The Rock
Height 6ft 5in
Weight 260lbs
From Miami, Florida
Debut 10th February 2012
Brand NXT
Season 1 Record 24-9
Season 2 Record 16-17
Season 3 Record 3-13
Season 4 Record 7-12

The Rock is a member of the NXT roster as of 2016. He has held a total of 6 championships throughout his career in the WTX Universe. He is a 1-time United States Champion, a 2-time Intercontinental Champion and a 3-time World Heavyweight Champion.


World Heavyweight Champion (2012)

The Rock made his WTX Universe debut on the 10th February edition of SmackDown with a singles victory over John Morrison. His pay-per-view debut took place at Elimination Chamber 2012 in which he took part in the World Heavyweight Championship elimination chamber and won the championship from former champion Randy Orton, the match also featured The Undertaker, Vader, Edge & John Morrison.

Following this he faced off against WWE Champion CM Punk on the February 20th 2012 edition of Raw in a champion vs. champion match in which Rock won, after the match the 2012 Royal Rumble winner Edge announced that he would once again challenge Rock for his World Heavyweight Championship following their previous championship encounter at Elimination Chamber in the main event of Wrestlemania XXVII. Edge would go on to defeat Rock in their Last Man Standing main event, thus ending Rock's first World Heavyweight Championship reign.

At Over The Limit a Armaggeddon Hell in a Cell Match took place that featured WWE Champion CM Punk defend his championship against Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels, Batista, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock. The match ended with Bryan making Michaels submit, ending Punk's 112 day WWE Championship reign.

At No Way Out The Rock was challenged by a new debuting star, Ryback, a challenge which The Rock boldly accepted. The match was incredibly back and forth and was a very impactful debut for Ryback that despite The Rock winning the match, made Ryback look incredibly dominant going forward.

Rock was given a spot in the 2012 Money in the Bank Ladder Match, however, Shelton Benjamin would go on to win the match. Rock was given a big opportunity at SummerSlam as he was set to challenge Stone Cold for the WWE Championship, however The Rock would not come out victorious. Rock then competed for the World Heavyweight Championship at Hell in a Cell, defeating the former champion Eddie Guerrero, as well as Christian & AJ Styles to become World Heavyweight Champion for the second time. Rock quickly lost the championship to Randy Orton at Bragging Rights, however. The Rock had a rematch with Orton at Survivor Series but was unable to recapture the championship.

On December 1st, The Rock competed in a contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship, with Rock defeating Brock Lesnar to become the new contender. The Rock then challenged Zack Ryder for the championship at TLC, defeating Ryder in a Table Match to become Intercontinental Champion for the first time.

Intercontinental Champion & Third World Heavyweight Championship Reign (2013)

The Rock defended the championship for the first time in a rematch against Ryder at Royal Rumble. At WrestleMania II, The Rock lost the Intercontinental Championship in a Battle Royal also for the United States Championship to MVP.

At Backlash, Rock reclaimed the Intercontinental Championship, alongside the United States Championship in a Triple Threat Ladder Match against MVP and Kurt Angle. On the May 14th edition of RAW, The Rock made a guest appearance to defend the United States Championship, losing it to Randy Savage. Following this loss, The Rock was then set to defend his Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules, losing a Last Man Standing Match to Ryback.

Rock rebounded later in the year, pursuing Shelton Benjamin's World Heavyweight Championship, Rock defeated Benjamin for the championship at SummerSlam to become a three time champion. At Night of Champions, Rock lost his championship to CM Punk, after several weeks of successful open challenges. At Over The Limit, Rock had his rematch, losing to Punk once again.

Championship Pursuits (2014-2015)

At SummerSlam, The Rock got another world championship opportunity, after defeating top contender Edge on the RAW prior to the event. The Rock lost the match when Edge got pinned after being hit by a Wasteland from champion Wade Barrett.

At Cyber Sunday, The Rock was voted into a World Heavyweight Championship Armageddon Hell in a Cell match, the match was won by Triple H, who submitted Rock to win.

At King of the Ring, Rock competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, advancing to the finals before being eliminated by Ryback. At WrestleMania IV, The Rock competed in a World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat, hitting Edge with a Rock Bottom, only to have his pin stolen by Tyler Breeze. The following week as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft, The Rock was drafted from RAW to NXT, being later traded again to SmackDown. The following episode on SmackDown, The Rock defeated Edge to become the new contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. The following week Rock lost to champion Tyler Breeze after Breeze played up the heel gimmick, avoiding Rock and any conflict to outsmart Rock and retain.

On December 24th, The Rock accepted an open challenge from Brock Lesnar for the World Heavyweight Championship, losing to Lesnar. The following week Rock won a Fatal 4-Way match to qualify for the 2016 Royal Rumble Match.

Draft to NXT (2016-present)

On April 4th, The Rock was drafted to NXT as part of the 2016 Draft. The Rock insisted that upon his debut NXT stepped up their production to a larger crowd. On April 20th, NXT was redesigned and The Rock made his debut, facing and defeating Big Show. The following week Rock faced Rusev in a #1 contenders match for the NXT Championship, however, Rock was unsuccessful as Rusev defeated The Rock via submission with The Accolade.

At Money in the Bank, Rock competed in the Mid Tier Championship Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but was unsuccessful as the match was won by Rey Mysterio.

At New Years Revolution, The Rock was initially scheduled to face Austin Aries in NXT's first qualifying match for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match, however, due to Aries deciding not to show up for the show, Rock faced Jeff Hardy instead despite minor injuries Hardy was dealing with. The match saw The Rock defeat Hardy to be the first superstar from NXT to qualify for the Royal Rumble Match as Rock pinned Hardy after catching him mid-diving move into a Rock Bottom for the pinfall victory.

Championships and Accomplishments

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