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WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 54 - WEEK 14 Royal Rumble 2017

Royal Rumble (2017)
was a special event that take place within the WTX Universe. It was held on January 29th from Chicago, IL.


This was the sixth annual Royal Rumble event to take place within the WTX Universe. It was the second event to take place in 2017, following NXT's New Years Revolution to open the year. The show will be followed by Elimination Chamber from SmackDown in February.

The show typically featured seven matches, two of which were from the RAW, SmackDown & NXT brands, as well as the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match that featured 10 superstars from each brand competing for an opportunity to main event WrestleMania VI fighting for a world championship of their choosing.

The first Royal Rumble match to begin being built up was the Rumble match itself, with SmackDown hosting the first qualifiers on the December 13th edition of SmackDown, with Goldberg being the first confirmed participant after winning a 6-Man Battle Royal. Later in the show, Stone Cold qualified winning a Fatal 4-Way Match. Following this, RAW revealed their first participants, with both Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels being confirmed to return from injuries to compete in the match, as well as Joey Ryan, who had previously won a 6-Man Battle Royal, being placed in the match. On the December 26th edition of RAW, the Intercontinental Champion, Edge, defeated Enzo Amore to qualify, the show also featured Celtic Cross' Sheamus & Drew Galloway defeating High Voltage to qualify as well as Samoa Joe defeating the new Cruiserweight Champion Heath Slater to qualify for the Royal Rumble. The next night on SmackDown, two more qualifiers took place as Rey Mysterio & Dragon Azteca Jr. defeated Hollywood Blonds to qualify, as well as WTX Champion Hideo Itami defeating the Hardcore Champion Chad Gable and the Global Champion Apollo Crews to qualify. NXT hosted their first qualifier at New Years Revolution, with The Rock defeating Jeff Hardy. RAW next confirmed participants Christian, Chris Jericho & The Miz after they all won qualifying matches. SmackDown then followed to confirm John Cena, The Undertaker, Finn Balor & AJ Styles after a series of qualifiers. NXT then hosted qualifiers won by Randy Savage, Eddie Guerrero, Rusev & Daniel Bryan. On the January 16th RAW, Joey Ryan & Edge lost their spots to Neville in a Triple Threat also for the Intercontinental Championship, it was then revealed that RAW's tenth spot was being held for a mystery participant. The following night on SmackDown, Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Jack Swagger for SmackDown's final spot. On the January 18th edition of NXT, Dean Ambrose, John Morrison & Jeff Hardy qualified for the Royal Rumble, with the final 2 NXT spots being reserved for surprise participants. On the final NXT prior to the event, Morrison lost his spot in the Rumble to Austin Aries however.

Also confirmed for Royal Rumble is the World Heavyweight Championship Main Event as Baron Corbin won a Fatal 4-Way TLC Match at SmackDown's TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs event, defeating The Undertaker, AJ Styles & Finn Balor to become the new contender for Bobby Roode's championship.

The third confirmed match was the WWE Championship match, which will be a rematch from Roadblock in December, as Triple H will face Cesaro once again after Cesaro defeated Kurt Angle in a contenders match.

The fourth match confirmed was the NXT Championship match, as Bray Wyatt invoked his rematch clause against new champion Pentagon Jr., who won the championship from Wyatt at New Years Revolution.

The fifth match confirmed was the United States Championship match, as after John Morrison defeated Sami Zayn to qualify for the rumble match, he was then informed that upon beating the champion he had also earned the title match, with Morrison planning to leave the event both the rumble winner and United States Champion.

The sixth match to be confirmed came on the RAW prior to the event, with Blood Brothers defeating The Worldwide Underground to earn a World Tag Team Championship Match against The Ascension.

The show will also feature the Hardcore Championship being defended as Chad Gable must defend in a 4-Way against one superstar from RAW, NXT & SmackDown, voted on by viewers. The vote results saw Zack Ryder from SmackDown, Tye Dillinger from RAW and R-Truth from NXT.


