Wolfe Kessler
Height 7ft 0in
Weight 290lbs
From Chicago, Illinois
Debut 29th August 2014
Season 3 Record 5-3
Season 4 Record 23-17

Wolfe Kessler is a former wrestler within the WTX Universe. He is a 4 time champion, as he is a former Television Champion as well as a former 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion, once with Tyler Reks and once with Heath Slater, he is also a former World Tag Team Champion with Kevin Nash.


3MB & Wolfe Pack (2014-2015)

On the August 29th 2014 edition of SmackDown, Wolfe made his debut, replacing Jinder Mahal in the 3MB faction, he assisted Heath Slater & Tyler Reks in defeating The Dudley BoyzOn September 5th, Wolfe teamed with Reks to defeat The Dudley Boyz and win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Two weeks later, they lost the championship back to The Dudley Boyz in a table match.

At No Mercy, 3MB's Slater & Wolfe defeated The Dudley Boyz to win the WWE Tag Team Championship back, immediately after, they were made to defend them once again, losing them immediately to The Ascension.

On November 21st, Wolfe left the 3MB faction after Tyler Reks was kicked out the prior week, the two formed a new trio with Kevin Nash named Wolfe Pack, with Reks & Nash then defeating Slater & Rockstar Spud in their tag debut. At Survivor Series, Wolfe Pack competed in a 6-Man Tag Match for both, The Ascension's WWE Tag Team Championship as well as Brodus Clay's United States Championship, Wolfe Pack lost the match when Clay submitted Wolfe via Torture Rack.

On February 13th, Wolfe & Reks won a match against Shelton Benjamin & MVP to become the new contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championship. At No Way Out, Wolfe Pack lost to the champions The Ascension once again.

At King of the Ring, Wolfe competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, being eliminated in the first round by Titus O'Neil. On March 13th, Wolfe qualified for the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania IVAt WrestleMania IV, Wolfe lost the Money in the Bank ladder match to Sting. The following week, Wolfe was drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. At Backlash, Wolfe Pack won the World Tag Team Championship, defeating D-Generation X.

On June 1st, Wolfe defeated D-Train to also win the Television ChampionshipAt Over the Limit, they retained their championship against The Revolution via disqualification when both members of the team refused to leave the ring. Later in the show, Wolfe was then made to defend his Television Championship against a surprise opponent, revealed to be the returning Hulk Hogan, who defeated Wolfe for the championship. At Unforgiven, Wolfe challenged for the Television Championship, losing to champion Big E.

At SummerSlam, Wolfe Pack lost the championship back to DX after Triple H recovered from injuries. Wolfe Pack came to an end when Wolfe didn't break up a pin attempt on Nash on August 31st, after which Nash moved on to teaming with Razor Ramon, assisting Ramon in beating Wolfe on September 7th, at Night of Champions Wolfe lost to Ramon & Nash, The Outsiders.

On December 28th, Kessler defeated Nash in a match to qualify for the 2016 Royal Rumble match.

Global Championship Pursuit & Team with Vader (2016)

In early 2016, Kessler set his sights on the Global Championship, attacking the reigning champion Dean Ambrose as he was making his entrance. Wolfe then went on to attack and injure top contender Finn Balor as well as his own tag partner, Bad News Barrett. At King of the Ring, Kessler faced the three in a 4-Way Ladder Match for the Championship, losing the match as Ambrose put him through the announce table whilst Finn Balor retrieved the championship.

Wolfe then went away for a short period of time, returning at WrestleMania V as one of two confirmed members for the Yokozuna Memorial Battle Royal, being the second to last to be eliminated. After the 2016 Draft, Wolfe found a new tag partner in Vader. He managed Vader on an episode of Main Event as Vader defeated Damien Sandow. Sandow then issued a challenge to Vader on Raw, with Elias Samson debuting as Sandow's partner, Samson defeated Vader. A tag team match was then announced for Backlash between the team of Vader & Kessler and the newly formed Samson & Sandow duo, The Blood Brothers. Kessler defeated Samson at Backlash with a second rope Chokeslam whilst Vader & Sandow fought on the outside.

Championships and Accomplishments

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