PJ Black
Height 6ft 1in
Weight 213lbs
From Cape Town, South Africa
Debut 30th January 2012
Brand Raw
Season 1 Record 12-10
Season 2 Record 7-8
Season 3 Record 6-12
Season 4 Record 9-16

PJ Black is a member of the Raw roster as of 2017. He has held a total of 8 championships throughout his WTX Universe career. He is a 3-time Cruiserweight Champion as well as a former 3-time WWE Tag Team Champion, twice with Heath Slater and once with Tyson Kidd. He is also a 2-time NXT Tag Team Champion with Heath Slater.


Debut & Team with Heath Slater (2012)

Justin Gabriel made his WTX Universe debut on the debut episode of Raw on January 30th 2012 in a tag team match with Heath Slater against Cody Rhodes & Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, the match ended with Slater & Gabriel getting a huge surprise win.

The team of Slater & Gabriel were given a World Tag Team Championship opportunity at Elimination Chamber (2012) against Big Show & Kane but were unsuccessful in winning the championships.

Gabriel silently broke away from Slater over the next few months and on the April 23rd 2012 edition of Raw, debuted a new team between him and Tyson Kidd, this newly formed team won their debut match against also newly paired team, Team D-Z, a team consisting of Dolph Ziggler & Daniel Bryan.

Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd were voted into a WWE Tag Team Championship TLC Match at Over The Limit against the champions Team D-Z in which they lost. At SummerSlam another opportunity was given to Kidd & Gabriel with the challengers coming out on top this time, leading to Kidd & Gabriels first championship wins. They quickly lost the championships at Night of Champions to Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks, the former champions then lost their rematch at Hell in a Cell.

At Survivor Series, the team of Slater & Gabriel won their first tag team championship, defeating Team D-Z to become WWE Tag Team Champions.

They lost the championships to MNM on the January 27th 2013 edition of SmackDown.

Second WWE Tag Team Championship Reign (2013)

On the August 30th edition of SmackDown, Slater & Gabriel won their second WWE Tag Team Championship, defeating Team Rhodes Scholars. They lost their championship on the September 13th edition of SmackDown to Bad Influence in a Steel Cage Match.

Draft to NXT & Cruiserweight Champion (2014)

On March 24th, Gabriel was drafted from SmackDown to NXT as part of the 2014 Draft. At WrestleMania III, Gabriel won his first singles championship, the Cruiserweight Championship in a 6-Man Ladder Match. He lost it shortly after at Backlash to Corey Graves.

At No Mercy, Gabriel won a Triple Threat match, defeating Curt Hawkins to become Cruiserweight Champion a second time. At Survivor Series, Gabriel got his first successful defence on PPV, defeating Paul LondonAt NXT Arrival, Gabriel lost his championship again, after Gregory Helms retrieved the championship in their ladder match.

Reunion with Slater & NXT Tag Team Champion (2015)

On February 18th, Slater & Gabriel reunited after Slater defeated one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne the previous week, the two competed for and won the NXT Tag Team Championship from Bourne In-ZaynAt WrestleMania IV, they lost the championship back to Bourne In-Zayn in a Steel Cage match, when Sami Zayn last escaped whilst Heath Slater was laid out in the ring.

On May 20th, Gabriel challenged for the Intercontinental Championship, losing to the champion CesaroAt NXT TakeOver II, Gabriel teamed with Darren Young to win the NXT Tag Team Championship from The Miz & John Morrison. However, this is not recognized as an official reign for Gabriel as he quickly gets replaced with Jack Swagger during his absence from the WTX Universe shortly after winning the championship.

Gabriel returned on December 16th, frustrated that he was not champion, he reunited with Heath Slater and won a contenders match for the NXT Tag Team Championship. At TakeOver: Brooklyn, they defeated Vicious & Delicious to win their second NXT Tag Team Championship.

NXT Tag Team Championship & Draft to Raw (2016-present)

Throughout 2016, Gabriel held the NXT Tag Team Championship with Heath Slater, with Gabriel later changing his name to PJ Black. The team held the championships until WrestleMania V, where they lost them to Curtis Axel & Mr. Perfect. Following their championship loss, they were drafted to Raw, PJ made his return as a Raw superstar, defeating Enzo Amore on Main Event. On May 29th it was announced that Black was no longer teaming with Slater, replacing him with Jack Evans.

At Roadblock, Black lost the Cruiserweight Championship back to former champion Heath Slater, getting pinned off of a Smash Hit DDT.

Championships and Accomplishments

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