The Hardy Boyz are a team in the WTX Universe. The team is made up of brothers Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy They have held one championship as a team as the second ever World Tag Team Champions.


World Tag Team Champions (2012)

The Hardy Boyz made their debut at the No Way Out 2012 PPV in June. They defeated Big Show & Kane to become World Tag Team Champions on their first night in the Universe. The Hardyz went on to defeat challengers John Morrison & Joey Mercury at SummerSlam. At Night of Champions, The Hardyz defended against Team D-Z, however, the match ended in a no contest, meaning they remained champions. A rematch between the two teams took place at Bragging Rights, this time with Team D-Z winning the championships from The Hardyz.

The Hardyz had their next championship opportunity at TLC, challenging Too Cool for the World Tag Team Championship, The Hardyz were unsuccessful.

SmackDown (2013)

As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, The Hardys were drafted from RAW to SmackDown. On the Season 3 premiere of SmackDown, The Hardy Boyz faced and lost to The Ascension for the vacant WWE Tag Team Championship.

Championships and Accomplishments

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