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TLC: Tables, Ladder and Chairs (2012) was a pay-per-view event produced by WTXJaichi. It was held on December 17th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


This was the first "TLC" event to take place in the WTX Universe, the theme of the pay per view is matches centered around the "hardcore" weapons, Tables, Ladders & Chairs, as implied from the events title. This was the final event of 2012 and took place after November event Survivor Series 2012. It was followed up in January by Royal Rumble 2013.

There were seven professional wrestling matches on the event's card. The first match was a Triple Threat Extreme Rules match (originally meant to be a chairs match) between Jack Swagger, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle for the United States Championship. Following this was a Tag Team Tornado TLC match between "Too Cool" Scotty 2 Hotty & Rikishi and "The Hardy Boyz" Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy for the World Tag Team Championships. Third match on the card was a Tables match between Zack Ryder and The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship. Following this match was a Triple Threat match between Lita, Kharma and Torrie Wilson for the Divas Championship. Fifth match on the card was a TLC match between Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes for the NXT Championship. The first main event was a fatal four way Extreme Rules match between Austin Aries, John Cena, Kane and CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Championship. The main event of the card was a TLC match between Randy Orton and Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.


In the first match, Kurt Angle defeated Jack Swagger and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Extreme Rules match to win the United States Championship after hitting three German suplexes and a DDT. Too Cool retained their Tag Team Championships against The Hardy Boyz after Matt Hardy failed to stop Scotty 2 Hotty from retrieving the titles. Next up was an amazing Tables match between Zack Ryder and The Rock for the Intercontinental Championship. Both men fought back and forth until The Rock suplexed Ryder through the table to win the championship. Following this was a Triple Threat Ladder match, and Lita retained her Women's Championship after neither Kharma, nor Torrie Wilson, could stop her in time.

The next match was a TLC match between Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes and the match finished in under a minute. Jaichi restarted the match and Cody Rhodes climbed the ladder to win the NXT Championship. Next was a Fatal Four Way Extreme Rules match for the Undisputed Championship and Austin Aries retained his title after hitting Kane with a Brainbuster and pinning him before CM Punk could break the pin up. In the main event, Edge defeated Randy Orton in a TLC match after hitting a finisher off the top of the ladder to retrieve the World Heavyweight Championship to become a three time champion.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Kurt Angle def. Jack Swagger (c) & Bobby Roode Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match for United States Championship 6:18
2 "Too Cool" Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay (c) def. "The Hardy Boyz" Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy Tornado Tag Team TLC Match for World Tag Team Championship 5:33
3 The Rock def. Zack Ryder (c) Tables Match for Intercontinental Championship 22:14
4 Lita (c) def. Kharma & Torrie Wilson Triple Threat Ladder Match for Women's Championship 6:13
5 Cody Rhodes def. Sin Cara (c) TLC Match for NXT Championship 8:41
6 Austin Aries (c) def. John Cena, Kane & CM Punk Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules Match for WWE Championship 6:38
7 Edge def. Randy Orton (c) TLC Match for World Heavyweight Championship 5:37

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