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New Years Revolution (2017) was a special event held within the WTX Universe, the show was hosted by the NXT brand and took place on January 1st, from Brooklyn, NY.


This was the first New Years Revolution event to take place within the WTX Universe, it was the first event to take place in 2017, airing on the very first day of the year. This show was the follow up to RAW event Roadblock and is followed by January tradition, Royal Rumble at the end of the month.

The show featured seven matches, five of which were for championships. The first match to be confirmed for the event was the NXT Women's Championship match between champion Becky Lynch and challenger Havok, after Havok stated that their first match never had an ending between the two, as Havok and Lynch were both counted out following Havok spearing Lynch through a barricade and then Naomi cashing in her Money in the Bank opportunity on Lynch. Havok and Lynch both ensured that their rematch would have a decisive winner. The second match to be confirmed was the United States Championship Triple Threat pitting Sami Zayn against both Sting and Rusev, as on a prior episode of NXT, Zayn lost a one-on-one match to Sting, making Sting a contender, following which, Rusev began playing mind games, staring down Zayn after his matches. Zayn focused solely on Rusev heading into the event until Sting confronted Zayn on the final NXT before the event, warning Zayn to take him seriously, the two brawled to further build up tension in their match. The third confirmed match was the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber Match itself, with Pentagon Jr. initially becoming contender in December, NXT General Manager William Regal changed the match to a chamber match, including former champion Daniel Bryan as well as three bonus participants in Mil Muertes, Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose. On the road to New Years Revolution, Bryan formed the eight man rebellion The Nexus to combat The Wyatt Family, who had helped Bray Wyatt defeat Bryan for his championship. The Nexus also targetted Pentagon's master Vampiro, building issues between Pentagon and Bryan heading into the match.

The next confimed match for the event was the NXT Tag Team Championship, putting The Shield against The Wyatt Family's Erick Rowan and Luke Harper after Harper & Rowan had defeated Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns on an episode of NXT. The next match set for the event was not confirmed until the event itself as Jeff Hardy won a Fatal 4-Way Match to potentially qualify for the Royal Rumble, however, if Austin Aries did not return for New Years Revolution though, Hardy would have to face The Rock in Aries' place for a spot in the Rumble. At the event, Aries did not show up despite being cleared as he refused to wrestle under someone elses terms and so Hardy was forced to face The Rock despite injuries heading into the event. The next match confirmed was The Dudley Boyz & Big Show facing the final three mystery members of The Nexus. The final match of the event to be confirmed was typically the Hardcore Championship, as Chad Gable was voted to defend his championship against NXT's Curtis Axel.


The show opened with the NXT Tag Team Championship Match, seeing The Shield continue their record setting reign with another successful defence, the match ended when Reigns hit Rowan with a Superman Punch for the pinfall. The second match saw The Rock defeat Jeff Hardy to qualify for the 2017 Royal Rumble Match after The Rock caught Hardy coming off the top rope with a Rock Bottom for the win. The third match of the night was the six man tag match, revealing the final three members of The Nexus to be the returning Cody Rhodes as well as former NXT Tag Team Champions MVP & Shelton Benjamin. The three defeated The Dudley Boyz & Big Show after Rhodes hit Bubba Ray Dudley with a Moonsault for the pinfall. In the fourth match, Chad Gable retained his Hardcore Championship, pinning Curtis Axel off of a bridging Side Suplex on the outside.

In the fifth match of the show, Havok and Lynch fought to another double countout, however, this time the match was restarted, leading to Havok defeating Lynch off of a Pump Handle Fallaway Slam to win her second championship. In the semi-main event of the night,  Zayn retained his United States Championship against Rusev and Sting when Zayn pinned Rusev off of a Helluva Kick.

In the main event of the show, Daniel Bryan was the first to be eliminated from the chamber by Bray Wyatt, this was followed shortly by Dean Ambrose eliminating Mil Muertes. Ambrose was then eliminated by Owens following a leverage pin. The final three fought for a long time before Bray Wyatt was next eliminated by Kevin Owens off of a Pop-Up Powerbomb. Pentagon then shortly eliminated Kevin Owens after hitting Owens with two of his finishing move, The Ultimate Sacrifice. Crowning Pentagon Jr. as NXT Champion for the second time in his career.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 "The Shield" Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (c) def. "The Wyatt Family" Luke Harper & Erick Rowan Tag Team Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 6:23
2 The Rock def. Jeff Hardy Royal Rumble Qualifier 5:15
3 "The Nexus" Cody Rhodes, Shelton Benjamin & MVP def. "The Dudley Boyz" Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley & Big Show 6-Man Tag Team Match 8:57
4 Chad Gable (c) def. Curtis Axel Falls Count Anywhere Match for Hardcore Championship 6:52
5 Havok def. Becky Lynch (c) Singles Match for NXT Women's Championship 6:02
6 Sami Zayn (c) def. Rusev & Sting Triple Threat Match for United States Championship 17:50
7 Pentagon Jr. def. Bray Wyatt (c), Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose & Mil Muertes Elimination Chamber Match for NXT Championship 19:40

NXT Championship Elimination Chamber Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Daniel Bryan 1 Bray Wyatt Pinned off of running Senton 6:39
2 Mil Muertes 3 Dean Ambrose Pinned off of Dirty Deeds 5:46
3 Dean Ambrose 2 Kevin Owens Pinned via Roll-up 7:48
4 Bray Wyatt 4 Kevin Owens Pinned following Pop-up Powerbomb 16:59
5 Kevin Owens 5 Pentagon Jr. Pinned following The Ultimate Sacrifice 16:37
Winner Pentagon Jr. 6 - - 15:37

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