Shawn Michaels
Height 6ft 1in
Weight 225lbs
From San Antonio, Texas
Debut 29th January 2012
Brand SmackDown
Season 1 Record 9-9
Season 2 Record 8-10
Season 3 Record 13-14
Season 4 Record 11-11

Shawn Michaels is a member of the SmackDown roster as of 2017. He has held a total of 8 championships during his career in the WTX Universe. He is a 1-time Hardcore Champion, a 1-time Cruiserweight Champion, a 1-time NXT Tag Team Champion, a 2-time WWE Tag Team Champion & 2-time World Tag Team Champion with Triple H (as D-Generation X.) As well as a 1-time NXT Champion. He is the third ever Triple Crown Champion and the second ever Grand Slam Champion.


Pursuit of WWE Championship (2012)

Shawn Michaels debuted on the debut episode of WTX Universe, Royal Rumble 2012, in a WWE Championship Submission Match with champion CM Punk. He was unsuccessful in defeating Punk at the event.

Michaels engaged in a feud with Jerry Lawler on Raw for a few months following this, once the feud was over, Michaels was given another WWE Championship opportunity alongside Batista at Extreme Rules, he was on the losing end as whilst Batista was hitting him with a Batista Bomb Punk escaped over the top of the cage.

At Over The Limit a Armaggeddon Hell in a Cell Match took place that featured WWE Champion CM Punk defend his championship against Daniel Bryan, Shawn Michaels, Batista, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & The Rock. The match ended with Bryan making Michaels submit, ending Punk's 112 day WWE Championship reign.

At No Way Out Michaels was given another championship opportunity, put into a WWE Championship Fatal 4-Way with defending champion Daniel Bryan, Stone Cold & Batista, Austin won the match pinning Bryan.

WWE Tag Team Champion with Triple H & Draft to NXT & Inaugral NXT Tag Team Champions (2013)

At WrestleMania II, Michaels moved to SmackDown to team with Triple H forming D-Generation X, the team defeated MNM to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, Michaels was drafted from SmackDown to NXT, which Triple H was previously drafted to, keeping the team together.

DX then lost their championship three weeks later to Evolution at Backlash. Quickly following their loss, on the May 4th edition of NXT, DX defeated New Age Outlaws to become the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions. On the May 15th edition of NXT, DX quickly lost their championships to the team of Tommy Dreamer & Sabu, after the team was aided by The Sandman.

Return to Singles Competition & Light Heavyweight Champion (2013)

In the later months of 2013, Michaels & Triple H returned to singles competition, on December 4th, Michaels defeated Adrian Neville, Jay Lethal & Tajiri to win the Light Heavyweight Championship in a Ladder Match. At TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Michaels walked out on a 4-Way Ladder Match for the championship, he later stated that he did not feel the Light Heavyweight Championship was enough for him and that he deserved an opportunity at the NXT Championship instead.

NXT Champion & WWE Championship Pursuit (2014)

At Royal Rumble, Michaels got an opportunity alongside Ted DiBiase Jr., who screwed Michaels out of the championship, assisting Sheamus in a successful retention. On the January 22nd 2014 edition of NXT, Michaels won a 6-Man Hell in a Cell Match, defeating NXT Champion Sheamus to become NXT Champion for the first time. At No Way Out, Michaels quickly lost the championship inside the Elimination Chamber, after he was eliminated from the match by Andre the Giant.

Michaels moved to SmackDown at Backlash, where he interfered in a WWE Championship Match between The Undertaker & CM Punk, hitting Undertaker with a Super Kick to give Punk the win, at Judgment Day, the three faced off in a Triple Threat for the championship, with Michaels submitting to Punk.

DX Reunion (2015)

On February 27th, DX reunited when Triple H was saved by Shawn Michaels after one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Konnor attacked Triple H with a weapon getting himself disqualified, Michaels then charged out to stop Konnor from continuing the attack and reuniting the team of DX. At King of the Ring, DX then went on to defeat The Ascension and win their second WWE Tag Team Championship. At WrestleMania IV, DX faced and defeated The Ascension in their rematch. Michaels was then drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft, he was then made to exchange his WWE Tag Team Championship for the World Tag Team ChampionshipAt Backlash, DX lost the World Tag Team Championship to Wolfe Pack as Kevin Nash pinned Triple H. At SummerSlam, DX finally got a fair rematch under Extreme Rules, defeating Wolfe Pack to reclaim the World Tag Team Championship. At Night of Champions, DX defended their championship successfully against The Misfits.

At Vengeance, DX retained their championship against The New DayOn December 28th, DX defended their championship in an open challenge, losing to the debuting Angelico Son of Havoc.

Feud with Triple H (2016-2017)

In early 2016, as Shawn Michaels was making his entrance for singles competition, he was attacked from behind by tag team partner Triple H. Michaels would disappear for a short while with Triple H claiming that he wanted to become WWE Champion and that the attack on Michaels was nothing personal. Michaels made his return as a surprise entrant in the King of the Ring tournament, teaming with Kurt Angle on Raw to face and defeat fellow Raw tournament participants, Triple H & Ryback. Michaels set out to defeat Triple H at King of the Ring, however, Michaels lost to Angle in a first round match.

Triple H went on to win the tournament, setting up a WWE Championship Match between Triple H and Randy Orton for WrestleMania V. Shawn Michaels challenged Triple H to a match, stating he could not stop Triple H from getting what he wanted, but wanted just one match with him. In the match, Michaels defeated Triple H. The following week, he used his rivalry with Triple H to get into the head with Randy Orton, stating more people cared about Michaels vs. Triple H than Orton vs. Triple H. Orton gave Michaels a match on the final Raw before WrestleMania with the stipulation that if Michaels could win, it would be a Triple Threat at WrestleMania for the WWE Championship held by Orton. Michaels went on to win the match against Orton, adding himself to the WrestleMania main event. At WrestleMania, Michaels was unsuccessful from winning the championship as Triple H defeated Orton off of a Spinebuster to win the championship.

On February 20th 2017, Michaels returned to RAW to compete in a contenders match against Randy Orton, with the winner getting a shot at Triple H's WWE Championship at Fastlane, Michaels defeated Orton, after the match he was attacked by Triple H, getting hit with a Pedigree.

At Fastlane, Michaels lost to Triple H after a cheap shot before the match begun. The following night on RAW, Michaels was given one last chance to face Triple H at WrestleMania VI, as he was told if he could defeat Batista, who won the King of the Ring tournament to earn a shot at Triple H at WrestleMania, he would be added to the match, making it a Triple Threat, Michaels lost to Batista.

SmackDown (2017-present)

On April 2nd 2017, Michaels was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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