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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.190 - NXT Arrival)

NXT Arrival was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe. It took place on 14th December 2014 and was hosted by the NXT brand.


This is the only NXT Arrival event to take place within the series' history. It was the follow up to Survivor Series in November and was followed by the final event of the year, Vengeance. This is the first official solo branded pay-per-view event to take place in the series and was hosted solely by NXT.

The event had seven matches, the first being the Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match that came to be following Justin Gabriel booking a 4-Way Contenders match on an episode of NXT between Paul London, Adrian Neville, Trent? & Alex Shelley. The match saw Paul London earn a shot at the championship at Survivor Series, however, London did not win the championship. Gabriel then stated he would be a fighting champion and give Neville, Trent? & Shelley their own individual championship matches over the following weeks. He begun by successfully defending against Alex Shelley, the following week he defended again against Trent? It was then announced by NXT General Manager William Regal that Neville would not be facing Gabriel on the final week as he would be in a qualififers match for the NXT Championship Elimination Chamber that would also take place at the same event. Instead Regal announced that as Gabriel wanted to be a fighting champion he would get a much larger challenge in a 6-Man Ladder Match against Trent, London & Shelley as well as the extra inclusions of Suicide and Regal's personal pet project, Gregory Helms.

Regal then announced that the second match of the night would be an NXT Showcase Match that would feature four lesser featured NXT talents facing off in a Fatal 4-Way matchup, the only announced participant headed into the event was Kalisto.

The third match was the conclusion to a much longer feud between former mentor Ricky Steamboat and his student Yoshi Tatsu. The feud came to be when Steamboat introduced a second student in Ultimo Dragon, Tatsu didn't like the new student and the two had a match to settle differences that Dragon won. Steamboat then pitched that Tatsu & Dragon would team together for the NXT Tag Team Championship, the two got a shot against the reigning champions The Fallen (AJ Styles & Raven) but were unsuccessful when Dragon turned heel, hitting Tatsu with a neckbreaker and placing AJ Styles on him giving The Fallen the win. Steamboat later added that he supported the actions of Dragon, stating Tatsu didn't have the killer instinct he was looking for in his students that Dragon had. Tatsu then requested and participated in a Handicap Match with Steamboat & Dragon the following week, which, despite the handicap Tatsu came close to winning. The following week Tatsu was booked against Dragon one more time, this time in a "Loser leaves the Universe" Match that saw Tatsu put up his two year career against Ultimo Dragon, ultimately winning and sending Ultimo Dragon away permanently. Tatsu then was given a NXT Arrival Match with Steamboat to pit the feud to a close.

The fourth match booked featured Ryback making a rare PPV defence of the Hardcore Championship with added stake that if Ryback were to win he would reach his 70th day as Hardcore Champion, tying the record held by Wade Barrett of 70 days. Ryback was set to face off against Ultimate Warrior as determined via fan vote.

The fifth match came about following Alberto Del Rio's lack of success within the Universe. NXT General Manager William Regal had given Del Rio a "final chance" at the NXT Championship in a qualifying match in which Del Rio lost to the returning Bray Wyatt. Regal then stated that Del Rio must now start from the bottom and work his way up to another shot. Del Rio took it upon himself to send a message to Regal however, attacking him during one of Regal's backstage announcements. William Regal announced he would make a rare in ring appearance at NXT Arrival to face Del Rio one on one.

The semi-main event was a high stakes NXT Tag Team Championship bout between long time rivaling teams, the reigning champions The Fallen and the challengers who The Fallen had initially won the championships from, Bourne In-Zayn. Upon Kofi Kingston retaining his NXT Championship at Survivor Series alongside Bourne In-Zayn they had earned a championship opportunity, they chose to invoke this on an episode of NXT but The Fallen, upon almost losing their match, got themselves disqualified, keeping the championships. Regal announced that at NXT Arrival there would be a Steel Cage Match between both teams in which if Bourne In-Zayn were to lose they would be banned from challenging The Fallen again for as long as they were to hold the championships.

The main event was decided as a special attraction for the first solo branded PPV as an Elimination Chamber Match, following the suspicious and controversial ending to Survivor Series between Kofi Kingston and challnger Batista, Regal announced Batista was an automatic entry in the chamber. Big E, who helped Kofi retain, was given the opportunity to also qualify, going one on one with and defeating Batista. As mentioned previously Bray Wyatt qualified via defeating Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus faced off against former tag partner Drew McIntyre for a spot in the chamber after Sheamus got McIntyre disqualified and removed from the NXT vs. Raw Survivor Series Match. Finally, Adrian Neville defeated Bobby Roode & Austin Aries to qualify on the final NXT before Arrival.


The show featured three championships change hands as well as one title retention. In the lower card Gregory Helms captured the Cruiserweight Championship from Justin Gabriel, overcoming the five other competitors. The NXT Showcase Match was considered "Match of the Night" by fans as a long Fatal 4-Way Match between Kalisto, Jay Lethal, Xavier Woods & Curt Hawkins took place with Kalisto picking up the win after a long battle. Yoshi Tatsu also overcame Ricky Steamboat, putting their feud to rest.

In the midcard Ryback retained his Hardcore Championship, knocking off Ultimate Warrior by breaking him through a Table in a long match with many near-losses for Ryback. In the final midcard match Alberto Del Rio injured and defeated William Regal via the Cross Armbreaker.

In the main events, Bourne In-Zayn became two time NXT Tag Team Champions with both men escaping the cage and only one member of The Fallen escaping. In the main event Batista finally became NXT Champion after last eliminating Adrian Neville via smashing him through the Elimination Chambers pod.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Gregory Helms def. Justin Gabriel (c), Paul London, Trent?Alex Shelley & Suicide 6-Man Ladder Match for Cruiserweight Championship 3:13
2 Kalisto def. Curt Hawkins, Jay Lethal & Xavier Woods NXT Showcase Fatal 4-Way Match 10:18
3 Yoshi Tatsu def. Ricky Steamboat Singles Match 5:21
4 Ryback (c) def. Ultimate Warrior Table Match for Hardcore Championship 6:30
5 Alberto Del Rio def. William Regal Singles Match 8:36
6 "Bourne In-Zayn" Sami Zayn & Evan Bourne def. "The Fallen" AJ Styles & Raven Steel Cage Match for NXT Tag Team Championship 6:15
7 Batista def. Kofi Kingston (c), Adrian Neville, Sheamus, Big E & Bray Wyatt Elimination Chamber Match for NXT Championship 18:02

NXT Championship Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Entered Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Kofi Kingston 6 Sheamus Submitted to Bearhug 6:57
2 Bray Wyatt 1 Adrian Neville Pinned following Reverse Rana 11:21
3 Big E 3 Batista Pinned following Batista Bomb 10:50
4 Sheamus 2 Batista Pinned following Reverse Rana from Neville 16:57
5 Adrian Neville 4 Batista Pinned after being speared through chamber pod 16:00
Winner Batista 5 - - 15:00

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