Ricky Steamboat
Height 5ft 10in
Weight 235lbs
From Honolulu, Hawaii
Debut 29th January 2012
Season 1 Record 2-7
Season 4 Record 1-1

Ricky Steamboat is a former member of the WTX Universe. He has held only one championship in the WTX Universe and took part in the first match to ever air in the series against Kofi Kingston. He defeated Kingston in the first championship match to be crowned the first ever United States Champion.


United States Champion (2012)

On January 29th 2012 Ricky Steamboat was given a championship opportunity, Kofi Kingston. The match lasted less than 3 minutes and ended with Steamboat quickly capturing the championship which he would go on to hold for a couple months.

In February at Elimination Chamber (2012) Steamboat was added to the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber for CM Punk's championship, alongside "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Booker T, Kevin Nash & Mason Ryan. He failed to win the match however.

On April 1st 2012 at WrestleMania XXVII Steamboat defended his championship against Mason Ryan & John Cena in a Submission Match. The match ended with Mason Ryan making Steamboat submit thus ending Steamboat's only championship reign in the WTX Universe.

Steamboat invoked his rematch clause against Ryan at Extreme Rules, the match was incredibly short with Ryan squashing Steamboat to retain his championship.

Steamboat got another opportunity to win back the championship at Over The Limit in a Championship Scramble Match that also featured John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and the retaining champion Mason Ryan.

Return (2014)

In late October 2014, Steamboat returned on NXT to mentor Yoshi Tatsu  managing him, later bringing in Ultimo Dragon as a partner for Tatsu. On November 12th, Ultimo Dragon betrayed Tatsu during a match for the NXT Tag Team Championship, with Steamboat endorsing the betrayal and calling Tatsu an embarassment to his training. At NXT Arrival, Steamboat faced Tatsu one-on-one, losing to Tatsu and ending his short return.

Second Return (2015)

On November 11th, Steamboat returned to NXT to face and defeat The Great Destroyer, who was NXT Champion at the time, in a non-title match. At TakeOver: Brooklyn, Steamboat competed for the NXT Championship inside of the Elimination Chamber, being eliminated first from the match by Stardust. On January 6th, Steamboat won a Battle Royal on NXT to qualify for the 2016 Royal Rumble Match.

Return to Raw & Departure (2016)

As part of the 2016 draft, Steamboat was drafted back to Raw in April. Steamboat competed in his first match back as a Raw superstar on Main Event, defeating Heath Slater.

Steamboat entered the Joker's Wild Tournament on May 30th being randomly paired with JBL, he was released from his contract before the show however, cancelling his match.

Championships and Accomplishments

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