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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.180 - Survivor Series)

Survivor Series (2014) is a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on November 23rd in Indianapolis, IN.


This was the third annual Survivor Series to take place within the series' history. It took place after No Mercy in October and will be followed by NXT Arrival in December. This is the final pay-per-view before the brand pay-per-view seperation will take place, starting with NXT Arrival in December. It is also considered the first special event of Season 4.

Eight matches took place at the event, with there being two matches from RAW, both set up shortly after No Mercy. The first being an Intercontinental Championship match between champion Titus O'Neil and top contender The Great Destroyer, who earned a shot at O'Neil at No Mercy in a Mixed Gender Tag Match that was also for Toxic's Diva's Championship.

The second match to be set was the World Heavyweight Championship Raw main event, this match will feature current champion Seth Rollins in his first title defence against returning superstar Chris Jericho. Following No Mercy, Chris Jericho won a 6-Man Pinfall & Submission Top Contenders Battle Royal in which he made a surprise return, last eliminating Dean Ambrose for the win.

NXT also hosted two matches, the first scheduled being for the NXT Championship, on the first NXT following No Mercy and following Kofi Kingston winning the NXT Championship he was assaulted by The Fallen, a group made up of Batista, AJ Styles & Raven. Batista was the man responsible for the NXT Championship Tournament Kofi had won after he injured former champion Corey Graves. He insisted he would do the same to Kingston unless given a fair opportunity at the championship. The following week on NXT AJ Styles of The Fallen challenged those that had spoken out against The Fallen to fight him in the main event, Sami Zayn accepted the challenge on behalf of Kingston and defeated Styles. Due to this NXT General Manager William Regal announced that at Survivor Series there will be a traditional Survivor Series 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match featuring The Fallen against the NXT Champion Kofi Kingston and the team of Bourne In-Zayn (Sami Zayn & Evan Bourne.) Regal added that the match would be for two things, if The Fallen win, Batista is the new NXT Champion, but if Kingston & Bourne In-Zayn win then Bourne In-Zayn will be the new #1 contenders for Styles & Raven's NXT Tag Team Championship. On an episode of NXT leading into the show, Paul London won a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match to become contender for the Cruiserweight Championship also.

The following SmackDown after No Mercy a Fatal 4-Way #1 Contenders Match was scheduled between the top contenders of SmackDown, this match featured Christian, Shawn Michaels, a returning "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as well as a returning Undertaker. Austin won the match in an anti-climactic way, pinning Christian off of a Thesz Press, due to this a rematch was set the next week that saw Christian removed from the match and replaced with a mystery opponent which resulted in the return of CM Punk. The rules of this match were also changed to an Elimination Fatal 4-Way to more properly determine a contender. CM Punk won the match by last eliminating The Undertaker with a GTS.

The second-to-last SmackDown before Survivor Series saw a Fatal 4-Way #1 Contenders Match for Paige's Women's Championship, the match saw Bayley defeat Charlotte, Kaitlyn & Becky Lynch. Setting up Bayley vs. Paige for the Women's Championship at Survivor Series. The episode also saw a Triple Threat Match between James Storm (representing The Revolution), Wolfe (representing 3MB) and a returning Shelton Benjamin (representing a new faction also featuring MVP), in which the winner of this match would earn their trio a Double Championship Traditional Survivor Series Match for The Ascension's WWE Tag Team Championship as well as Brodus Clay's United States Championship. Wolfe won the match with assist from former 3MB partner Tyler Reks causing some suspicion as to Wolfe's intentions following his victory.

On the final Raw before Survivor Series it was announced that Raw & NXT would have a cross-brand Traditional Survivor Series Match for championship contentions, Raw's qualifying team was revealed to be Ethan Carter III, a returning Dolph Ziggler as well as Cesaro who had been struggling to win matches going into this. Team NXT was then revealed to be the recently repackaged Gregory Helms, as well as former tag partners Sheamus & Drew McIntyre.


This event was the first in WTX Universe to feature a full card of title retentions.

The opening matches saw Team Raw defeat Team NXT. The sole survivors of Team Raw were Ethan Carter III & Cesaro, with EC3 getting the deciding pinfall on final Team NXT member Sheamus. The match saw some contreversy however as during the match Sheamus from Team NXT stood in the ring for a 5 count DQ which caused Drew McIntyre to get eliminated despite hardly competing in the match and not being the legal man at the time.

The following championship matches of the evening featured Paige defeating Bayley, though Bayley gave her a good challenge as the underdog in the match. Justin Gabriel retained his Cruiserweight Championship against Paul London in quick fashion. And in the second to final match of the under card Titus O'Neil defeated Jaichi to retain the Intercontinental Championship in what was a long, grueling match with many near falls. The final match of the midcard saw The Ascension & Brodus Clay defeat and retain against Wolfe Pack.

In the first main event Brock Lesnar laid waste to CM Punk in a short simplistic matchup in which Lesnar retained the WWE Championship. In the second main event Seth Rollins retained his World Heavyweight Championship for the first time defeating Chris Jericho, the result came however when EC3 interfered in the match and struck Chris Jericho with a chair, after which Rollins took a pinfall for the victory. In the main event of the show Kofi Kingston & Bourne In-Zayn defeated The Fallen, the match came down to NXT Champion Kingston and Batista, as Batista went for a Batista Bomb, Big E interfered in the match and hit Batista with a Big Ending, giving Kingston the win.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Ethan Carter III, Cesaro & Dolph Ziggler def. Sheamus, Drew McIntyre & Gregory Helms RAW vs. NXT Traditional Survivor Series 6-Man Tag Team Match 7:02
2 Paige (c) def. Bayley Singles Match for Women's Championship 5:58
3 Justin Gabriel (c) def. Paul London Singles Match for Cruiserweight Championship 4:26
4 Titus O'Neil (c) def. The Great Destroyer w/Toxic Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 8:49
5 "The Ascension" Konnor and Viktor & Brodus Clay (c) def. "Wolfe Pack" Kevin Nash, Wolfe & Tyler Reks Traditional Survivor Series 6-Man Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship & United States Championship 17:00
6 Brock Lesnar (c) w/Paul Heyman def. CM Punk Singles Match for WWE Championship 7:11
7 Seth Rollins (c) def. Chris Jericho Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 6:31
8 Kofi Kingston (c) & Bourne In-Zayn def. "The Fallen" Batista, AJ Styles & Raven

Traditional Survivor Series 6-Man Tag Team Match for NXT ChampionshipNXT Tag Team Championship Contendership


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