WWE Championship
Current Champion John Cena
Date Won 3rd April 2017
Date Established 29th January 2012
Brand RAW
First Champion CM Punk
Most Reigns The Undertaker (4 reigns)
Longest Reign Triple H (365 days)
Shortest Reign Goldust (5 days)
Most Defenses Triple H (17 defences)

The WWE Championship is a world championship within the WTX Universe series. It was formerly the primary championship of the Raw roster until the 2014 WWE Draft in which the championship was exchanged with SmackDown's World Heavyweight Championship.


The WWE Championship debuted as the primary championship of the Raw brand on the debut episode of WTX Universe back on January 29th 2012. The championship was held by CM Punk who held it for a total of 112 days before dropping it to Daniel Bryan. CM Punk's first reign to this day remains the longest WWE Championship reign in the series. He has also made further history with the championship, being the champion that has not only defended it the most but also held it the most with a total of 3 times, a record tied by CM Punk, Kane & The Undertaker.

Throughout the series the championship has changed appearance multiple times, sometimes reverting back to former appearances.

Around the 7th October there was an issue with Austin Aries' availability when transferring from WWE '12 to '13 which resulted in Aries kayfabe "leaving the company as champion." To make up for the absense of Raw's WWE Champion, a Fatal 4-Way took place between The Undertaker, Kane, Stone Cold & CM Punk in which Kane won and captured his 2nd WWE Championship. Austin Aries returned as Kane's mystery opponent at Survivor Series on the 18th November and defeated Kane for both his and Kane's WWE Championships, ending Kane's reign and continuing his own, this introduced the Undisputed WWE Championship.

At Night of Champions in 2013, Dolph Ziggler became the first superstar to cash in his Money in The Bank contract on the WWE Champion. He defeated a weakened Edge to become WWE Champion for the first time.

In April of 2014 WWE Champion The Undertaker was drafted to the SmackDown brand in exchange for World Heavyweight Champion Wade Barrett. CM Punk, who was due a World Championship rematch instead got a WWE Championship match against The Undertaker. This draft caused the WWE Championship to become the new permanent world championship of the SmackDown brand. During the 2015 WWE Draft the WWE Champion Ryback was drafted to Raw, bringing the WWE Championship back to Raw with him.


# Wrestler Reign Date

Days Held

Defences Event Notes
1 CM Punk 1 29th January 2012 112 4 Default CM Punk was the default champion at the beginning of the series
2 Daniel Bryan 1 20th May 2012 28 0 Over The Limit 2012 This was an Armaggeddon Hell in a Cell 2 out of 3 Falls Match which also featured Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, Batista & The Rock

Stone Cold

1 17th June 2012 78 2 No Way Out 2012 This was a Fall Count Anywhere Fatal 4-Way Match also featuring Shawn Michaels & Batista
4 The Undertaker 1 3rd September 2012 13 0


100th Episode Special

This was an Elimination Chamber match also featuring Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Hulk Hogan & Chris Jericho
5 Bobby Roode 1 16th September 2012 21 0 Night of Champions 2012 This was a Last Man Standing Match
6 Kane 1 7th October 2012 14 0 Hell in a Cell 2012 This was an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match also featuring Alberto Del Rio, Stone Cold, The Undertaker & Randy Savage
7 Austin Aries 1 21st October 2012 98 2 Bragging Rights 2012

This was a Triple Threat Ladder Match also featuring Bobby Roode.

Following Aries' champioship victory he left the company and made his return on the 18th November to unify his WWE Championship with replacement champion Kane's WWE Championship. Due to this Kane and Aries' reigns are considered a dual championship reign

8 Kane 2 5th November 2012 13 0 Raw

This was a Fatal 4-Way Match between Kane, Stone Cold, The Undertaker & CM Punk for the vacant WWE Championship.

The championship was vacant due to Aries leaving the company however it is not entirely considered vacant as upon Aries' return he continued his reign. Kane & Aries are considered dual reigning champions because of this

9 CM Punk 2 27th January 2013 21 0 Royal Rumble 2013 This was a TLC Match between CM Punk and Austin Aries
10 Kane 3 17th February 2013 49 0 Elimination Chamber 2013 This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Austin Aries, Sting, Mark Henry & Ryback
11 The Undertaker 2 7th April 2013 42 1 WrestleMania II This was a Hell in a Cell Match
12 Dean Ambrose 1 19th May 2013 56 1 Extreme Rules 2013 This was a Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules Elimination Match also featuring Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns
13 Edge 1 14th July 2013 63 2 Money in The Bank 2013 This was a Ladder Match
14 Dolph Ziggler 1 15th September 2013 28 0 Night of Champions 2013 This match took place immediately after Edge had defended successfully against Daniel Bryan. Dolph Ziggler cashed in his Money in The Bank contract in order for this match to take place
15 Daniel Bryan 2 13th October 2013 14 0 Over The Limit 2013 This was a Triple Threat also involving Edge
16 Dolph Ziggler 2 27th October 2013 49 1 Hell in a Cell 2013 This was a Hell in a Cell Match

Randy Orton

1 15th December 2013 63 2 TLC 2013 This was a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match also featuring Edge & Dean Ambrose
18 The Undertaker 3 16th February 2014 77 2 No Way Out 2014 This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler & Kane
19 CM Punk 3 4th May 2014 56 2 Backlash 2014
20 The Miz 1 29th June 2014 84 3 Money in The Bank 2014 This was a TLC Match
21 Goldust 1 21st September 2014


0 Night of Champions 2014
22 Brock Lesnar 1 26th September 2014 184 9 SmackDown
23 Ryback 1 29th March 2015 140 7 WrestleMania IV
24 Bobby Roode 2 16th August 2015 35 1 SummerSlam 2015 This match took place immediately after Ryback had defended successfully against Sheamus. Bobby Roode cashed in the Money in the Bank contract in order for this match to take place.
25 The Undertaker 4 20th September 2015 84 2 Night of Champions 2015
26 Randy Orton 2 13th December 2015 112 4 Vengeance 2015 This was an Elimination Chamber also featuring Mark Henry, Hideo Itami, Ryback & Sheamus
27 Triple H 1 3rd April 2016 365 17 WrestleMania V This was a Triple Threat Match also featuring Shawn Michaels
28 John Cena 1 3rd April 2017 49+ 2 RAW

Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Triple H 1 365
2 The Undertaker 4 217
3 CM Punk 3 189
4 Brock Lesnar 1 184
5 Randy Orton 2 175
6 Ryback 1 140
7 Austin Aries 1 98
8 The Miz 1 84
9 Stone Cold 1 78
10 Dolph Ziggler 2 77
11 Kane 3 76
12 Edge 1 63
13 Dean Ambrose 1 56
Bobby Roode 2
14 John Cena 1 49+
15 Daniel Bryan 2 42
16 Goldust 1 5

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