Razor Ramon
Height 6ft 5in
Weight 287lbs
From Miami, Florida
Debut 9th February 2013
Season 2 Record 5-2
Season 3 Record 1-3
Season 4 Record 10-14

Razor Ramon is a member of the RAW roster as of 2016. He is a former Hardcore Champion as well as a former NXT Tag Team Champion with Kevin Nash as The Outsiders.


Debut, n.W.o & Departure (2013)

Scott Hall made his debut on the February 9th edition of SmackDown, teaming with Kevin Nash and being accompanied by Hulk Hogan, the trio known as n.W.o defeated Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. n.W.o then entered into a rivalry with The Shield from Raw all the way up to WrestleMania II, culminating in an Elimination Tag Team victory for n.W.o, without a single member being eliminated. As part of the 2013 Supplemental Draft, n.W.o were drafted from SmackDown to RAW.

On the July 17th edition of RAW, The Shield, who had become extremely successful following the WrestleMania loss, challenged the n.W.o to a rematch on RAW, with the added stipulation that the losing team must disband. The Shield defeated the n.W.o, leading to all three members exiting the company.

Return as Razor Ramon (2014-2015)

Hall made his return on SmackDown, teaming alongside Leo Kruger & The Rock, he debuted his Razor Ramon ring-name, the trio lost to Chris Hero, Stone Cold & Kurt Angle. He made yet another return under the Razor Ramon name on the December 22nd edition of RAW, answering an open challenge for the Intercontinental Championship from Titus O'Neil, with O'Neil and Ramon going to a no-contest double count-out. At WrestleMania IV, Ramon competed in an Intercontinental Championship Elimination Match, being eliminated by the champion Cesaro.

ECW & The Outsiders (2015)

In April of 2015, Ramon was drafted from RAW to SmackDown as part of the 2015 Supplemental Draft. However, in June, Ramon moved to the new ECW brand where he quickly became a top star. At Unforgiven, he challenged for the ECW Championship, losing to Kane. After ECW shut down in August, Ramon returned to RAW.

In late 2015, Kevin Nash began having issues with Wolfe Pack partner Wolfe, after which, he moved over to team with Ramon, forming The Outsiders, the two faced and defeated Wolfe with Wade Barrett at Night of Champions, at the event Ramon then started going by his real name, Scott Hall.

The Outsiders & NXT Tag Team Champions (2016-present)

Scott Hall made his return alongside Kevin Nash in early 2016, with Hall squashing Chad Gable in a match on Raw. Gable insisted on getting a rematch, as he and Jason Jordan became World Tag Team Champions, the duo gave The Outsiders a match at WrestleMania V for the championships. At WrestleMania V, American Alpha were assisted by Kurt Angle to defeat The Outsiders. Nash & Hall were then drafted to NXT as part of the 2016 Draft, Hall made his debut as an NXT superstar on the May 7th edition of Main Event, defeating X-Pac after a competitive match. Hall then teamed with Nash on May 18th, defeating The United Kingdom in a #1 contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

At TakeOver: Dallas, The Outsiders won their first championship together. Defeating Perfection and retiring Mr. Perfect.

Championships and Accomplishments

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