The Nexus
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Members Daniel Bryan (leader)

Wade Barrett


Corey Graves

Tyson Kidd

Cody Rhodes


Shelton Benjamin

Debut 15th December 2016
Years Active 2016-present

The Nexus are a faction within the WTX Universe currently active on the NXT brand, the faction consists of leader Daniel Bryan as well as Wade Barrett, RybackCorey GravesTyson Kidd, Cody Rhodes, MVP & Shelton Benjamin. The purpose behind the group being that it is an eight man rebellion consisting of people who feel they were wronged during their tenure within NXT, with the group featuring five members who were previously fired after their underwhelming time on NXT.


Formation (2016-present)

On December 15th, Daniel Bryan, who was scheduled to face Pentagon Jr. in the main event of NXT, assaulted both NXT General Manager William Regal backstage, as well as Pentagon's mentor, Vampiro. Bryan then stated that after being pushed around by Regal's management, he had decided to form a rebellion, consisting of people who had been wronged during their NXT tenures. The group were revealed to be named The Nexus, with the first three members assisting Bryan in a four on one main event against Pentagon. The three revealed members, Wade Barrett (who had been fired after failing Regal earlier in the year), Ryback (who had been shoved to the bottom of the NXT ranks and released earlier in the year), and Corey Graves (who had been treated unfairly since losing the NXT Championship in 2014), were given new NXT contracts, as Regal felt he had something to prove to try and stop the group. Bryan later confirmed that there were a total of eight members, and that they would all band together to get retribution on everyone who had crossed them or been treated better than they have.

The following episode of NXT on December 29th saw Corey Graves reveal a new member, as he would team with Tyson Kidd to defeat The Dudley BoyzAt New Years Revolution, the final three members of The Nexus were revealed to be former NXT Champion Cody Rhodes, who was originally on the roster at the bottom of the rankings under his Stardust gimmick, as well as former NXT Tag Team Champions MVP & Shelton Benjamin, the trio then defeated The Dudley Boyz and Big Show in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. In the main event of the event, Bryan competed in the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber, being eliminated first from the match by Bray Wyatt.

On the February 15th edition of NXT, Nexus members Tyson Kidd & Corey Graves stared down and issued a challenge to NXT Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, The Shield. The following week, they defeated The Shield in a non-title match. On March 1st, The Nexus challenged The Shield, this time with the championships on the line, losing the match when Rollins hit a curb stomp on Tyson Kidd, severely injuring Kidd in the process.

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