Team Rhodes Scholars
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Members Cody Rhodes

Damien Sandow

Combined Weight 467lbs
Debut 16th June 2013
Disbanded 6th September 2013
Years Active 2013

Team Rhodes Scholars are a former tag team in the WTX Universe, the team consisted of Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow as a team, they are former WWE Tag Team Champions.


WWE Tag Team Champions & Split (2013)

At Cyber Sunday, Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow officially formed their team, titled Team Rhodes Scholars, after defeating Batista & Randy Orton to become WWE Tag Team Champions. The two had formerly teamed up and were "testing waters" as a tag team heading into the championship match they had earned.

At SummerSlam, Team Rhodes Scholars retained their championship in a double championship match against The Next Big Things, because of this, Cody Rhodes was then rewarded Brock Lesnar's Intercontinental Championship. The following week on the August 30th edition of SmackDown, Team Rhodes Scholars lost the WWE Tag Team Championship, when Rhodes submitted quickly to a submission hold from Heath Slater, there was speculation that Rhodes had decided he no longer needed the tag team championship or Damien Sandow, as he was a singles champion. The following week, the two had a match to settle any issues, however, this match lead to the split of the team as Rhodes hit Sandow with a steel chair, getting himself disqualified and further causing issues between the two.

Championships and Accomplishments

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