As an homage to the first event, the show opened with the United States Championship match, seeing Sami Zayn defeat John Morrison via pinfall following the Helluva Kick to retain the championship. The second match of the night saw Blood Brothers defeat The Ascension when Elias Samson pinned Viktor off of his Neckbreaker finisher to win Samson's first championship, as well as Damien Sandow's first World Tag Team Championship. The third match of the night saw another title change, as Tye Dillinger won his first championship, the Hardcore Championship, after pinning Chad Gable to win the championship.

In the first world championship match, Pentagon Jr., despite having been through a 3-on-1 Handicap Match prior to the event, retained his championship pinning Bray Wyatt following a Fear Factor Piledriver. This was followed by Triple H retaining the WWE Championship in his rematch with Cesaro, after a much more competitive matchup since their match back at Roadblock in December. In the final championship match of the night, Baron Corbin defeated Bobby Roode after dominating him for the near entirety of the match, with the finish seeing Roode kick out of an End of Days, only to be hit with a second End of Days immediately after to get the pinfall victory, winning his first world championship.

In the main event of the show, the Royal Rumble Match was won by Hideo Itami, who entered at #30, last eliminating John Cena to earn a world championship match at WrestleMania VI in April.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Sami Zayn (c) def. John Morrison Singles Match for United States Championship 6:46
2 "Blood Brothers" Damien Sandow & Elias Samson def. "The Ascension" Konnor & Viktor (c) Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 6:57
3 Tye Dillinger def. Chad Gable (c), R-Truth & Zack Ryder Fatal 4-Way Extreme Rules Match for Hardcore Championship 6:06
4 Pentagon Jr. (c) def. Bray Wyatt Singles Match for NXT Championship 4:34
5 Triple H (c) def. Cesaro Singles Match for WWE Championship 12:11
6 Baron Corbin def. Bobby Roode (c) Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 4:22
7 Hideo Itami won after last eliminating John Cena 30-Man Royal Rumble Match for a WWE, World Heavyweight or NXT Championship Match at WrestleMania VI 40:47

Royal Rumble Eliminations

# Entrant Order of Elimination Eliminated by Time Eliminations
1 Stone Cold 2 The Great Muta 6:41 0
2 AJ Styles 1 The Great Muta 5:24 0
3 The Great Muta 3 Jeff Hardy 6:41 2
4 The Undertaker 6 Finn Balor 9:01 1
5 Rusev 4 Edge 5:17 0
6 Edge 5 The Undertaker 6:26 1
7 Jeff Hardy 8 Shinsuke Nakamura 6:11 1
8 Shinsuke Nakamura 9 Rey Mysterio 5:44 1
9 Rey Mysterio 10 Sheamus 6:06 1
10 Finn Balor 11 Goldberg 5:46 1
11 Sheamus 14 Eddie Guerrero 10:36 2
12 Chris Jericho 7 Sheamus 0:56 0
13 Goldberg 13 Randy Savage 4:38 2
14 Neville 12 Goldberg & Randy Savage 2:25 0
15 Austin Aries 16 Eddie Guerrero 8:38 0
16 Randy Savage 15 Eddie Guerrero 6:05 2
17 Eddie Guerrero 19 The Rock 7:40 2
18 Dean Ambrose 18 Daniel Bryan 7:10 0
19 The Miz 17 The Rock 5:42 0
20 Shawn Michaels 20 Daniel Bryan 6:09 0
21 The Rock 23 Dragon Azteca Jr. 8:11 2
22 Daniel Bryan 21 Samoa Joe 4:46 2
23 Randy Orton 22 Samoa Joe & Bobby Lashley 4:10 0
24 Samoa Joe 25 John Cena 7:39 2
25 Bobby Lashley 24 Dragon Azteca Jr. 6:55 1
26 Dragon Azteca Jr. 27 Drew Galloway 7:13 2
27 John Cena 29 Hideo Itami 8:53 1
28 Batista 26 Hideo Itami 4:07 0
29 Drew Galloway 28 Hideo Itami 5:24 1
30 Hideo Itami Winner - 5:51 3

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