Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
Members Luke Harper

Erick Rowan

Combined Weight 590lbs
Disbanded 2nd May 2016
Years Active 2016

Luke Harper & Erick Rowan are a former tag team within the WTX Universe. The team are former WWE Tag Team Champions.


Feud with Edge & Christian & Split (2016)

In early 2016, Erick Rowan & Luke Harper began pursuing the WWE Tag Team Championship, held by Jeri-Show. The two were revealed as top contenders to Big Show & Chris Jericho just before the Royal Rumble event. At the event, Harper & Rowan defeated Jeri-Show to win their first championships within the WTX Universe, ending Jeri-Show's record setting 252 day reign. Harper & Rowan would then face Jericho alone in a rematch as Big Show expressed no interest in teaming with Jericho after losing the championships. Harper & Rowan would then deface the WWE Tag Team Championships, putting their "Don't Stray" logo over it and giving it a new, worn looking strap. The team faced their next challengers, the Lucha Dragons, at No Way Out, successfully defending their championships.

Following No Way Out, the team of Edge & Christian (who had formerly challenged for the championships when held by Jeri-Show numerous times), resurfaced on SmackDown, expressing interest in Harper & Rowan's championships. Edge & Christian challenged the newly reunited Big Show & Kane in a contenders match, earning a shot at Rowan & Harper for King of the Ring. At King of the Ring, Harper got his team disqualified after Erick Rowan almost lost the match. Because of this, a rematch was booked for WrestleMania V under extreme rules, meaning they did not have a champions advantage. At WrestleMania, Harper & Rowan lost their championships to Edge & Christian. Following their loss, the two were drafted to Raw, along with the new champions, Edge & Christian. It was then announced that Harper & Rowan would face Edge & Christian one more time at Backlash, this time as the challengers for the championships. Issues further built between the team as Rowan lost again at Backlash off of a Spear from Edge, potentially leading to the team officially breaking up. On the May 2nd edition of Raw the split was confirmed as Luke Harper faced and defeated Erick Rowan in singles competition.

Championships and Accomplishments

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