Height 6ft 3in
Weight 291lbs
From Las Vegas, Nevada
Debut 17th June 2012
Brand RAW
Season 1 Record 6-2
Season 2 Record 12-8
Season 3 Record 11-10
Season 4 Record 31-8

Ryback is a member of the RAW roster as of 2017. He held a total of four championships throughout his career as he is a former United States Champion, a former Intercontinental Champion, a former Hardcore Champion, and a former WWE Champion.


Debut (2012)

Ryback made his WTX Universe debut at the No Way Out 2012 PPV, he challenged The Rock to be his first opponent, however despite dominating The Rock throughout most of the match, Ryback ended the match in a losing effort, though looking very dominant in the process. At Hell in a Cell, Ryback competed in his first championship match, losing an Elimination Fatal 4-Way to the retaining champion, Zack Ryder. At WrestleMania II, Ryback competed in an Armageddon Hell in a Cell for the Hardcore Championship, the match was won by Drew McIntyre, however.

SmackDown (2013)

As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, Ryback was drafted from RAW to SmackDown. Ryback then defeated The Rock in a Last Man Standing Match at Extreme Rules to become Intercontinental Champion. Ryback then faced Brock Lesnar at Cyber Sunday in what was voted to be an I Quit Match, the match saw Ryback dominated by Lesnar, losing his championship.

United States Champion & Hardcore Champion (2014)

On the March 10th edition of RAW, Ryback won the United States Championship after accepting an open challenge from Sting. Ryback lost the championship at WrestleMania III in a Triple Threat Match to The Miz. On October 8th, Ryback defeated D'Angelo Dinero for the Hardcore Championship. At NXT Arrival, Ryback defended his Hardcore Championship against Ultimate Warrior, surpassing the championship record of 70 days and becoming the then-longest reigning champion. After 77 days and 10 successful defences, Ryback finally lost the championship to the debuting Bram on December 24th, after which Bram retired the Hardcore Championship.

King of the Ring & WWE Champion (2015-2016)

On January 30th, Ryback defeated CM Punk in the main event of SmackDown to qualify for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match at No Way OutAt No Way Out, Ryback was the last to be eliminated from the match, being eliminated by defending champion Brock Lesnar. At King of the Ring, Ryback competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, winning the tournament by last eliminating The Rock and setting up a WWE Championship match for WrestleMania IV between Ryback and the champion Brock Lesnar. At WrestleMania IV, Ryback ended Lesnar's 184 day reign and season-long undefeated record, winning the WWE Championship, his first world championship. Later in the week, Ryback was drafted from SmackDown to RAW as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. At Backlash, Ryback faced Lesnar in their rematch, this time under Extreme Rules, defeating Lesnar again to retain the championship.

At Over the Limit, Ryback competed in a Fatal 4-Way match for his WWE Championship, last eliminating Wade Barrett, who he resorted to using weapons and heel tactics against to retain. At SummerSlam, Ryback retained the championship in a competitive match against Sheamus, after which he was chokeslammed by The Undertaker, who was issuing a challenge for the WWE Championship, however, Bobby Roode capitalized on the attack and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the championship from Ryback. At Cyber Sunday, Ryback lost his rematch to Roode. At Vengeance, Ryback challenged for the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, being eliminated from the match second by Mark Henry.

On February 8th, Ryback challenged for the WWE Championship in the main event of RAW, losing to the champion Randy OrtonAt King of the Ring, Ryback competed in the King of the Ring tournament, losing to Triple H via countout in the first round.

NXT (2016)

On April 4th, Ryback was drafted to NXT as part of the 2016 Draft. Before he made his in-ring debut on NXT, it was confirmed that he is part of a team with Big Show called W.M.D.. The two debuted their team on May 25th, facing and losing to Rusev & Kevin Owens. Ryback then competed against Kevin Owens for a chance to join the NXT Championship Match at TakeOver: Dallas, however, Ryback was unsuccessful as Owens defeated Ryback in the main event of the June 1st edition of NXT.

The Nexus (2016-present)

On December 15th, Ryback made his return, assisting Daniel Bryan, who was scheduled to face Pentagon Jr. in the main event of NXT, in assaulting both NXT General Manager William Regal backstage, as well as Pentagon's mentor, Vampiro. Bryan then stated that after being pushed around by Regal's management, he had decided to form a rebellion, consisting of people who had been wronged during their NXT tenures. The group were revealed to be named The Nexus, with the first three members assisting Bryan in a four on one main event against Pentagon. The three revealed members, Wade Barrett (who had been fired after failing Regal earlier in the year), Ryback (who had been shoved to the bottom of the NXT ranks and released earlier in the year), and Corey Graves (who had been treated unfairly since losing the NXT Championship in 2014), were given new NXT contracts, as Regal felt he had something to prove to try and stop the group. Bryan later confirmed that there were a total of eight members, and that they would all band together to get retribution on everyone who had crossed them or been treated better than they have.

On April 2nd 2017, Ryback was drafted from ECW to RAW as part of the 2017 Draft.

Championships and Accomplishments

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