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WWE 2K14 Universe (Ep.111 - Money in The Bank)

Money in The Bank (2014) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe. It was held on June 29th in Washington, D.C.


This is the third annual Money in The Bank event to take place in the WTX Universe, with the prior event being lost permanently. Due to this however, it can be considered the second. It is the follow up to June event Judgment Day and will be followed by July event Unforgiven.

There were seven professional wrestling matches at the event. The first match was revealed to be the traditional 6-man Money in The Bank Ladder Match which will feature 2 superstars from each respective brand facing off for a year-long contract that will entitle that superstar to a world championship match at any given time. The two superstars originally revealed first to represent the RAW brand were Crimzon & Sting, however, Sting was revealed to be a part of the NXT brand and therefore stripped of his spot and instead given an NXT Championship Match against Bray Wyatt at the event. Crimzon switched to the SmackDown brand occupying one of their slots in the process. NXT's qualifiers, Austin Aries & Corey Graves were revealed on the June 4th editiion of NXT. Randy Savage was revealed as SmackDown's other contestant on the June 6th edition of SmackDown and finally The Great Destroyer & Dolph Ziggler earned the new Raw slots on the June 9th edition of Monday Night Raw. The following week on the June 16th edition of Monday Night Raw, Tyler Breeze, who almost won the battle royal won by Ziggler for the final Money in The Bank slot, challenged Dolph Ziggler to defend his spot, Ziggler accepted and later lost his spot in the Money in the Bank match to Breeze.

The second match was announced as a World Heavyweight Championship rematch with former champion Drew McIntyre, who was screwed out of his championship at the prior event, Judgment Day, by Raw General Manager Mr. McMahon, facing then-champion Wade Barrett. On the June 16th edition of Monday Night Raw however, Dean Ambrose defeated Wade Barrett for the World Heavyweight Championship, changing the initial one on one encounter between Barrett & McIntyre into a Triple Threat competition for now-champion Dean Ambrose's Championship. The third match announced was the WWE Championship main event that will feature CM Punk defending his championship against The Miz, who went through a 16-man tournament to become the #1 contender. Fourth was the NXT Championship match formerly mentioned that shall feature Sting challenging Bray Wyatt for the championship. The fifth match announced was revealed on the June 9th episode of Raw in which The Shield defeated Rated RKO & Wade Barrett to close out the show. The Shield were granted a World Tag Team Championship match at Money in The Bank where they will meet Rated RKO for a second time, this time with the gold at stake.

On the June 20th edition of SmackDown it was revealed that Stone Cold would be defending his United States Championship against a contender to be determined that night. The #1 contenders bout featured 1/3 of 3MB, Tyler Reks facing off against Fandango who had attacked Stone Cold & The Miz during a United States Championship defence the week prior. Fandango had claimed that he was the rightful winner of the United States Championship Battle Royal that took place at the previous event, Judgment Day, and that he will target Stone Cold until he has gotten what he believes is his. Fandango defeated Tyler Reks on SmackDown to earn the championship match adding a sixth match to the card. Finally, it was announced that Raw General Manager Mr. McMahon had a distaste for current Intercontinental Champion Adam Rose and wanted a more "fitting" champion to be decided at Money in The Bank. On the June 23rd edition of Raw a #1 contenders match was held between two very physical and bigger built superstars in Mason Ryan & Samoa Joe. Ryan won the contenders match and it was determined that Adam Rose would defend his Intercontinental Championship against Ryan at the event.


The pay per view event saw a total of four championship changes and two title retentions.

In the opening match Mason Ryan managed to end the longest Intercontinental Championship reign to date by making Adam Rose submit to his Torture Rack submission hold. The Shield won their first tag team championship as the team of Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Rated RKO's Randy Orton & Edge in a very competitive back and forth match that saw Roman Reigns counter a Punt Kick from Orton into a Spear for the pinfall victory. Drew McIntyre managed to overcome the odds and reclaim the championship he never lost as well as maintaining his WWE Contract by defeating champion Dean Ambrose and challenger Wade Barrett in an elimination match to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. The final change of the evening saw The Miz emerge victorious as he had a very back and fourth battle with champion CM Punk that ended with Miz hitting the Skullcrushing Finale through a table and then climbing a ladder to retrieve the gold, making The Miz the 6th ever Triple Crown Champion as he has previously held all 3 brands tag team championships as well as being a former United States Champion.

The first of the two title retentions of the evening saw Stone Cold defeat his rival Fandango to retain his United States Championship, during the bout at one point Austin mocked Fandango by imitating his dance gimmick and then hitting Fandango with his own finisher, the ending came when Austin hit a Stone Cold Stunner on the challenger to retain his United States Championship. The second of the evening saw Bray Wyatt defend against NXT newcomer and returning WWE Legend, Sting. This match was contested under Extreme Rules and both competitors utilized them to the fullest, the match came to an end when Bray Wyatt hit his signature Sister Abigail finisher for the pinfall victory.

In the main event Tyler Breeze emerged victorious as he scouted the match from the outside and picked his spot to enter the ring and retrieve the Money in The Bank briefcase, with this win Breeze possessed the right to a World Championship match at any occasion of his choosing, implying that he could potentially cash in his briefcase on a different brands championship and then either bring the gold to his brand or exit the Raw brand to be the main star of whichever brands championship he had claimed were he to win.


The following night on the June 30th edition of Raw, General Manager Mr. McMahon was incredibly unhappy with the outcomes of the World Tag Team Championship match as well as the World Heavyweight Championship as he had said consistently that Drew McIntyre is "not World Championship material" and that he had desires to fire him the second he had no championship obligations. He had also stated previously that he did not believe in The Shield and would prefer to keep them around as a lesser featured part of the show. He claimed Dean Ambrose was more fitting as a midcard champion and to punish him for his failure to McIntyre the previous night would put him up against new Intercontinental Champion Mason Ryan. Rated RKO (who McMahon had been a strong supporter of) claimed they wanted a championship rematch and due to match space restraints McMahon made Ryan vs. Ambrose into The Shield vs. Rated RKO & Ryan with both Ryan's Intercontinental Championship and Rollins & Reigns' World Tag Team Championships on the line. The Shield would go on to win the match with Ambrose pinning Ryan to become champion thus ending Ryan's championship reign and making him the shortest reigning champion in history with 1 day.

Due to McMahon's distaste for McIntyre he booked McIntyre to defend immediately at the end of the show in a Pinfall & Submission only 6-Man Battle Royal against 5 former World Champions. McIntyre ended up facing off against Eddie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Kane & The Rock and losing his championship to Wade Barrett. After McIntyre lost Mr. McMahon made sure to fire him.


No. Matches Stipulations Time
1 Mason Ryan def. Adam Rose (c) Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 6:49
2 Stone Cold (c) def. Fandango Singles Match for United States Championship 5:28
3 "The Shield" Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns def. "Rated RKO" Randy Orton & Edge (c) Tag Team Match for World Tag Team Championship 10:00
4 Bray Wyatt (c) def. Sting Singles Match for NXT Championship 8:01
5 Drew McIntyre def. Dean Ambrose (c) & Wade Barrett Elimination Triple Threat Match for World Heavyweight Championship 5:33
6 The Miz (c) def. CM Punk TLC Match for WWE Championship 12:30
7 Tyler Breeze def. The Great Destroyer, Austin Aries, Corey Graves, Crimzon & Randy Savage Money in The Bank Ladder Match for a future WWE, World Heavyweight or NXT Championship Match 4:27

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