The Next Big Things
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Members Brock Lesnar

Drew McIntyre

Combined Weight 532lbs
Debut 18th May 2012
Disbanded 30th August 2013
Years Active 2012-2013

The Next Big Things are a former team in the WTX Universe that consisted of Drew McIntyre & Brock Lesnar. They have never won a championship as a team.


SmackDown (2012)

The Next Big Things became a tag team on the May 18th 2012 edition of SmackDown following a long multiple month feud between Brock Lesnar & Drew McIntyre, Lesnar was placed into a handicap match against Big Show & Alberto Del Rio in which McIntyre ran out to aid Lesnar and even the odds, the two formed a team due to the respect they had gained to each other.

Championship Pursuit & Split (2013)

In mid 2013, the team began to focus on their tag team once again, with Lesnar already currently holding the Intercontinental Championship, the two set their sights on Team Rhodes Scholars' WWE Tag Team Championship, with Lesnar staking his own championship to make it a double championship match, at SummerSlam, The Next Big Things lost the championship match, with McIntyre getting pinned costing Lesnar the Intercontinental Championship. The following week on SmackDown, Lesnar beat down McIntyre in the backstage area, ending their team.

Championships and Accomplishments

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