The WTX roster is split into three brands. There are a grand total of 15 active championships in the WTX Universe as of 2016.

There are 3 world championships split across each brand, as well as 3 midcard championships, 3 tag team championships and 3 women's championships. There are also 3 tertiary championships.


(Updated for 23rd May 2017)

Championship Brand Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Days Held Notes
WWE Championship RAW John Cena 1 3rd April 2017 49 Deafeated Triple H on RAW
World Heavyweight Championship SmackDown AJ Styles 3 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Baron Corbin, The Undertaker & Finn Balor at WrestleMania VI
ECW Championship ECW Bray Wyatt 1 3rd May 2017 19 Defeated Hideo Itami on ECW
Intercontinental Championship RAW Chris Jericho 1 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Neville at WrestleMania VI
United States Championship SmackDown Sami Zayn 1 21st August 2016 274 Defeated Booker T at SummerSlam
Global Championship ECW Bobby Lashley 1 19th February 2017 92 Defeated Apollo Crews at Elimination Chamber
World Tag Team Championship RAW

"The Ascension"

Konnor & Viktor

3 15th May 2017 7 Defeated Enzo Amore & Big Cass on RAW
WWE Tag Team Championship SmackDown

"The Club"

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

1 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated The Revival at WrestleMania VI
ECW World Tag Team Championship ECW

"The Shield"

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins


10th August 2016

285 Defeated The Outsiders on NXT
RAW Women's Championship RAW Charlotte 1 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Rosemary at WrestleMania VI
SmackDown Women's Championship SmackDown Lita 4 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Alexa Bliss, Alice Lovecraft, Emma, Tamina & Taya at WrestleMania VI
ECW Women's Championship ECW Havok 1 1st January 2017 141 Defeated Becky Lynch on New Years Revolution
WTX Championship ECW Buddy Murphy 1 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania VI
Cruiserweight Championship SmackDown TJ Perkins 1 2nd April 2017 50 Defeated Brian Kendrick at WrestleMania VI
Hardcore Championship N/A Stone Cold 2 23rd May 2017 0 Defeated Diego, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Kalisto & Kofi Kingston  on RAW

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