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WWE 2K16 Universe - EPISODE 28 - WEEK 7 NXT TakeOver Brooklyn-0

TakeOver: Brooklyn was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, taking place from Brooklyn, NY on December 23rd 2015, hosted exclusively by NXT.


This was the first TakeOver: Brooklyn event to take place within the WTX Universe, following Vengeance, which was hosted by RAW just three days prior. It was the final event of 2015 and was followed by the first event of 2016, Royal Rumble, in late January.

The show featured seven matches, four of which were for championships, whilst the other three were to determine who would first qualify from NXT for the upcoming Royal Rumble match. In the first match, the NXT General Manager William Regal pit himself in a qualifier against Fandango, the second match then saw the NXT Tag Team Championship at stake as Vicious & Delicious defended against former ally Justin Gabriel, who had reunited with Heath Slater to challenge for the championship. In the third match, the Intercontinental Championship was at stake as Kevin Owens defended against both Solomon Crowe and Seth Rollins in a Triple Threat. The fourth match was then another Royal Rumble qualifier, pitting R-Truth against Brian Pillman.

In the fifth match, the NXT Women's Championship was to be defended as champion Alice Lovecraft faced Eve, who had been attacking Lovecraft repeatedly heading into the event. In the semi-main event, Dean Frost issued the first "Frosty Challenge", which was also a Royal Rumble qualifier, in which whoever won would be added to the Royal Rumble match. In the main event, Stardust defended his NXT Championship inside the Elimination Chamber against Leo Kruger, Ricky Steamboat, Alberto Del Rio, upcomer Pentagon Jr. and former champion The Great Destroyer.


In the opening matchup, William Regal defeated Fandango to qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match, the second match then saw Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel defeat Vicious & Delicious to capture their second NXT Tag Team Championship. In the third match, Kevin Owens retained the Intercontinental Championship, pinning Seth Rollins after a Package Piledriver. In the second Royal Rumble qualifier, R-Truth defeated Brian Pillman.

In the fifth match of the show, Alice Lovecraft retained the NXT Women's Championship against Eve. In the semi-main event, the open challenge was answered by Arnold T2, who went on to lose to Frost, making Frost officially confirmed for the 2017 Royal Rumble match. Finally, in the main event, The Great Destroyer last eliminated Pentagon Jr. to win his second NXT Championship.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 William Regal def. Fandango Royal Rumble Qualifier 7:37
2 Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel def. "Vicious & Delicious" Jack Swagger & Darren Young (c) Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 9:48
3 Kevin Owens (c) def. Seth Rollins & Solomon Crowe Triple Threat Match for Intercontinental Championship 9:42
4 R-Truth def. Brian Pillman Royal Rumble Qualifier 9:00
5 Alice Lovecraft (c) def. Eve Singles Match for NXT Women's Championship 13:18
6 Dean Frost def. Arnold T2 Royal Rumble Qualifier 10:19
7 The Great Destroyer def. Stardust (c), Pentagon Jr., Leo Kruger, Ricky Steamboat & Alberto Del Rio Elimination Chamber Match for NXT Championship 18:54

NXT Championship Match Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Elimination Method Time
1 Ricky Steamboat 3 Stardust Pinned after Dark Matter 8:27
2 Stardust 1 The Great Destroyer Pinned after Survivalism 11:15
3 Leo Kruger 2 Alberto Del Rio Pinned after Superkick to knee 11:22
4 Alberto Del Rio 4 Pentagon Jr. Pinned after Fear Factor 16:30
5 Pentagon Jr. 5 The Great Destroyer Pinned off of S.O.S. 15:51
Winner The Great Destroyer 6 - - 14:51

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