WTX Championship
Former and 2-time WTX Champion Jack Swagger
Current Champion Buddy Murphy
Date Won 2nd April 2017
Date Established 22nd February 2016
Brand ECW
First Champion R-Truth
Most Reigns Jack Swagger (2 reigns)
Longest Reign Hideo Itami (142 days)
Shortest Reign Bobby Lashley (14 days)
Most Defenses Hideo Itami (4 defences)

The WTX Championship is a tertiary championship within the WTX Universe. It is to be competed for by lesser featured superstars within the three brands, Raw, NXT & SmackDown. The championship is to be primarily defended on Main Event, which features superstars from all brands. It was designed in a fan contest won by Dan Jetstar, the championship was competed for in an 8-Man Tournament on 22nd February 2016 at WTX Live! From London. The tournament featured Darren Young, Rob Van Dam, JBL, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz, Jack Swagger and tournament winner and first champion, R-Truth.


The WTX Championship debuted on 22nd February 2016 at WTX Live! From London as an 8 Man Tournament took part to determine the first champion. The tournament opening matches featured Rob Van Dam, who defeated Darren Young, JBL, who defeated Jeff Hardy, R-Truth who defeated AJ Styles & The Miz who defeated Jack Swagger. The semi-finals saw Rob Van Dam defeat JBL and R-Truth defeat The Miz, in the finals R-Truth defeated The Miz to become the first ever WTX Champion.

The championship was created to allow superstars who were above the Cruiserweight Championship weight limit to have a tertiary championship they could compete for on Main Event, in hopes of becoming not only WTX Champion, but a Grand Slam Champion. The championship was also created for lesser featured superstars of the main three brands to have a championship to compete for, with the championship primarily being defended on Main Event.


# Wrestler Reign Date Won Days Held Defences Event Notes
1 R-Truth 1 22nd February 2016 41 1 WTX Live! From London This was a Tournament Finals Submission Match also featuring Rob Van Dam
2 Darren Young 1 3rd April 2016 20 1 WrestleMania V
3 Jack Swagger 1 23rd April 2016 84 2 Main Event This was a Triple Threat Match also featuring R-Truth
4 Bo Dallas 1 16th July 2016 20 0 Superstars
5 Jack Swagger 2 5th August 2016 44 2 ECW
6 Hideo Itami 1 18th September 2016 142 4 Night of Champions 2016
7 Bobby Lashley 1 7th February 2017 14 1 SmackDown Upon winning the Global Championship, Lashley was made to decide which championship to vacate, vacating the WTX Championship
- VACANT - 21st February 2017 12 - SmackDown The championship was determined in a match between Shinsuke Nakamura & Goldust at Fastlane
8 Shinsuke Nakamura 1 5th March 2017 28 0 Fastlane 2017
9 Buddy Murphy 1 2nd April 2017 50+ 1 WrestleMania VI

Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Hideo Itami 1 142
2 Jack Swagger 2 128
3 Buddy Murphy 1 50+
4 R-Truth 1 41
5 Shinsuke Nakamura 1 28
6 Darren Young 1 20
Bo Dallas 1
7 Bobby Lashley 1 14

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