The Great Destroyer
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Height 5ft 10in
Weight 210lbs
From Limbo
Debut 3rd June 2013
Brand RAW
Season 2 Record 12-9
Season 3 Record 33-24
Season 4 Record 26-14

The Great Destroyer is a member of the RAW roster as of 2017. He is a 2-time World Tag Team Champion with Prince Crimzon, 2-time United States Champion, 5-time Hardcore Champion, former World Heavyweight Champion, 2-time NXT Champion and former ECW Television Champion. He holds the record for most Hardcore Championship reigns as well as longest World Tag Team Championship reign with Prince Crimzon as The Disciples of Darkness. He is the current reigning Hardcore Champion in his fifth reign with the title.


World Tag Team Champion & United States Champion (2013-2014)

The Great Destroyer made his debut on the June 3rd 2013 edition of RAW, teaming with Prince Crimzon and accompanied by Alice Lovecraft, the trio named The Disciples of Darkness defeated the team of Jinder Mahal & The Great Khali. Despite only having competed in 2 matches prior to the event, The Disciples of Darkness were voted into a World Tag Team Championship Match at Cyber Sunday, where the team defeated The Nation of Domination to win their first championships.

At SummerSlam, The Disciples of Darkness defeated The Shield to retain their championship in a Ladder Match.

On the 11th September edition of RAW, Destroyer challenged tag team partner Crimson for his new United States Championship, alongside Randy Savage & Mason Ryan in a 4-Way TLC Match. Destroyer won the match, winning his first singles championship.

At Night of Champions, The Disciples of Darkness retained their World Tag Team Championship via DQ when The Real Americans would not exit the ring for the referees count of five. At Over The Limit, The Disciples of Darkness lost the championships in a Table Match when The Crimson Blade was hit with a Gutwrench Powerbomb through a table from Jack Swagger.

At Hell in a Cell, The Disciples of Darkness won the championship back, after The Great Destroyer hit a Moonsault on Swagger for the pin. On November 20th, Destroyer lost the United States Championship to Jack Swagger. The following week, Destroyer invoked his rematch clause, winning back the championship from Swagger. At TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, The Disciples of Darkness retained their championships in a TLC Match against The Brothers of Destruction. On the December 16th edition of RAW, Destroyer lost the United States Championship to his mentor, Sting. At No Way Out, The Disciples of Darkness defended against The Wyatt Family successfully in a Steel Cage Match.

On March 12th, after several attempts, The Great Destroyer finally won the Hardcore Championship, defeating Seth Rollins. The following week, Destroyer lost the championship to Big Show. The Great Destroyer won the championship back from Big Show the next week.

At King of the Ring, The Great Destroyer competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, being eliminated in the semi-finals by Edge. At WrestleMania III, The Great Destroyer then lost the Hardcore Championship to Mick Foley in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match. Later in the night, The Great Destroyer competed in a TLC tag team match, successfully defending the World Tag Team Championship against Team D-Z. The Great Destroyer won the Hardcore Championship back from Foley on the April 23rd edition of NXT, making him a three time champion.

At Backlash, The Disciples of Darkness' record 189 day reign came to an end, after issuing an open challenge answered by Rated RKO, who defeated The Disciples for the championship. Following this, The Great Destroyer defeated Crimzon on the May 7th edition of NXT to win his fourth Hardcore Championship. On May 21st, The Great Destroyer lost the championship to AJ Styles.

At Money in the Bank, Destroyer competed in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, losing to Tyler Breeze.

Singles Run (2014)

On June 6th, The Great Destroyer broke away from The Disciples of Darkness, implying issues between him and former partner Crimzon as well as manager Alice Lovecraft, who he then replaced with love interest Toxic, the two defeated Lovecraft & Kane in a mixed tag team match which was also the debut of Toxic and Destroyer's revamped appearance.

At Cyber Sunday, Destroyer was voted into his first world championship match, an Armageddon Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship held by Wade Barrett, the match was won by Triple HAt No Mercy, Destroyer teamed with Toxic, defeating Paul Burchill & Katie Lea Burchill to become the new contender for the Intercontinental ChampionshipAt Survivor Series, Destroyer was unable to defeat Titus O'Neil for the Intercontinental Championship.

World Heavyweight Champion (2014-2015)

At Vengeance, Destroyer won his first world championship, defeating Dean Ambrose last to win Seth Rollins' World Heavyweight Championship. At Royal Rumble, The Great Destroyer faced former champion Rollins in a rematch for the championship, defeating Rollins via pinfall to retain.

On February 9th, Destroyer was attacked 3-on-1 by The Legacy, with Randy Orton then issuing a challenge for Destroyer's championship. At King of the Ring, Destroyer retained his championship against Orton successfully, afterwards, he was attacked 3-on-1 by The Legacy, leading to Tyler Breeze cashing in his Money in the Bank contract and defeating The Great Destroyer for the World Heavyweight Championship. The following night on RAW, Destroyer invoked his rematch, being attacked by The Legacy again and handing Breeze another easy win over the former champion. At WrestleMania IV, Destroyer competed in and lost the Money in the Bank ladder match to Sting.

NXT Champion (2015)

In April of 2015, Destroyer was drafted from RAW to NXT as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft, Destroyer then got back together with Alice Lovecraft after silently breaking up with Toxic in March, the two reunited when Destroyer brought Lovecraft from RAW to NXT, with the two defeating Paul Burchill and Ariel in a tag match to solidify their reunion. At NXT TakeOver, The Great Destroyer challenged Kurt Angle to a match, in which he won, attempting to further his career to an opportunity at the NXT Championship. On June 10th, The Great Destroyer won a contenders match to become the new contender for the NXT Championship. On June 24th, he got his shot, losing to Batista in the main event. On July 1st, The Great Destroyer then defeated Cesaro to earn another opportunity at Batista and the NXT Championship. At Unforgiven, Destroyer defeated Batista with help from Lovecraft to end Batista's record setting 217 day reign.

At Cyber Sunday, Destroyer got his first retention, retaining against Cesaro, Randy Savage & Cody Rhodes in a 4-Way Steel Cage match. At NXT TakeOver II, Destroyer lost to Cody Rhodes under the Stardust gimmick, he then later disputed that Stardust was not contender, Rhodes was, to which the decision was reversed and Destroyer remained the champion.

On October 21st, Destroyer faced Rhodes, with Destroyer defeating Rhodes to be determined as still the official champion. At Survivor Series, the two faced off one more time after Destroyer made it so that Rhodes had been banned and had to remain as Stardust going forward, this time, Stardust defeated Destroyer to win the championship with no further disputes.

At TakeOver: Brooklyn, Destroyer won the championship a second time, last eliminating Pentagon Jr. from the Elimination Chamber to win the championship.

At Royal Rumble, Destroyer faced Pentagon one on one for the NXT Championship, bringing back former partner Crimzon, who was now going by the name Prince Crimzon, as reinforcements. However, despite this, Pentagon defeated Destroyer to win the NXT Championship.

At King of the Ring, Destroyer competed in the King of the Ring tournament, being eliminated in the first round by Cesaro.

Return to RAW (2017)

At Fastlane, The Great Destroyer was voted into the Hardcore Championship Triple Threat as the representative from SmackDown, he went on to pin El Frostico to win his fifth Hardcore Championship. On March 22nd, Destroyer lost the championship to Sheamus.

On April 2nd 2017, Destroyer was drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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