WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 39 - WEEK 9 Roadblock01:27:35

WWE 2K17 Universe - EPISODE 39 - WEEK 9 Roadblock

Roadblock (2016) was a special event within the WTX Universe, the show was hosted by the RAW brand and took place on December 18th from Belfast, Ireland.


This was the first Roadblock event to take place within the WTX Universe, it was also the final special event of 2016. This show followed the early December event TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs from SmackDown and is followed by New Years Revolution, which will be the first event of 2017, hosted by NXT.

The show featured seven matches, of which six were for championships, whilst the other was for a future championship match. The first match scheduled for the event was the Intercontinental Championship Match between Edge & The Miz, which was scheduled after Miz had earned an opportunity previously. The second match scheduled was the World Tag Team Championship Match, after The Ascension were defeated by the returning New Age Outlaws on an episode of RAW, setting up a future championship match between the two teams. The third match was the grudge match between Neville & Samoa Joe, after losing the WWE Tag Team Championship to The Revival, the two split up their team and resumed their feud from earlier in the year, with RAW General Manager Shane McMahon deciding to try and resolve the feud with a Last Man Standing #1 contenders match between the two, with the winner moving on to a future WWE Championship match. The fourth match scheduled was the rematch between PJ Black & Heath Slater for the Cruiserweight Championship, in which Slater had invoked his rematch clause. The fifth match set up was for the Diva's Championship, as Rosemary won a Triple Threat defeating Charlotte & Gail Kim to earn her first championship match in which she would challenge Asuka. The second to last match to be booked was the WWE Championship Match, as Cesaro faced and defeated Samoa Joe to earn a WWE Championship Match against Triple H, after Cesaro had assaulted Triple H with his own WWE Championship. The final scheduled match was the Hardcore Championship Match, typically, as it was voted upon by the viewers that Chad Gable would defend against both, Drago & Damien Sandow in a Triple Threat Match.


The event began with the Intercontinental Championship Match, which saw Edge very quickly defeat The Miz to retain the championship. The second match of the night was the World Tag Team Championship, seeing The Ascension retain against New Age Outlaws after an incredibly competitive tag match in which Viktor pinned Billy Gunn off of a Tiger Bomb for the win. The third match debuted the new RAW Women's Championship, which replaced the Diva's Championship, as Rosemary defeated Asuka to win her first championship within the WTX Universe, the match saw Rosemary defeat Asuka off of The Red Wedding. Fourth, Chad Gable retained his Hardcore Championship against both Drago & Damien Sandow, as he made Drago submit to a Cross Armbreaker whilst Sandow wasn't paying attention and taunting to the crowd in the corner.

In the fifth match of the evening, Heath Slater defeated PJ Black off of the Smash Hit DDT to win back the Cruiserweight Championship, beginning Slater's second reign as champion. The semi-main event saw Neville defeat Samoa Joe via a Suicide Dive which knocked Joe out for the 10-count, earning Neville a future WWE Championship Match. In the main event, Triple H made quick work of Cesaro in typical fashion, defeating Cesaro off of a single Pedigree. Unlike most of Triple H's matches earlier in the year however, he came close to losing early in the match, as Cesaro hit both Swiss Death and the Neautralizer, almost getting the pinfall.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Edge (c) def. The Miz Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 2:32
2 "The Ascension" Konnor & Viktor (c) def. "New Age Outlaws" Billy Gunn & Road Dogg Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 10:23
3 Rosemary def. Asuka (c) Singles Match for RAW Women's Championship 10:08
4 Chad Gable (c) def. Drago & Damien Sandow Triple Threat Extreme RulesMatch for Hardcore Championship 8:05
5 Heath Slater def. PJ Black (c) Singles Match for Cruiserweight Championship 8:50
6 Neville def. Samoa Joe #1 Contenders Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship 9:55
7 Triple H (c) def. Cesaro Singles Match for WWE Championship 4:07

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