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Night of Champions 2014

Night of Champions (2014) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on September 21st 2014 in Boston, MA.


This was the third annual Night of Champions event to take place in the WTX Universe. It took place three weeks after Cyber Sunday and will be followed up at the end of October with debuting PPV, No Mercy.

There were seven professional wrestling matches taking place at the event. The event followed the usual formula of 3 main event World Championship matches as well as four midcard matches that will feature different championships from the three respective brands. As with Night of Champions 2013 the week going into the PPV was dubbed the "Week of Champions" with the championships not featured and defended at the event being defended on their respective brands, ensuring that every championship is defended within the week.

The first match to be revealed for Night of Champions was announced shortly after Triple H defeated 5 other men to become World Heavyweight Champion, following this victory the former champion Wade Barrett invoked his rematch clause for the Night of Champions event. The second match confirmed for the event came at the September 3rd edition of NXT in which Batista defeated Bray Wyatt in a #1 contenders main event to earn a shot at Corey Graves' NXT Championship at Night of Champions, Batista has promised that at the event he will "snap Graves in two." On the final NXT show before Night of Champions Batista alongside his Fallen teammates AJ Styles & Raven targetted and beat down Graves. The third and final main event was set on the September 5th edition of SmackDown in which SmackDown General Manager Paul Heyman booked a 30-Man Royal Rumble Match to determine a new #1 contender for The Miz's WWE Championship. Heyman stated that he originally wanted to just give his client Brock Lesnar the shot after he annihilated the champion just a few weeks ago, but figured it would be more fair to host this Rumble match for a shot that would feature Lesnar. The match saw Lesnar given the unfair advantage as he got the final #30 slot in the match, however, it was underdog Goldust (who entered at #27) who not only eliminated Heyman's client Lesnar, but won the main event to earn a shocking main event match against the champion, The Miz, at Night of Champions.

The first lower card match to be determined was on the September 3rd edition of NXT in which Adrian Neville was announced as Zack Ryder's opponent at the event after Ryder had cowardly avoided any matches with Neville since losing to him weeks ago. Neville was not going to be Ryder's only opponent at the event however, as a contenders Battle Royal took place to open the show to determine a second individual to challenge Ryder for his Cruiserweight Championship at the event, a Battle Royal in which Trent Barreta won. Later that same evening Neville was put into a singles match with Ryder's partner Curt Hawkins (who had assisted Ryder in his attacks on Neville.) Ryder interfered and helped Hawkins get an easy win. After the match Ryder pointed out that Neville should not get a shot as he was defeated by Hawkins, this was turned around however, as it was said that with Hawkins pinning a top contender he would instead also be given a Cruiserweight Championship shot at Night of Champions making it a Fatal 4-Way to see where Hawkins loyalty would truly lie. On the final NXT before the event, Neville & Baretta, who had not been very much involved in the buildup at all, took on the champion Ryder and his partner Hawkins. Neville won the match not tagging in Baretta at all during the match, after the match Baretta laid out Neville claiming that he has been taken too lightly going into the event but he will be the man that leaves the final impact once all is said and done.

On the September 12th edition of SmackDown two more championship matches were set for the pay-per-view event as a Four Woman Battle Royal took place to determine the next challenger for Paige's Women's Championship, the match featured Bayley, Layla, Charlotte and the winner of the match, Kaitlyn. The match will revisit the feud between Paige & Kaitlyn from 2013 in which both consistently got in each others way in their attempts to dethrone both Kharma & Layla during their respective reigns as champions. The second match determined came from a 6-Man Pinfall & Submission Battle Royal that featured any 6 superstars willing to come out and accept the open challenge, being that they'd have to meet Big Show at the event and try to dethrone him as United States Champion. The six entrants were revealed to be Christian, Fandango, Adam Rose, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy and the returning and revamped Crimzon. The match came down to Rose and Jeff Hardy with Rose picking up the win after a Spine Buster.

