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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.234 - WrestleMania IV)

WrestleMania IV is a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, the show took place on March 29th 2015 and was presented by RAW, NXT & SmackDown.


This was the fourth WrestleMania event to take place within the WTX Universe, taking place after King of the Ring earlier in March, and followed by Backlash.

The show featured a total of 15 matches, the first of which was for the Cruiserweight Championship, as Gregory Helms defended the championship against uprising contender Hideo Itami. The second match was the NXT Tag Team Championship match, seeing Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defend their championship against former champions Bourne In-Zayn, who initially invoked their rematch clause on an episode of NXT, only for Heath Slater to quickly get himself disqualified, after which it was announced that the two teams would have a rematch at WrestleMania IV inside of a Steel Cage, to ensure a clear winner. The third match was the United States Championship match, pitting Kurt Angle in a Fatal 4-Way against rival CM Punk, Punk's backup Baron Corbin, and Angle's own ally Christian, as the four had been feuding heading into the event. The fourth match was the Diva's Championship matchup, after Natalya earned an opportunity at the champion, she then defeated the champion Toxic and her boyfriend The Great Destroyer in a mixed tag match, teaming with her husband Tyson Kidd and seemingly having the upper hand on the champion. 

The fifth match was a highly anticipated World Tag Team Championship match, seeing the champions Los Guerreros go up against fellow luchadores Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara in a TLC Match. The sixth match saw a rematch from NXT Arrival between the NXT General Manager William Regal, and long time rival Alberto Del Rio, who had continually targetted Regal and tried to injure the General Manager, Regal decided to resolve this once and for all with a Last Man Standing match. The seventh match was the third and final battle between Paige & Havok, who had exchanged wins in the prior to SmackDown special events, Royal Rumble & No Way Out (2015), heading into their matchup for the Women's Championship. The eighth match was the WWE Tag Team Championship rematch, pitting the recently reunited D-Generation X against The Ascension, who had invoked their rematch clause for the big event.

The ninth match to take place was the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, seeing Damien Sandow & The Great Destroyer from RAW, Bobby Roode & Sting from NXT, and Wolfe & Matt Hardy from SmackDown facing off to win a Money in the Bank contract, earning them a guaranteed world championship match any time for one year. The tenth match of the show saw The Undertaker face off against Goldberg, after Undertaker was cheated out of a WWE Championship match at King of the Ring by a returning Goldberg, Undertaker demanded the two face off at WrestleMania IV.

The eleventh match of the event was the Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4-Way, as Cesaro was willing to take on all challengers, he was answered by Razor RamonWade Barrett, and the recently debuted Finn Balor. The twelth match was a top billed match, as The Legacy had recently taken over RAW, on the final RAW before WrestleMania IV, The Shield reunited to take back their place as the dominant trio of RAW, leading to a big 6-Man Tag Team match between the two factions at the event.

The thirteenth match for the event was the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat, as Tyler Breeze was made to defend his championship in a Triple Threat against former WrestleMania main eventers The Rock and Edge. The fourteenth match was the NXT Championship match, as the 2015 Royal Rumble winner Rusev handpicked Batista to be his opponent, the two agreed to face off in an I Quit match at the event. Finally, the main event of the show pitted the longest reigning WWE Champion to defend his championship against the 2015 King of the Ring winner, as Brock Lesnar faced Ryback, with two having a lot of momentum heading into the match, most notably Lesnar, who was undefeated heading into the event the whole season.


To begin the event, Hideo Itami defeated Gregory Helms to win his first championship within the WTX Universe. The second match saw another title change as Bourne In-Zayn defeat the champions Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel to become NXT Tag Team Champions once again. Third in the United States Championship match, Kurt Angle successfully retained the championship against all odds. In the fourth match, Toxic got a victory over Natalya, continuing her lengthy reign as Diva's Champion. In the fifth match, Los Guerreros retained the World Tag Team Championship against their partners in a highly competitive match of the night contender. The sixth match Alberto Del Rio defeated William Regal once again, severely hurting him in the match and returning him back to retirement.

The seventh match of the show Paige settled the score with Havok, defeating Havok a second time to retain her Women's Championship. The eighth match saw another championship retention and feud settled, as D-Generation X defeated The Ascension once again to retain their WWE Tag Team Championship. In the ninth match, Sting won the Money in the Bank Ladder match, earning himself a future world championship match of his choice, valid for an entire year. Next, The Undertaker defeated Goldberg to resolve their feud and get Undertaker another WrestleMania victory. In the eleventh match, Cesaro retained his Intercontinental Championship, similar to Angle earlier in the night, overcoming the odds stacked against him.

The twelth match saw The Shield get their big WrestleMania victory, as The Shield defeated The Legacy. In the first world championship match of the night, Tyler Breeze cheated his way to a championship retention, watching on as Edge & Rock faced off before picking his spot to steal the pinfall. In the semi-main event, Batista retained the NXT Championship against Rusev, forcing Rusev to say "I Quit" which, in turn, made Rusev the first man to win the Royal Rumble and lose his match at WrestleMania. In the main event, Ryback defeated Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship, ending Lesnar's undefeated streak and record setting reign of 184 days.


# Result Stipulation Time
Pre Show Bo Dallas def. De9fault "BoMania vs. De9Mania" Singles Match 4:44
1 Hideo Itami def. Gregory Helms (c) Singles Match for Cruiserweight Championship 7:50
2 "Bourne In-Zayn" Evan Bourne & Sami Zayn def. Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (c) Steel Cage Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 6:34
3 Kurt Angle (c) def. CM Punk, Baron Corbin & Christian Fatal 4-Way Match for United States Championship 3:39
4 Toxic (c) def. Natalya w/Tyson Kidd Singles Match for Diva's Championship 6:17
5 "Los Guerreros" Eddie Guerrero & Chavo Guerrero (c) def. Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara TLC Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 13:04
6 Alberto Del Rio def. William Regal Last Man Standing Match 5:57
7 Paige (c) def. Havok Extreme Rules Match for Women's Championship 5:06
8 "D-Generation X" Triple H & Shawn Michaels (c) def. "The Ascension" Konnor & Viktor Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 5:43
9 Sting def. Bobby Roode, Damien Sandow, The Great Destroyer, Wolfe & Matt Hardy Money in the Bank Ladder Match 18:08
10 The Undertaker def. Goldberg Singles Match 6:47
11 Cesaro (c) def. Razor Ramon, Wade Barrett & Finn Balor Elimination Fatal 4-Way Match for Intercontinental Championship 7:17
12 "The Shield" Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns def. "The Legacy" Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase Jr. Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match 12:56
13 Tyler Breeze (c) def. Edge & The Rock Triple Threat Match for World Heavyweight Championship 3:33
14 Batista (c) def. Rusev I Quit Match for NXT Championship 8:06
15 Ryback def. Brock Lesnar (c) Singles Match for WWE Championship 15:53

Intercontinental Championship Eliminations

Elimination Order Wrestler Eliminated by Elimination Method Time
1 Razor Ramon Cesaro Pinned following Neutralizer 3:51
2 Wade Barrett Cesaro Pinned following Swiss Death 5:25
3 Finn Balor Cesaro Pinned via rollup 7:17

6-Man Tag Eliminations

Elimination Order Wrestler Team Eliminated by Elimination Method Time
1 Randy Orton The Legacy Dean Ambrose Pinned following Dirty Deeds 7:58
2 Cody Rhodes The Legacy Roman Reigns Pinned following Spear 11:37
3 Ted DiBiase Jr. The Legacy Seth Rollins Pinned following Curb Stomp 12:56

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