The United Kingdom
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Members William Regal

Bad News Barrett

Combined Weight 489lbs
Years Active 2016-present

The United Kingdom are a former faction in the WTX Universe. The final iteration of the team consists of William Regal & Bad News Barrett. In 2014, the team was a five man faction that also featured Sheamus, Drew Galloway & Neville. As a faction they are three time NXT Tag Team Champions, with the pairings of Barrett & Galloway, Regal & Galloway and finally, Neville & Regal.


Formation & Dissension (2013-2014)

On the October 9th 2013 edition of NXT, the faction formed when NXT Tag Team Champions Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett teamed up with the NXT Champion Sheamus, beating down Ted DiBiase Jr. backstage, they then attacked Triple H following a match between Sheamus & Triple H, in which Sheamus won.

On October 23rd edition of NXT, Adrian Neville joined The United Kingdom, teaming with McIntyre & Barrett, the trio defeating Light Heavyweight Championship Ted DiBiase Jr. and NXT General Manager, Ted DiBiase. At Survivor Series, The United Kingdom, both, lost the NXT Tag Team Championship, as Barrett & McIntyre were defeated by The Prime Time Players, but then gained the NXT Championship when Sheamus defeated Ted DiBiase.

On December 11th, The United Kingdom revealed their leader to be William Regal, who teamed with Sheamus to defeat Ted DiBiase & Triple H in the main event. The following week, Regal teamed with McIntyre to defeat The Prime Time Players for the NXT Tag Team Championship. The team successfully defended their championship for the first time at Royal Rumble, with McIntyre & Regal retaining against The Hard Knox. The show also featured Sheamus retaining the NXT Championship against Ted DiBiase Jr. & Shawn Michaels in a Triple Threat Match.

On January 22nd, The United Kingdom were all entered into an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match for Sheamus' NXT Championship, the match also featured Ted DiBiase Jr. and a surprise opponent, revealed to be Shawn Michaels, who won the match.

On February 6th, The United Kingdom lost the NXT Tag Team Championship as issues began to brew among the faction as DiBiase began to spread rumours that one of the members had been bought out by him, this lead to issues between McIntyre & Regal, causing them to lose their championship to the Motor City Machine Guns. The following week, The United Kingdom joined together, attacking Wade Barrett and accusing him of being the one to sell them out, officially removing Barrett from the group.

The United Kingdom then won the championships back from the Machine Guns on March 5th, this time using the team of Regal & Neville. As WrestleMania III drew near, The United Kingdom split into two teams, with Regal & Neville remaining a team and McIntyre & Sheamus going their seperate ways as The Celtic Cross, the two faced off at WrestleMania III, with The United Kingdom retaining the NXT Tag Team Championship. They lost the championship on April 23rd to Shelton Benjamin & MVP following issues between Regal & Neville, the only two remaining members of the faction.

Reunion (2016-present)

Following the 2016 Draft, with Bad News Barrett back on NXT, William Regal & Barrett reformed The United Kingdom as just the two of them. They competed in a #1 contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, defeating The New Day to earn a shot at Perfection's championships. Two weeks later, The United Kingdom were unsuccessful in winning the championships. Regal then called out one of the champions for a singles contest the following week, however, the challenge was answered by Kevin Nash who quickly defeated Regal. The team then faced Nash & Scott Hall in a #1 contenders match, losing to The Outsiders.

Regal then began having issues with Daniel Bryan, who was frustrated over his under-utilization on NXT. Due to this, Barrett returned to action on July 6th, doing Regal's dirty work as he attacked and defeated Daniel Bryan.

Championships and Accomplishments

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