NXT Championship
Former NXT Champion, Rusev
Current Champion Pentagon Jr. (Final)
Date Won 1st January 2017
Date Established 18th November 2012
Brand NXT
First Champion Sin Cara
Most Reigns Samoa Joe (3 reigns)
Longest Reign Batista (217 days)
Shortest Reign Diesel (14 days)
Most Defenses Batista (10 defences)

The NXT Championship is a world championship within the WTX Universe series. It is the primary championship of the NXT brand. During the ECW invasion in 2013 it was referred to as the ECW Championship but due to the invasion coming to an end the reigns of the ECW Championship and NXT Championship are considered that of the same.


The NXT Championship debuted as the primary championship of the NXT brand which had existed for most of 2012 as a minor show for superstars who were not featured on the other main shows, Raw and SmackDown, the change took place in November 2012 making NXT an official brand with it's own roster and championships.

The championship was put on the line in a 6-man battle royal featuring superstars not just from NXT, however, whoever won the match would then be moved to the NXT brand. Sin Cara got the huge upset victory to become the first ever NXT Champion. He held it for just one month before losing it to new rival Cody Rhodes.

In May of 2013 CM Punk captured the NXT Championship from former champion Samoa Joe. The following week on NXT, he, alongside many ECW originals attacked Joe and formed an ECW alliance, the show closed with CM Punk holding not the NXT Championship, but the ECW Championship. The following week NXT was replaced with ECW. The takeover was in full effect for many months coming to a close at the main event of SummerSlam 2013 with NXT winning and taking back their brand.

On March 1st 2017, the NXT Championship was discontinued and replaced by the ECW Championship, as well as the NXT brand was replaced by ECW.


# Wrestler Reign Date Days Held Defences Event Notes
1 Sin Cara 1 18th November 2012 28 0 Survivor Series 2012 This was a 6-Man Battle Royal also featuring Kevin Nash, Christian, Chris Jericho & Wade Barrett
2 Cody Rhodes 1 16th December 2012 63 1 TLC 2012 This was a TLC Match
3 Samoa Joe 1 17th February 2013 91 2 Elimination Chamber 2013 This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Yoshi Tatsu, Tyson Kidd, Alberto Del Rio & Rob Van Dam
4 CM Punk 1 19th May 2013 28 1 Extreme Rules 2013

This was an Extreme Rules Triple Threat Match also featuring Rhyno.

During CM Punk's reign he used his power as NXT Champion to resurrect the ECW Championship in place of the NXT Championship as well as the ECW brand in place of the NXT brand.

5 Samoa Joe 2 16th June 2013 28 0

Cyber Sunday 2013

This was a Special Referee Match with Rob Van Dam as Special Referee. The match initially was booked to have Paul Heyman as guest referee, however, he was injured and booked RVD in his place.
6 Austin Aries 1 14th July 2013 63 1 Money in The Bank 2013 This was a Championship Scramble also featuring Cactus Jack, CM Punk & Rob Van Dam
7 Samoa Joe 3 15th September 2013 17 0 Night of Champions 2013 This was a Special Referee Match with NXT General Manager Ted DiBiase Sr. as guest referee.
- VACANT - 2nd October 2013 0 - NXT The NXT Championship was stripped from Samoa Joe after NXT General Manager Ted DiBiase Sr. claimed the Joe had not earned the championship at Night of Champions. It was contested for later that evening in a Championship Scramble Match.
8 Sheamus 1 2nd October 2013 25 1 NXT This was a Championship Scramble for the vacant NXT Championship, it also featured Samoa Joe, Ted DiBiase Jr., Big Daddy V & Antonio Cesaro
9 Ted DiBiase Sr. 1 27th October 2013 28 0 Hell in a Cell 2013 This was a Hell in a Cell Match
10 Sheamus 2 24th November 2013 59 2 Survivor Series 2013
11 Shawn Michaels 1 22nd January 2014 25 0 NXT This was an Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match also featuring Adrian Neville, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase Jr. & William Regal
12 Diesel 1 16th February 2014 14 0 No Way Out 2014 This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Drew McIntyre, Triple H, Andre The Giant & Sheamus
13 Ted DiBiase Jr. 1 2nd March 2014 63 1 King of The Ring 2014
14 Bray Wyatt 1 4th May 2014 105 4 Backlash 2014 This was a Triple Threat Extreme Rules Match also featuring Mark Henry
15 Corey Graves 1 17th August 2014 38 1 SummerSlam 2014
- VACANT - 24th September 2014 32 - NXT

The NXT Championship was vacated by Corey Graves on the NXT episode following Night of Champions due to injuries he suffered during his match with Batista

The championship is being contested for with a 16-Man Tournament, the finals will take place at No Mercy

16 Kofi Kingston 1 26th October 2014 49 2 No Mercy 2014 This was a Tournament Finals Match also featuring Austin Aries
17 Batista 1 14th December 2014 217 10 NXT Arrival This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Adrian Neville, Big E, Sheamus & Bray Wyatt
18 The Great Destroyer 1 19th July 2015 126 3 Unforgiven 2015
19 Stardust 2 22nd November 2015 24 0 Survivor Series 2015 Stardust was formerly known as Cody Rhodes
20 The Great Destroyer 2 16th December 2015 39 0 NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Alberto Del Rio, Leo Kruger, Ricky Steamboat & Pentagon Jr.
21 Pentagon Jr. 1 24th January 2016 70 2 Royal Rumble 2016
22 Kevin Owens 1 3rd April 2016 77 3 WrestleMania V
23 Rusev 1 19th June 2016 63 1 Money in the Bank (2016)
24 Daniel Bryan 1 21st August 2016 91 1 SummerSlam 2016
25 Bray Wyatt 2 20th November 2016 42 1 Survivor Series 2016
26 Pentagon Jr. 2 1st January 2017 59 2 New Years Revolution 2017

This was an Elimination Chamber Match also featuring Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens, Dean Ambrose & Mil Muertes

The championship was discontinued on March 1st and replaced by the ECW Championship

Combined Reigns

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1 Batista 1 217
2 The Great Destroyer 2 165
3 Bray Wyatt 2 147
4 Samoa Joe 3 136
5 Pentagon Jr. 2 130

Daniel Bryan

1 91
7 Stardust 2 87
8 Sheamus 2 84
9 Kevin Owens 1 77
10 Austin Aries 1 63
Ted DiBiase Jr. 1
Rusev 1
11 Kofi Kingston 1 49
12 Corey Graves 1 38
13 Sin Cara 1 28
CM Punk 1

Ted DiBiase Sr.

14 Shawn Michaels 1 25
15 Diesel 1 14

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