Ted DiBiase
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Height 6ft 3in
Weight 260lbs
From Omaha, Nebraska
Debut 29th August 2013
Season 2 Record 2-1
Season 3 Record 2-10

Ted DiBiase is a former wrestler & authority figure in the WTX Universe, he is a former NXT Champion, as well as a former General Manager of the NXT brand.


NXT General Manager (2013-2014)

Ted DiBiase made his debut on the August 29th 2013 edition of NXT, being revealed as the new NXT General Manager, he fired former General Manager responsible for the prior ECW takeover, Paul Heyman.

At Night of Champions, DiBiase as guest referee screwed champion Austin Aries out of the NXT Championship, making Samoa Joe the new champion.

At Hell in a Cell, DiBiase entered himself into a Hell in a Cell Match against NXT Champion Sheamus, defeating Sheamus to win the championship. At Survivor Series, Sheamus defeated DiBiase in a rematch to reclaim the NXT Championship.

At WrestleMania III, after months of feuding with his son, Ted DiBiase Jr., the two faced off for the NXT Championship in a retirement match in which DiBiase Jr. won, officially retiring DiBiase Sr. as both a performer and NXT General Manager.

Championships and Accomplishments

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