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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.220 - No Way Out 2015)

No Way Out (2015) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, the event took place on February 22nd 2015.


This was the third No Way Out event to take place within the WTX Universe, it was hosted exclusively by the SmackDown brand and marked their first solo-branded event. The show followed January's Royal Rumble event and was followed in March by King of the Ring.

The show featured six matches, with the first being a grudge match between rival factions The Revolution and the group of MVP, Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley, who had been facing off week after week heading into their 6-Man Elimination Chamber match, a first time ever within the WTX Universe. The second match of the show was for the WWE Tag Team Championship, pitting champions The Ascension against Wolfe Pack, of which Wolfe & Tyler Reks had history with The Ascension back when Wolfe was defeated by The Ascension for the WWE Tag Team Championship during his time in 3MB with Heath Slater. The third match was the Women's Championship match, pitting newly crowned champion and unstoppable force Havok against the former champion of 200+ days, Paige in her rematch.

In the fourth slot, Kurt Angle was set to defend his United States Championship against CM Punk, who won a contenders match in previous weeks to face off against Angle and try to win his second United States Championship. The semi-main event was the culmination of the recently developed rivalry between Bully Ray and Kevin Owens, who debuted in an open challenge from Ray, losing to Ray in an incredibly competitive matchup.

The main event saw Brock Lesnar face SmackDown's finest in the Elimination Chamber, as Lesnar was scheduled to defend against Ultimate Warrior, who Lesnar had faced previously at Royal Rumble, as well as Ryback, who at the time had an impressive 10-2 win-loss record. As well as up and coming star Matt Hardy, former WWE Champion The Miz and recent returning powerhouse, Ezekiel Jackson.


At the event, the opening matchup saw The Revolution dominate the faction lead by MVP, with James Storm getting the final pin over Bobby Lashley. In the second match, an impromptu matchup took place when Jinder Mahal interupted the show and demanded he got some respect, or he would hold up the whole show, this was answered by The Undertaker returning and defeating Mahal. In the third match of the show, The Ascension retained their championship against Wolfe Pack, with Viktor getting the pinfall victory of Reks.

The fourth match of the show saw Paige finally end Havok's undefeated streak, ending Havok's championship reign at a short 28 days. In the fifth match of the event, Angle retained his United States Championship against CM Punk after a competitive matchup. The semi-main event saw Kevin Owens dominate and defeat Bully Ray. Finally, in the main event, Lesnar retained the WWE Championship, last eliminating Ryback to remain the WWE Champion and continue his record setting reign.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 "The Revolution" James Storm, Chris Hero & Gunner def. MVP, Shelton Benjamin & Bobby Lashley 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match 10:14
2 The Undertaker def. Jinder Mahal Singles Match 3:58
3 "The Ascension" Konnor & Viktor (c) def. "Wolfe Pack" Wolfe & Tyler Reks Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 9:09
4 Paige def. Havok (c) Singles Match for Women's Championship 5:13
5 Kurt Angle (c) def. CM Punk Singles Match for United States Championship 8:35
6 Kevin Owens def. Bully Ray Street Fight 4:12
7 Brock Lesnar (c) def. Ryback, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Ultimate Warrior & Ezekiel Jackson Elimination Chamber Match for WWE Championship 8:51

6-Man Tag Eliminations

Elimination Order Wrestler Team Entered Eliminated by Elimination Method Time
1 MVP MVP, Benjamin & Lashley 1 Gunner Pinned following Facebuster 3:42
2 Shelton Benjamin MVP, Benjamin & Lashley 6 James Storm Pinned following Last Call 4:47
3 Bobby Lashley MVP. Benjamin & Lashley 4 James Storm Pinned following Last Call 8:12
Winner Gunner The Revolution 2 - - 10:14
Winner James Storm The Revolution 3 - - 9:12
Winner Chris Hero The Revolution 5 - - 7:12

WWE Championship Eliminations

Elimination Order Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Elimination Method Time
1 Matt Hardy 2 Brock Lesnar Pinned following German Suplex 1:13
2 Ultimate Warrior 3 Brock Lesnar Pinned following F5 1:11
3 The Miz 4 Brock Lesnar Pinned following F5 1:36
4 Ezekiel Jackson 5 Brock Lesnar Pinned following F5 2:06
5 Ryback 6 Brock Lesnar Pinned following F5 4:49
Winner Brock Lesnar 1 - - 8:51

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