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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.23 - TLC)

TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs (2013) was a special event in the WTX Universe. The event took place on 15th December 2013, from Philadelphia, PA.


This was the second TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs event to take place in the WTX Universe. It took place following November event Survivor Series, and was followed by the first event of 2014, Royal Rumble. This was the final event of 2013.

The event featured seven matches, of which a championship was on the line in each individual matchup. The show featured matches from RAW, NXT & SmackDown, with RAW hosting 2 matches, NXT hosting 2, and SmackDown hosting 3 matches. From RAW, the show featured a World Tag Team Championship Match between The Disciples of Darkness and the newly formed super-team of The Brothers of Destruction, this match was a TLC Match. RAW's main event saw the WWE Championship on the line in a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match between defending champion Dolph Ziggler, two former champions in Dean Ambrose and Edge, and the incredibly accomplished Randy Orton. From NXT, the show featured a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for Shawn Michaels' recently acquired Light Heavyweight Championship, the match featured former champion Adrian Neville as well as The Hurricane and newcomer Xavier Woods. The NXT Championship main event was a Table Match between Sheamus and the debuting Andre the Giant. From SmackDown, the show featured a Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules Match for Cody Rhodes' Intercontinental Championship, the match also featured Rhodes' rival Christian, as well as Christian's tag team partner Diamond Dallas Page, and Rhodes' tag partner and brother, Goldust. Second from SmackDown was a Women's Championship Table Match between Layla and multi-time champion Lita. SmackDown's main event pitted CM Punk up against Goldberg, who had gone through a series of contenders matches, defeating Batista, The Rock & Stone Cold to earn the championship match against Punk.


In the opening matchup, Diamond Dallas Page won the Intercontinental Championship, after hitting Goldust with a Styles Clash-like move for the pinfall, this began to cause issues between the team of DDP & Christian, with Christian becoming jealous that Page had won what Christian could not. In the second match, Layla retained the Women's Championship against Lita, following a dive off of the top rope through a table. The Light Heavyweight Championship match saw Xavier Woods win the championship, when the champion Michaels walked out on the matchup, making it a Triple Threat, it was later revealed that Michaels did not want to settle for a lesser championship and felt he deserved the NXT Championship. The final midcard match saw The Disciples of Darkness retain the World Tag Team Championship when The Great Destroyer retrieved the championship whilst Kane was unconsious inside the ring and The Undertaker was distracted outside the ring.

In the first main event, Sheamus retained the NXT Championship against the debuting Andre the Giant, when Sheamus launched Andre through a table off of a Fallaway Slam. In SmackDown's main event, CM Punk retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Goldberg following a brutal battle, Punk got the win following a GTS to Goldberg on the outside. In the main event, Randy Orton won his first WWE Championship, after throwing Dolph Ziggler off of the top of a ladder, onto Dean Ambrose & Edge and then retrieving the championship.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Diamond Dallas Page def. Cody Rhodes (c), Christian & Goldust Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules Match for Intercontinental Championship 1:29
2 Layla (c) def. Lita Table Match for Women's Championship 12:41
3 Xavier Woods def. Shawn Michaels (c), Adrian Neville & The Hurricane Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for Light Heavyweight Championship 10:02

"The Disciples of Darkness" The Great Destroyer & The Crimzon Blade (c) def. "The Brothers of Destruction" The Undertaker & Kane

Tag Team TLC Match for World Tag Team Championship 3:36
5 Sheamus (c) def. Andre the Giant Table Match for NXT Championship 5:12
6 CM Punk (c) def. Goldberg Extreme Rules Match for World Heavyweight Championship 7:33
7 Randy Orton def. Dolph Ziggler (c), Edge & Dean Ambrose Fatal 4-Way TLC Match for WWE Championship 5:56

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