The Nation of Domination
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Members Mark Henry


Combined Weight 669lbs
Debut April 30th 2013
Years Active 2013-

The Nation of Domination are a former team in the WTX Universe, the team consisted of Mark Henry & Farooq, as a team they are former World Tag Team Champions.


Debut (2013)

On the April 30th 2013 edition of RAW, Mark Henry debuted new tag team partner Farooq, known as The Nation of Domination, they defeated n.W.o members Hulk Hogan & Kevin Nash in a tag team match. Following several weeks of victories, The Nation of Domination defeated Team D-Z at Extreme Rules to become World Tag Team Champions. The Nation of Domination then lost their championships at Cyber Sunday to newcomers The Disciples of Darkness, who were voted into a championship match.

Championships and Accomplishments

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