Royal Rumble (2012) was a pay-per-view produced by WTXJaichi and it took place on January 29, 2012 in St. Louis Missouri.
Royal rumble 2012 logo

Promotional picture for the 2012 Royal Rumble featuring 2012 Royal Rumble winner Edge and WWE Champion, CM Punk.


This was the first WTX Universe show and Royal Rumble event to ever take place. The champions for the opening show were determined by multiple years being simulated. To further legitimize most champions, some had to defend their championships on the debut show. The event that followed this was Elimination Chamber 2012.

Six professional wrestling matches were booked on the event's card, with the traditional 30-man Royal Rumble Match as the main event of the show. The two major championships, the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship were both defended. The WWE Championship was defended in a submission match, and the World Heavyweight Championship was defended in an elimination fatal four way match. Also, the two minor championships, the United States Championship and the Intercontinental Championship were both defended in singles matches. Also scheduled on the card was a Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship.


Three new champions were crowned. Ricky Steamboat managed to quickly defeat Kofi Kingston by submission to win the United States Championship. Beth Phoenix managed to win the Divas Championship after making Maryse tap out. The final title change was the World Heavyweight championship and Randy Orton won after last eliminating Eddie Guerrero by knockout.

There were also two title retentions, with Randy Orton defeated Michael McGillicutty by pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship, as well CM Punk defeating Shawn Michaels by submission in the WWE Championship submission match to retain the WWE Championship.

Edge won the Royal Rumble match after last eliminating The Miz to earn his main event spot at Wrestlemania XXVII where he will get a WWE Championship or a World Heavyweight Championship match.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Ricky Steamboat defeated Kofi Kingston (c) by submission Singles match for the United States Championship 2:55
2 Randy Orton (c) defeated Michael McGillicutty by pinfall Singles match for the Intercontinental Championship 2:07
3 Beth Phoenix defeated Eve (c) and Maryse by submission Triple Threat match for the Divas Championship 4:33
4 Randy Orton defeated Undertaker (c), Eddie Guerrero and Vader by pinfall Elimination Fatal Four Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship 8:50
5 CM Punk (c) defeated Shawn Michaels by submission Submission match for the WWE Championship 3:07
6 Edge won after last eliminating The Miz 30-man Royal Rumble match for a WWE or World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania XXVII 30:21

Royal Rumble Entrances and Eliminations

# Entrant Order of Elimination Eliminated By Time (mins:seconds) Eliminations
1 William Regal 1 Stone Cold 01:24 0
2 Stone Cold 4 Drew McIntyre 06:29 1
3 Booker T 2 The Miz 03:44 0
4 Kane 5 Cody Rhodes 04:40 0
5 The Miz 29 Edge 20:31 19
6 Cody Rhodes 8 Dolph Ziggler 05:05 1
7 Christian 3 The Miz 00:45 0
8 Drew McIntyre 6 The Miz 00:30 0
9 Big Show 7 The Miz 01:28 0
10 Dolph Ziggler 16 Kevin Nash 10:24 2
11 Jim Ross 9 The Miz 01:11 0
12 Daniel Bryan 11 The Miz 01:55 0
13 Brock Lesnar 10 The Miz 00:46 0
14 Triple H 14 The Miz 03:48 0
15 Chavo Guerrero 12 The Miz 00:59 0

Alberto Del Rio

13 Dolph Ziggler 01:29 0
17 Kevin Nash 18 The Miz 05:56 1
18 Zack Ryder 17 The Miz 02:18 0
19 Santino Marella 15 The Miz 00:31 0
20 Wade Barrett 26 Alex Riley 09:12 2
21 Goldust 21 The Miz 04:33 0
22 Jack Swagger 19 Wade Barrett 01:28 0
23 Eddie Guerrero 23 Wade Barrett 04:01 1
24 Evan Bourne 20 The Miz 00:40 0
25 Ted DiBiase 22 The Miz & Eddie Guerrero 01:04 0
26 Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat 24 The Miz 01:05 0
27 Tyson Kidd 25 The Miz 01:43 0
28 Alex Riley 28 The Miz 01:59 1
29 Mark Henry 27 The Miz 00:31 0
30 Edge - Winner! 00:35 1

Eliminations in the World Heavyweight Championship Match

Order of Elimination Wrestler Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Vader Eddie Guerrero Pinned after a frog splash on the outside 2:09
2 Undertaker Eddie Guerrero Pinned after a chair shot and a DDT on the outside 5:26
3 Eddie Guerrero Randy Orton Got knocked out after an RKO inside the ring 8:50
Winner Randy Orton - - 8:50

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