The final match plus a surprise additional match were determined on the final Raw before Night of Champions the first coming to fruition in a Fatal 4-Way Steel Cage Match that featured Kevin Thorn, The Great Destroyer, Paul Burchill & Leo Kruger (who is already booked for the PPV under the Adam Rose persona.) Kruger won the match making him one of the first wrestlers to compete in two matches at the upcoming event, he will face Randy Orton in a rematch from Cyber Sunday for the Intercontinental Championship.

An eighth match was revealed at the end of Raw after The Shield continued to erupt. The prior week Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins had invoked their rematch clause for the World Tag Team Championship. Rollins however did not come out with Reigns and Reigns took on the challenge alone. Halfway through the match Rollins came out, got a chair and attacked Reigns with it, costing him the match via DQ. Rollins then went on to accuse Reigns of taking him out backstage, trying to take the glory for himself. Reigns insisted that Rollins was lying about the situation to frame Reigns. The following week the two faced off in the main event of Raw, the match however never took place as Dean Ambrose returned and laid out both men, he claimed that Rollins was telling the truth about Reigns taking out both men when their backs were turned but then says he wants nothing to do with Rollins either. To close out the former trio's issues a Triple Threat Match was set at Night of Champions with an extra stipulation that the winner would get a World Heavyweight Championship opportunity at the No Mercy pay-per-view.


The event saw a total of four new champions, opening with a new Intercontinental Champion as Leo Kruger overcame Randy Orton in their Cyber Sunday rematch to become the first ever three time Intercontinental Champion. The following match saw a quick and easy title retention as Paige quickly defeated Kaitlyn to retain her Women's Championship. The third match featured Zack Ryder defending his Cruiserweight Championship against Adrian Neville, Trent? as well as his own partner, Curt Hawkins. At the event Hawkins revealed a new attire suggesting that he had only patnered with and looked like Ryder to get to his championship, Hawkins won the championship after a Diving Elbow to Neville. In the fourth and final midcard match Big Show was set to defend his United States Championship against Adam Rose, however this match was cancelled with Rose supposedly "attacked at home" before the event (this of course suggesting that Kruger was assaulted backstage.) Rose was replaced in the match by new "Paul Heyman guy" and returning superstar, Brodus Clay, who squashed Big Show to become the new champion.

In the first of the four main events Seth Rollins defeated his former tag team partners, Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose after stealing the pin from Ambrose who had laid out Reigns with a Dirty Deeds. The first world championship match was of the NXT brand as Corey Graves was brutalised by Batista who did not try to cover Graves during the match, this cost Batista the match as Graves had a sudden comeback to retain. The second to last main event saw Wade Barrett dominate Triple H inside Hell in a Cell but he could not keep him down, the match ended when Triple H survived a launching Bullhammer, a move nobody had kicked out of before, and then landed a Pedigree for the win. In the main event Goldust overcame the odds stacked against him, surviving three Skullcrushing Finale's from The Miz to become the new WWE Champion.


# Matches Stipulation Time
1 Leo Kruger def. Randy Orton (c) Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 5:02
2 Paige (c) def. Kaitlyn Singles Match for Diva's Championship 3:09
3 Curt Hawkins def. Adrian Neville, Trent? & Zack Ryder (c) Fatal 4-Way Match for Cruiserweight Championship 6:46

Brodus Clay w/Paul Heyman def. Big Show*

Singles Match for United States Championship 5:54
5 Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose Triple Threat Match for World Heavyweight Championship Match at No Mercy 12:00
6 Corey Graves (c) def. Batista w/AJ Styles Singles Match for NXT Championship 10:43
7 Triple H (c) def. Wade Barrett Hell in a Cell Match for World Heavyweight Championship 11:09
8 Goldust def. The Miz (c) Singles Match for WWE Championship 17:17
  • match was originally supposed to feature Adam Rose who was assaulted backstage

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