Vader & Wolfe Kessler
Vader16 Wolfe16
Members Vader

Wolfe Kessler

Combined Weight 740lbs
Debut 4th April 2016
Years Active 2016-present

Vader & Wolfe Kessler are a former tag team within the WTX Universe.


Formation (2016)

Immediately follownig the 2016 Draft, Wolfe Kessler formed a tag team with Vader. The team made their first appearance together on the April 9th edition of Main Event, with Wolfe in Vader's corner as Vader defeated Damien Sandow. Sandow then challenged Vader to a one on one match the next Monday on Raw without Wolfe. Vader accepted and faced Sandow's "secret weapon", Elias Samson. Samson defeated Vader leading to a tag team match being set for Backlash between Blood Brothers & Vader & Wolfe. The team were short lived, as on May 23rd, Vader was released from the WTX Universe.

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