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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.36 - Royal Rumble)

Royal Rumble (2014) was a special event in the WTX Universe. The event ook place on January 19th 2014 from Philadelphia, PA.


This was the third annual Royal Rumble event to take place in the WTX Universe. It was the first event to take place in 2014 and was the follow up to December event TLC 2013. The PPV was then followed by No Way Out 2014 in February.

There event featured seven matches, of which six championships were at stake as well as the Royal Rumble event in which 40 superstars face off in an over the top rope Battle Royal for a world championship match at WrestleMania III. The show featured matches from RAW, NXT & SmackDown, with each brand hosting two matches, followed by the Royal Rumble featured at least 10 superstars from each brand. From RAW, the event featured a United States Championship Match between newly crowned champion Sting and top contender Big E Langston. The show also featured RAW's world championship at stake in which Randy Orton defended the WWE Championship against Mark Henry. From NXT, the show featured their NXT Tag Team Champions, The United Kingdom's Drew McIntyre & William Regal, defending their championship against The Hard Knox, as well as NXT Champion Sheamus defending his championship in a Triple Threat main event against Shawn Michaels & Ted DiBiase Jr. in an Extreme Rules Match, though heading into the event, it was unknown if DiBiase would be able to perform, due to injuries caused by Sheamus leading into the event. From SmackDown, the show featured a long awaited grudge match between former friends Christian and Diamond Dallas Page over the Intercontinental Championship. SmackDown's main event featured CM Punk defending his World Heavyweight Championship against Paul Heyman's clients, Brock Lesnar, Goldberg & Rhyno in a Fatal 4-Way Match. The main event featured 10 superstars from each brand as well as 10 mystery entrants competing in the traditional Royal Rumble Match to determine who would first be in a world championship main event at WrestleMania III.


To begin the show, Sting defended his United States Champonship successfully against Big E Langston, pinning him following a Scorpion Death Drop. Following this, Drew McIntyre & William Regal defended their championships successfully also, as McIntyre pinned Tensai following a Future Shock DDT. In the third and final lower card matchup, Christian finally defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the Intercontinental Championship, pinning Page following his Killswitch finisher.

In SmackDown's main event, CM Punk retained his World Heavyweight Championship, pinning Goldberg off of a GTS whilst Rhyno was distracted, hitting Brock Lesnar with a Piledriver. In the NXT Championship match, Sheamus defeated both Shawn Michaels and Ted DiBiase Jr., who competed despite his injuries, after Sheamus hit a double team move on Michaels with DiBiase, and DiBiase allowed Sheamus to get the pin. In the final championship match of the night, Randy Orton defeated Mark Henry, pinning him following his traditional comeback sequence. In the Royal Rumble main event, Wade Barrett, who entered at #40, won the match by last eliminating the #39 entrant, Jake Roberts. Earning Wade Barrett a future world championship main event at WrestleMania III.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Sting (c) def. Big E Langston Singles Match for United States Championship 4:40
2 "The United Kingdom" Drew McIntyre & William Regal (c) def. "The Hard Knox" Mike Knox & Tensai Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 10:22
3 Christian w/Trish Stratus def. Diamond Dallas Page (c) w/Torrie Wilson Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 4:44
4 CM Punk (c) def. Rhyno, Brock Lesnar & Goldberg Fatal 4-Way Match for World Heavyweight Championship 6:12
5 Sheamus (c) def. Shawn Michaels & Ted DiBiase Jr. Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match for NXT Championship 4:55
6 Randy Orton (c) def. Mark Henry Singles Match for WWE Championship 5:34
7 Wade Barrett won, last eliminating Jake Roberts 40-Man Royal Rumble Match for World Championship Main Event @WrestleMania III 40:18

Royal Rumble Eliminations

# Entrant Order of Elimination Eliminated by



1 Bruno Sammartino 5 Eddie Guerrero 5:52 1
2 Batista 2 Bruno Sammartino 3:45 1
3 Raven 3 AJ Styles 3:03 0
4 AJ Styles 6 Damien Sandow 4:53 2
5 Stone Cold 1 Batista 00:33 0
6 Chris Jericho 4 AJ Styles 1:08 0
7 Damien Sandow 10 Cody Rhodes & Randy Savage 5:12 2
8 Eddie Guerrero 7 Mick Foley 2:33 1
9 Mick Foley 9 Randy Savage 2:57 1
10 Jeff Jarrett 8 Damien Sandow 1:41 0
11 Randy Savage 11 Cody Rhodes 2:50 2
12 Cody Rhodes 17 Konnor 7:21 4
13 Ric Flair 16 Cody Rhodes 6:07 0
14 Edge 15 Konnor 5:13 2
15 Hulk Hogan 12 Edge 1:55 0
16 The Miz 14 Edge 3:12 0
17 Antonio Cesaro 13 Cody Rhodes 00:44 0
18 Konnor 18 Kurt Angle 4:14 2
19 Kurt Angle 24 Rob Van Dam & Kane 7:18 4
20 Diesel 19 Andre The Giant 1:57 0
21 Andre The Giant 22 The Great Destroyer 3:04 1
22 Ryback 20 Kurt Angle 1:18 0
23 The Great Destroyer 23 Kurt Angle & Rob Van Dam 1:58 1
24 Kevin Thorn 21 Kurt Angle 00:10 0
25 Rob Van Dam 25 Bobby Roode 2:32 2
26 Kane 26 Bobby Roode 2:43 1
27 Bobby Roode 27 Dusty Rhodes 4:28 2
28 Kassius Ohno 37 Wade Barrett 13:28 4
29 Austin Aries 29 Kassius Ohno 3:32 0
30 Razor Ramon 28 Kassius Ohno 2:10 0
31 Dusty Rhodes 34 Crimzon 7:32 2
32 The Rock 30 Kassius Ohno 1:22 0
33 Adrian Neville 32 Dusty Rhodes 2:43 0
34 The Undertaker 33 Leo Kruger 3:38 0
35 Jeff Hardy 31 Kassius Ohno 00:53 0
36 Leo Kruger 35 Ultimate Warrior 2:35 1
37 Ultimate Warrior 36 Crimzon 2:32 1
38 Crimzon 38 Wade Barrett 5:16 2
39 Jake Roberts 39 Wade Barrett 5:02 0
40 Wade Barrett Winner N/A 4:12 3

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