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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.121 - Unforgiven)

Unforgiven (2014)
was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on 20th July 2014.


This is the first Unforgiven event to take place in the WTX Universe. It is the follow up to the late-June event Money in The Bank and was followed in August by SummerSlam.

There were seven professional wrestling matches at the event. The first match was determined as the second match of the July 7th episode of Raw in which Alice Lovecraft defeated AJ Lee to secure her Diva's Championship rematch with newly crowned champion, Winter. The second match revealed took place also on the July 7th episode of Raw as former World Tag Team Champions Rated RKO (Randy Orton & Edge) demanded they deserve a rematch at the event despite having one the previous week on Raw and failing. They were put into a contenders match with a mystery team, the team would be the returning combination of Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady, who were injured several months ago before a World Tag Team Championship match at Backlash by their replacements for the evening, Rated RKO. Amore & Cassady would go on to win the contenders match securing a tag team championship opportunity at Unforgiven against World Tag Team Champions The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns.)

The third match confirmed for the event is the first main event to be confirmed. On the July 7th edition of Raw a Fatal 4-Way took place to determine the new #1 contender for Wade Barrett's World Heavyweight Championship with former champion Drew McIntyre being fired and therefore relieved of his rematch. The 4-Way was between The Great DestroyerCesaro, Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler and ended with Cesaro securing the victory after a European Uppercut to Daniel Bryan.

The fourth and fifth matches were confirmed on the July 9th episode of NXT, the show opened with a Fatal 4-Way between Zack Ryder, Evan Bourne, AJ Styles & Justin Gabriel in which the winner would get a Cruiserweight Championship match at Unforgiven. Ryder went on to win the match and will face Corey Graves for the championship at the event. The fifth match confirmed was the NXT Championship main event, a 6-Man Battle Royal took place to determine the next contender, the Battle Royal featured Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Batista & Adrian Neville, ending with Roode last eliminating his own tag partner Aries to earn the championship match against Bray Wyatt at Unforgiven.

The final two matches were set on the July 11th episode of SmackDown, the show featured a 6-Man Elimination Tag team Match in which the remaining participants would receive a United States Championship opportunity at Unforgiven. The match featured 3MB (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal & Tyler Reks) facing off against Vitamin C (Christian & Chris Jericho) with Crimzon, with Vitamin C's Christian & Crimzon being the remaining participants making the match at Unforgiven a Triple Threat. The final match for the card was set when former WWE Champion CM Punk (who had not appeared on the show since losing the championship a week prior at Money in The Bank) claimed that he would not make another appearance until he had reclaimed his championship from The Miz, claiming he would do so at Unforgiven in a Last Man Standing Match.

On the July 16th edition of NXT a 6-Man Battle Royal took place to determine a third participant in the Cruiserweight Championship match, Xavier Woods would earn that spot last eliminating Jay Lethal. Corey Graves suffered a Hardcore Championship loss that same night in a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match that featured Matt Hardy & AJ Styles as well as a surprise entrant of Ultimo Dragon who won the match, because of this Graves wanted retribution and declared that his Cruiserweight Championship Match at Unforgiven would be a Ladder Match.


The pay per view event saw only one championship change hands with the other six matches being successful championship retentions.

In the opening match Zack Ryder became the Cruiserweight Champion when Corey Graves targetted Xavier Woods and ignored any attempts at Ryder going for the championship, allowing Ryder to get the easy win. Graves would later explain his actions stating that the championship was holding him back from his full potential as a world champion so he chose to lose it in a way in which he would not suffer a real loss.

The lower card saw Stone Cold retain his United States Championship against the team of Christian & Crimzon after the two started to have disputes over who would win the match. Katie Lea Burchill retained her Diva's Championship against Alice Lovecraft once again, knocking Lovecraft out of the Diva's Championship hunt. The Shield retained their World Tag Team Championship against Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady in an intense back and forth match which saw Amore & Cassady on offence frequently, the match ended with Rollins forcing a member of the team to submit.

The three main events started with Bray Wyatt defeating and annihilating Bobby Roode, winning by count out when he broke Roode through the announce desk. Wade Barrett successfully retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Cesaro via pinfall in a brutal match that ended with his launching Bullhammer. The Miz retained his WWE Championship in the main event against CM Punk when he knocked him out for a count of ten after suplexing him into a ladder on the corner of the ring.


Going into the event WWE Champion The Miz claimed that he would not only defeat CM Punk but rid SmackDown of him, Punk, since losing the championship has not made an appearance, Miz then proclaimed that he was the "new guard" of SmackDown and that he would rid it of it's former main eventers, taking out Shawn Michaels the next week as well as taking credit for the absense of The Undertaker.

Corey Graves, the same night of losing his Cruiserweight Championship, issued a challenge to NXT Champion Bray Wyatt for SummerSlam. He claimed that he and Wyatt are the only two people in NXT right now that are near unstoppable and one of them must be stopped, Graves claims he will be the one to end Wyatt at SummerSlam and become NXT Champion, the reason he dropped the Cruiserweight Championship. Wyatt accepted his challenge making their NXT Championship match the first confirmed bout for SummerSlam.

Zack Ryder, who won the Cruiserweight Championship due to Corey Graves abandoning it, was forced to defend it as he did not legitimately win it the following week on NXT. Ryder was made to face Paul London for the championship in a match in which Ryder kept the championship via a double countout, further continuing his questionable reign as champion. The week after Paul London defeated Ryder one on one to earn a shot at SummerSlam with any given stipulation of his choosing.


# Matches Stipulations Time
1 Zack Ryder def. Corey Graves (c) & Xavier Woods Triple Threat Ladder Match for Cruiserweight Championship 5:28
2 Stone Cold (c) def. Christian & Crimzon Triple Threat Match for United States Championship 6:54
3 Katie Lea Burchill (c) def. Alice Lovecraft Singles Match for Diva's Championship 6:39
4 "The Shield" Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns (c) def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 17:21
5 Bray Wyatt (c) def. Bobby Roode Singles Match for NXT Championship 7:23
6 Wade Barrett (c) def. Cesaro Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 10:26
7 The Miz (c) def. CM Punk Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship 15:29

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