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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.309 - SummerSlam)

SummerSlam (2015) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on August 16th 2015 and was hosted by the RAW and SmackDown brands.


This was the fourth SummerSlam event to take place within the WTX Universe, following ECW & NXT event Unforgiven in July and being followed two weeks later by Cyber Sunday.

The show consisted of a total of ten matches, the first being for the Television Championship, putting champion Big E against Drew McIntyre and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat. The second match was for the Diva's Championship, as AJ Lee was made to defend in a 4-Way against ally Kaitlyn, former champion Beth Phoenix and upcomer Alexa Bliss. In the third match, the United States Championship was to be competed for as champion Yokozuna faced top contender Sami Zayn, who had recently transitioned from tag wrestling to singles competition to pursue the championship. The fourth match saw the WWE Tag Team Championship at stake between the champions Jeri-Show and The Usos who had got an upset win over The Ascension to be named contenders. In the fifth match, the Cruiserweight Championship was on the line as Hideo Itami faced Carlito, who had clawed his way to the top of the cruiserweight ranks to get the championship opportunity.

In the sixth match, new Women's Champion Naomi faced a tough challenge in another 4-Way as she defended against former champion Paige as well as Lita and Natalya. The seventh match pit The Revolution against the returning legend The Undertaker as well as Damien Sandow & Randy Orton, who had agreed to take out The Revolution with Undertaker. The eighth match was the long awaited rematch for the World Tag Team Championship, seeing D-Generation X finally get another chance at Wolfe Pack. In the first world championship match, Mark Henry defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Edge with The Rock as a guest referee, whilst the main event saw Ryback defend his WWE Championship against Sheamus.


In the opening matchip, Drew McIntyre defeated Big E to win the Television Championship, his first championship win in over a year. In the second match, Beth Phoenix regained the Diva's Championship, pinning Kaitlyn off of a Glam Slam for the victory. In the third match, Yokozuna retained the United States Championship against a tough challenge in Sami Zayn. In the fourth match, Chris Jericho pinned one of the Usos to get the victory for Jeri-Show. The fifth match saw Carlito defeat Hideo Itami to finally win the Cruiserweight Championship, after which, Carlito retired the championship and introduced the Global Championship, wanting to remove the weight limit and welcome all challengers.

In the sixth match, Paige won the Women's Championship for a third time, last eliminating Natalya. In the seventh match, Damien Sandow last pinned Bram for Sandow, Undertaker & Orton to win the 6-Man Tag against The Revolution. The eighth match saw D-Generation X win back the World Tag Team Championship after Shawn Michaels pinned Kevin Nash. The semi-main event saw Mark Henry retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Edge. In the main event, Ryback retained against Sheamus, after which, Ryback was targetted by The Undertaker, who chokeslammed Ryback. Following the attack, Bobby Roode cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE Championship from Ryback.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Drew McIntyre def. Big E (c) & Jeff Hardy Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match for Television Championship 11:10
2 Beth Phoenix def. AJ Lee (c), Kaitlyn & Alexa Bliss Fatal 4-Way Match for Diva's Championship 2:51
3 Yokozuna (c) def. Sami Zayn Singles Match for United States Championship 9:25
4 "Jeri-Show" Chris Jericho & Big Show (c) def. "The Usos" Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 14:11
5 Carlito def. Hideo Itami (c) Singles Match for Cruiserweight Championship 11:03
6 Paige def. Naomi (c), Natalya & Lita Elimination Fatal 4-Way Match for Women's Championship 11:09
7 The Undertaker, Randy Orton & Damien Sandow def. "The Revolution" James Storm, Luke Harper & Bram 6-Man Elimination Tag Team Match 42:06
8 "D-Generation X" Triple H & Shawn Michaels def. "Wolfe Pack" Kevin Nash & Wolfe (c) Extreme Rules Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 9:57
9 Mark Henry (c) def. Edge Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship w/The Rock as Guest Referee 11:08
10 Ryback (c) def. Sheamus Singles Match for WWE Championship 11:44
11 Bobby Roode def. Ryback (c) Singles Match for WWE Championship 1:17

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