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WWE '13 Universe (Ep.125 - SummerSlam)

SummerSlam (2013) was an event produced by WTXJaichi and was held on August 19th, in Los Angeles California.


This was the second SummerSlam event to take place within the WTX Universe. It took place following the fan-voted event Cyber Sunday and was followed in September by Night of Champions.

The even featured 7 matches, each of which was contested for a championship within the promotion. The event featured a United States Championship rematch between Mason Ryan and former champion Randy Savage, an NXT Tag Team Championship rematch between The Miz & John Morrison, and the former champions Sabu & Tommy Dreamer, set to take place under a Table Match stipulation. The Disciples of Darkness were scheduled to defend against dominant faction, The Shield in a Ladder Match. An Extreme Rules double championship match for both, Team Rhodes Scholars WWE Tag Team Championship as well as Brock Lesnar of The Next Big Things' Intercontinental Championship. The event had three anticipated world championship matches, the first of which was a standard World Heavyweight Championship Match between then-longest reining World Heavyweight Champion Shelton Benjamin and a former champion, The Rock. There was then a rematch for the WWE Championship between former champion Dean Ambrose and the champion, Edge, set inside Hell in a Cell. The main event saw the battle between ECW & NXT come to an end, with Austin Aries' NXT Championship on the line as well. The winning brand would then officially own the scheduled NXT spot, potentially meaning the official end of NXT.


The event featured two championship changes, as in the opening match, Randy Savage reclaimed the United States Championship from Mason Ryan, as well as The Rock defeating Shelton Benjamin to win his third World Heavyweight Championship, ending Benjamin's record-setting reign at 112 days.

The lower card featured The Miz & John Morrison successfully retaining against Sabu & Tommy Dreamer, after Miz hit a Skull Crushing Finale on Sabu through a table. The World Tag Team Championship Match saw The Disciples of Darkness retain their championship when The Crimson Blade retrieved the championship whilst The Great Destroyer fended off Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. In the final midcard match, Cody Rhodes won Brock Lesnar's Intercontinental Championship following a Cross Rhodes to Drew McIntyre, also meaning the Team Rhodes Scholars retained their WWE Tag Team Championship.

In the second-to-last match of the night, Edge retained the WWE Championship against Dean Ambrose in a bloody battle, following a Spear from the top rope. The main event saw Team NXT defeating Team ECW with Samoa Joe being the sole survivor, getting the pinfall on Rhyno to retain Austin Aries' NXT Championship.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Randy Savage def. Mason Ryan (c) Singles Match for United States Championship 8:35
2 The Miz & John Morrison (c) def. Sabu & Tommy Dreamer Table Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 5:14
3 "The Disciples of Darkness" The Great Destroyer & The Crimson Blade (c) def. "The Shield" Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins Ladder Match for World Tag Team Championship 6:55
4 "Team Rhodes Scholars" Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow (WWE Tag) def. "The Next Big Things" Brock Lesnar (IC) & Drew McIntyre Extreme Rules Match for WWE Tag Team Championship & Intercontinental Championship 12:29
5 The Rock def. Shelton Benjamin (c) Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 9:27
6 Edge (c) def. Dean Ambrose Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Championship 13:57

"Team NXT" Austin Aries (c), Samoa Joe & Ted DiBiase Jr. def. "Team ECW" CM Punk, Rhyno & Mankind

Elimination 6-Man Tag Team Match for Ownership of NXT & NXT Championship 15:06

NXT vs. ECW Eliminations

Elimination Order Wrestler Team Eliminated By Method of Elimination Time
1 Mankind ECW N/A Disqualified following a chair shot to CM Punk 7:30
2 Ted DiBiase Jr. NXT Rhyno Pinned by Rhyno 9:33
3 CM Punk ECW Samoa Joe Submitted to STF 13:20
4 Austin Aries NXT N/A Disqualified following a chair shot to referee 14:26
5 Rhyno ECW Samoa Joe Submitted to STF 15:06
Winner Samoe Joe NXT - - 15:06

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