Rated RKO
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Members Edge

Randy Orton

Combined Weight 491lbs
Debut 8th October 2013
Disbanded 12th January 2015
Years Active 2013-2015

Rated RKO a former tag team in the WTX Universe, the team consisted of Edge & Randy Orton. As a team, they are former World Tag Team Champions.


Formation (2013)

On October 8th 2013, Edge was scheduled to face Team D-Z in a tag team match, he debuted new tag team partner Randy Orton, forming Rated RKO, the two defeated Team D-Z.

World Tag Team Champions & Split (2014-2015)

After a period of focusing more on singles competition, Rated RKO accepted the open challenge of The Disciples of Darkness at Backlash, defeating them to win the World Tag Team Championship. They held the championship for only a short period of time however, as they lost the championship to The Shield at Money in the Bank in June.

At Vengeance, Rated RKO faced Team D-Z, defeating the team on their one-night-only reunion. On January 12th, Rated RKO split up when Orton walked out on Edge during a match for the World Tag Team Championship, after which Edge chased Orton to the back.

Championships and Accompishments

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