The Miz
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 221lbs
From Hollywood, California
Debut 2nd March 2012
Brand SmackDown
Season 1 Record 13-5
Season 2 Record 11-15
Season 3 Record 22-15
Season 4 Record 11-9

The Miz is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. He has held a total of five championships throughout his career in the WTX Universe. He is a 1-time United States Champion, a 2-time NXT Tag Team Champion with John Morrison, a 1-time WWE Tag Team Champion & 1-time World Tag Team Champion with R-Truth (as Awesome Truth), he is also a former WWE Champion as well as the sixth ever Triple Crown Champion. Miz is currently the only man to ever hold every tag team championship at one occassion.


Short time teaming with John Morrison & Awesome Truth with R-Truth (2012)

The Miz made his WTX Universe debut on the March 2nd 2012 edition of SmackDown, attacking World Tag Team Champion Big Show and costing him a match against WWE Tag Team Champion Michael McGillicutty. He had made one appearance prior to this at the 2012 Royal Rumble in which he survived until the end being eliminated by Edge and making a record eliminating 19 men before being eliminated. He made his in-ring debut on the March 5th 2012 edition of Raw, explaining the reasons he attacked Big Show were because he was forming a new team with John Morrison and they were in pursuit of Show and Kane's  World Tag Team Championships. Miz & Morrison would go on to win their tag team debut over the champions. The team never teamed again following this victory however.

On the May 14th 2012 edition of Raw The Miz was put against "Stone Cold" Steve Austin who he had been feuding with on Raw for weeks, and The Rock. During this match The Miz revealed a mystery partner which ended up being R-Truth, debuting their new team name of Awesome Truth.

Miz was voted into a Fatal 4-Way World Heavyweight Championship TLC Match at Over The Limit alongside Alberto Del Rio & Big Show but was unsuccessful as the match saw Edge retain his championship.

On the June 27th 2012 edition of NXT, Awesome Truth made another appearance, staring down Brodus Clay after he had defeated Chavo Guerrero in the main event. The following week Clay teamed with Triple H to face Awesome Truth, with Awesome Truth still getting the win.

Awesome Truth were set to face Triple H in a Handicap Match a few weeks later, however, Brodus Clay accepted the challenge instead. Awesome Truth defeated Clay and then went on to beat him with a steel chair. At Bragging Rights, Awesome Truth competed for and won the WWE Tag Team Championship from Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks, marking their first and only championship win. The team were then awarded their second championship, in exchange for their first, as Awesome Truth & Team D-Z exchanged the WWE & World Tag Team Championship to hold the correct championships within their brands. They quickly lost the championship at Survivor Series to Too Cool.

Reunion with John Morrison (2013)

As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, Awesome Truth were drafted from RAW to SmackDown. After a short period of time appearing on SmackDown, The Miz made a quick move to NXT, where he returned to team with former partner John Morrison, the team immediately won a contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, defeating Curt Hawkins & Bobby Roode. The following week, Miz & Morrison defeated Sabu & Tommy Dreamer to win the NXT Tag Team Championship. At SummerSlam, Miz & Morrison retained against Sabu & Dreamer again, this time in a Table Match, after Miz put Sabu through a table via Skullcrushing Finale.

The team lost the championships on the September 11th edition of NXT to the newly formed team of Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett.

​United States Champion & WWE Champion (2014)

​At WrestleMania III, The Miz won a Triple Threat Match against Kurt Angle & Ryback to become United States Champion. At Judgment Day, Miz lost the championship in a 6-Man Battle Royal after being eliminated by Rob Van Dam. On the 100th episode special of Season 3, there was a Gold Rush tournament to determine a contender for RAW, NXT or SmackDown's world championship at Money in the Bank, The Miz won the tournament to earn a WWE Championship main event match against CM Punk at the event. At Money in the Bank, Miz defeated CM Punk to win the WWE Championship, marking Miz's first world championship win. At Unforgiven, the two faced off again in a Last Man Standing match, with The Miz defeating CM Punk once again to end their rivalry.

At SummerSlam, The Miz faced and defeated Chris Hero, who had risen the ranks similarly to The Miz, after a hard fought lengthy match. At Cyber Sunday, The Miz was voted into an I Quit match for his WWE Championship, retaining against Christian.

At Night of Champions, The Miz lost the championship in an upset loss to GoldustAt No Mercy, Miz got his rematch alongside Goldust, who had lost the championship to Brock Lesnar, with both Miz & Goldust getting dominated by Lesnar.

Championship Pursuits (2015)

On January 30th, The Miz defeated Christian to qualify for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber at No Way OutAt No Way Out, Miz was third to be eliminated from the match, being eliminated by the champion Brock Lesnar. After being drafted to NXT as part of the 2015 Draft, The Miz challenged for the NXT Championship on the May 13th edition of NXT, losing to the champion Batista.

In mid 2015, The Miz & Morrison reunited on the NXT brand. At Unforgiven, they challenged for the NXT Tag Team Championship and lost to the champions Son of Havoc & Vance ArcherOn July 29th, Miz & Morrison got another opportunity, winning the championship.

At NXT TakeOver II, The Miz & Morrison lost the championship to Darren Young & Justin Gabriel.

Draft to Raw (2016-2017)

After a small absense during his time on NXT, The Miz was drafted back to the Raw brand. He accepted Baron Corbin's open challenge on the first Raw following the draft, having a competitive match with Corbin in which Miz lost. Miz then entered himself into the Joker's Wild Tournament, being randomly paired with Mark Henry, the two lost to Drew Galloway & Sheamus.

At Roadblock, The Miz challenged Edge for the Intercontinental Championship, however, Edge quickly retained the championship off of a Spear.

On the first RAW of 2017, Miz was randomly paired with Chris Jericho in a Royal Rumble qualifying match, the team defeated Kurt Angle & Mark Henry, after which, the two teamed potentially becoming an official team.

Return to SmackDown (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Miz was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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