The Revolution
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Members James Storm (leader)

Luke Harper


Debut 25th October 2014
Disbanded August 16th 2015
Years Active 2014-2015

The Revolution is a former faction within the WTX Universe, originally consisting of leader James Storm and followers Chris Hero & Crimzon, although Crimzon was later kicked out for Gunner. The faction was later completely reformed as Storm teamed with Bram & Luke Harper.


Formation (2014-2015)

In late October on SmackDown, James Storm began working with former tag team partner Jack Swagger, during this time, Crimzon returned as a much darker character and set his sights on Swagger, on October 18th, Storm betrayed Swagger, assisting Crimzon in defeating Swagger. On October 25th, The Revolution was officially formed as Crimzon teamed with Chris Hero, with the concept of the group being a cult-like group, following the leadership of James Storm, the two defeated Jack Swagger.

On January 9th, Crimzon was kicked out of The Revolution after losing to Bo Dallas in just a few minutes, later in the night he was replaced by Gunner as Gunner, Hero & Storm lost to Shelton Benjamin, MVP & Bobby Lashley. At No Way Out, The Revolution got revenge on Benjamin, MVP & Lashley, defeating them in the first ever 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Chamber match, with no members of The Revolution being eliminated from the match and Storm last eliminating Lashley.

On April 1st, The Revolution lost Gunner, as he was drafted from SmackDown to NXT as part of the 2015 Draft. Two days later, Storm was drafted away from SmackDown as well, moving to RAW and completely splitting up The Revolution.

Second Incarnation (2015)

At Backlash, Storm recreated The Revolution, teaming with Bram & Luke Harper, he targetted and took out The Undertaker with them. On June 1st, The Revolution won a contenders match for the World Tag Team ChampionshipAt Over the Limit, they challenged the champions Wolfe Pack for the championship, with Wolfe Pack getting themselves disqualified to retain. They got a second chance on RAW, losing the match this time. At SummerSlam, The Revolution faced the returning Undertaker, along with Randy Orton & Damien Sandow, losing the match. After losing the match The Revolution disbanded.

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