers" Damien Sandow & Elias Samson (c) Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 2:16
6 Murphy w/Blake def. Shinsuke Nakamura (c) Singles Match for WTX Championship 7:30
7 Havok (c) def. Bayley Singles Match for ECW Women's Championship 3:25
8 Chris Jericho def. Neville (c) Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 3:34
9 TJ Perkins def. Brian Kendrick (c) TLC Match for Cruiserweight Championship 4:04
10 Sami Zayn (c) def. Kevin Owens, Jeff Hardy & Mil Muertes Fatal 4-Way Match for United States Championship 8:18
11 "The Club" Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows def. "The Revival" Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder (c) Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 7:16
12 Lita def. Alexa Bliss (c), Alice Lovecraft, Emma, Tamina & Taya 6-Woman Ladder Match for SmackDown Women's Championship 22:30
13 Hideo Itami def. Pentagon Jr. (c) Singles Match for ECW Championship 9:51
14 AJ Styles def. Baron Corbin (c), Finn Balor & The Undertaker Fatal 4-Way Match for World Heavyweight Championship 10:23
15 Triple H (c) def. Batista Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Championship 6:15

Hardcore Championship Battle Royal Eliminations

# Entrant Order of Elimination Eliminated by Time Eliminations
1 Daniel Bryan 4 Corey Graves 6:28 1
2 Mark Henry 2 Dean Ambrose 2:48 0
3 Diego 1 Daniel Bryan 1:54 0
4 Dean Ambrose 13 Erick Rowan 12:11 5
5 Samoa Joe 11 Fernando 9:45 3
6 Kane 5 Samoa Joe 3:27 0
7 Wade Barrett 6 Dean Ambrose 3:05 0
8 Ryback 3 Dean Ambrose 0:09 0
9 Corey Graves 7 Samoa Joe 2:04 1
10 El Frostico 12 Dean Ambrose 5:17 1
11 Sting 10 Samoa Joe 2:49 1
12 Blake 8 El Frostico 0:45 0
13 Randy Orton 9 Dean Ambrose 0:46 0
14 Fernando 17 Cesaro 9:04 2
15 Luke Harper 16 Cesaro 7:52 0
16 Erick Rowan 15 Drew Galloway 5:05 1
17 Bray Wyatt 14 Fernando 2:31 0
18 Austin Aries 27 The Great Destroyer 17:17 0
19 Cesaro 19 Goldberg 7:35 2
20 Drew Galloway 18 Eddie Guerrero 3:58 1
21 Eddie Guerrero 20 Ultimate Warrior 4:03 1
22 Goldberg 21 Ultimate Warrior 3:59 1
23 John Cena 24 Christian 7:13 0
24 Ultimate Warrior 22 Shawn Michaels 3:39 2
25 Sheamus 23 Tyler Breeze 4:51 0
26 Shawn Michaels 26 Edge 5:51 2
27 Tyler Breeze 28 Edge 8:36 1
28 Christian 25 Shawn Michaels 2:13 1
29 Edge Winner - 5:06 2
30 The Great Destroyer 29 Edge 4:17 1

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