The Real Americans
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Members Jack Swagger

James Storm

Combined Weight 505lbs
Debut 3rd September 2013
Years Active 2013-

The Real Americans are a former tag team in the WTX Universe, the team consisted of Jack Swagger & James Storm, as a team they are former World Tag Team Champions.


Formation (2013)

On September 3rd 2013, The Real Americans debuted on RAW, as James Storm was scheduled to team up with someone, revealing it to be Jack Swagger, they defeated the team of Big E & Mark Henry.

At Night of Champions, the team challenged The Disciples of Darkness for the World Tag Team Championship, however, they were unsuccessful as Swagger & Storm would not exit the ring for the referees count of five, leading to a disqualification. At Over The Limit, The Real Americans defeated The Disciples of Darkness in a Table Match after Swagger hit The Crimson Blade with a Gutwrench Powerbomb through a Table to become World Tag Team Champions. The Real Americans lost the championship back to The Disciples of Darkness two weeks later at Hell in a Cell, after The Great Destroyer hit a Moonsault on Jack Swagger for the pin.

Championships and Accomplishments

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