Official thumbnail for SummerSlam 2014 featuring the main event competitors, Bray Wyatt & Corey Graves.

SummerSlam (2014) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on August 17th 2014 at Los Angeles, CA.


This is the third annual SummerSlam event to take place in the WTX Universe. It is the successor to July event Unforgiven and will be followed just two weeks later by Cyber Sunday.

There were seven professional wrestling matches at the event. The first match was set immediately at the prior event, Unforgiven, when Corey Graves abandoned his Cruiserweight Championship during his championship defence. He claimed the reason he did this was because the championship was holding him back from his full potential as a world champion, the same night he issued a challenge to NXT Champion Bray Wyatt for SummerSlam claiming that neither man has been beatable but he believes he can end Wyatt's reign over NXT. After Wyatt retained his championship against Bobby Roode at the event he accepted Graves' challenge for SummerSlam claiming it will be the last time we see Graves the way he is today.

The second match was determined on the July 25th edition of SmackDown in which Chris Hero and Shawn Michaels competed for a shot at The Miz's WWE Championship at SummerSlam, after a back and forth match Hero earned the shot, the following week on SmackDown Miz confidently challenged Michaels to prove Michaels couldn't beat him anyway, Miz was proven correct as he defeated Michaels in the main event. The final week before SummerSlam The Miz faced Jeff Hardy after the match, Chris Hero and his former partner Christian came out and stared down The Miz implying that Christian would turn heel and reunite with Hero, managing him at Summerslam.

The third and fourth matches were determined on the July 28th edition of Raw, the prior week on the July 21st edition of Raw following an upset loss to Aiden English from Dean Ambrose, the Intercontinental Champion was confronted by the former champion Leo Kruger (formerly Adam Rose when losing the championship.) Kruger claimed that he did not lose the championship, but rather Adam Rose did (Leo Kruger changed persona to Adam Rose at WrestleMania III in the midst of his Intercontinental Championship reign.) Because of this Kruger claims he was the true champion all along and was robbed by Rose, he claimed he will be fair and unify his "real" championship with the "fake" champion, Dean Ambrose, at SummerSlam. A dispute was made the following week as English had picked up a win over Ambrose entitling him to a championship opporunity first, because Kruger is really Rose, he had technically lost his championship back at Judgment Day to Mason Ryan and was not due a rematch as Ryan immediately lost the belt to Ambrose. English was put into a #1 contenders match with Kruger on the July 28th edition of Raw, however, instead of Kruger, English ended up facing Rose and losing. The same night in the main event a Fatal 4-Way took place to determine Wade Barrett's next challenger for his World Heavyweight Championship between Edge, Randy Orton, The Rock and a returning Triple H. The Rock had issued a challenge to Barrett for the championship the previous week but was unsuccessful when Edge won the championship opportunity instead. Setting up Barrett to face Edge for the championship at SummerSlam. The following week Rock got a one on one match with Barrett which Rock won, potentially putting him in the World Heavyweight Championship match if he could defeat Edge the following week, Rock ended up also defeating Edge in singles competition making the match a triple threat bout at SummerSlam.

The fifth match was determined on the July 30th edition of NXT in which Cruiserweight Champion Zack Ryder lost to Paul London. On July 20th at Unforgiven, Ryder won the Cruiserweight Championship when Corey Graves abandoned it, due to this it was said that Ryder wasn't the true champion as he was given the victory. Ryder was made to defend his championship against any cruiserweight in the locker room on the July 23rd episode of NXT, Paul London accepted the challenge but Ryder caused them to go to a duoble countout causing Ryder to retain his championship in another shady way. The following week London was given a non-title rematch in which if Ryder got counted out, disqualified or lost by any other means, London would get a championship opportunity at SummerSlam. London ended up defeating Ryder which gave him the right to choose what stipulation they would fight under, London claimed Ryder cannot walk out on his Cruiserweight Championship like Graves because it's too important to him and announced that he would face Ryder for the championship in a TLC Match where Ryder would have to legitimately climb the ladder and win this time, proving he deserves it.

The sixth match was determined on the August 13th edition of NXT as in the prior months there had been a tag team tournament on NXT in which randomly paired teams would face off until SummerSlam for a NXT Tag Team Championship opportunity. The finals came down to Batista & Raven vs. AJ Styles & Ted DiBiase in a TLC Match, the match came to a conclusion when Styles walked out on DiBiase as Batista hit him with a Batista Bomb and Raven retrieved the title shot.

The seventh match was to be determined between Ryback and Big Show in a #1 contenders match for the United States Championship but the match ended in a no contest when the ring imploded following a superplex from the top rope from Big Show. A rematch was set for the final SmackDown before SummerSlam between Ryback and Big Show, the stipulation this time being that the winner will have to break their opponent through a table, the match ended when Ryback fell off of the apron, costing himself the match.


The pay per view event saw four championships change hands. The opening match saw Leo Kruger successfully "unify" Intercontinental Championships with Dean Ambrose, killing off the former championships appearance. The second match saw Big Show defeat Stone Cold in an intense matchup to become United States Champion as well as the seventh ever Triple Crown Champion and fifth ever Grand Slam Champion. The third match was the first title retain with Zack Ryder successfully defending his Cruiserweight Championship against challenger Paul London. The final match of the lower card saw a surprise twist as AJ Styles who had walked out on his partner in the finals of the NXT Tag Team Tournament revealed his new partnership with Raven & Batista as part of their new faction, The Fallen. Styles would take Batista's place in the tag championship match defeating Bourne In-Zayn for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

The first of the three main events saw The Miz defeat Chris Hero in a back and forth battle. The second main event saw Wade Barrett retain against The Rock & Edge when Edge laid out The Rock with his own finisher, The Rock Bottom, only to run directly into a Wasteland from Barrett for the win. The main event of the evening saw Corey Graves overcome and defeat Bray Wyatt via submission, claiming the NXT Championship.


# Matches Stipulations Time
1 Leo Kruger def. Dean Ambrose (c) Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 9:07
2 Big Show def. Stone Cold (c) Singles Match for United States Championship 7:49
3 Zack Ryder (c) def. Paul London TLC Match for Cruiserweight Championship 7:16

"The Fallen" AJ Styles & Raven def. "Bourne In-Zayn" Evan Bourne & Sami Zayn (c)

Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 12:39
5 The Miz (c) def. Chris Hero w/Christian Singles Match for WWE Championship 8:35
6 Wade Barrett (c) def. The Rock & Edge Triple Threat Match for World Heavyweight Championship 10:57
7 Corey Graves def. Bray Wyatt (c) w/Erick Rowan Singles Match for NXT Championship 6:15

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