WWE 2K16 Universe - EPISODE 81 - WEEK 19 King of the Ring02:29:22

WWE 2K16 Universe - EPISODE 81 - WEEK 19 King of the Ring

King of the Ring (2016) was a special event produced by WTXJaichi. It took place on 12th March 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. It was hosted by all three brands, which was a first for the King of the Ring event.


This was the third annual "King of the Ring" event to take place within the WTX Universe. As with King of the Ring events before it, the main purpose of the event was to crown a new "King of the Ring" who could, in turn, challenge for their brands world championship in one of that years WrestleMania's three main events. The event was preceded by SmackDown's special event, No Way Out in February. King of the Ring is also the final special event to take place before WrestleMania V in April.

Unlike most special events, this event featured a total of 13 matches, 7 of which were a part of the tournament itself. In the weeks leading to the event, qualifying matches took place on Raw & NXT to determine who would compete in the tournament, with Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio having decided to face for the World Heavyweight Championship of SmackDown to determine which brands would take part in the tournament.

The night following SmackDown's No Way Out determined the first match for King of the Ring as during Rey Mysterio's entrance to reveal who he would challenge at WrestleMania V, he was attacked by newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Due to Batista's actions, Mysterio chose to challenge Batista in the main event of WrestleMania for the World Heavyweight Championship, however, due to former champion Brock Lesnar having a claim to a rematch with Batista, a World Heavyweight Championship Match was set between Lesnar and Batista for King of the ring, with the winner defending against Mysterio at WrestleMania.

The second match to be set for King of the Ring saw Dean Ambrose defend his Global Championship against three challengers due to recent actions by Wolfe Kessler, who had attacked Ambrose, as well as Finn Balor and his former partner Bad News Barrett, injuring both Balor & Ambrose in the process. A match between Ambrose & Kessler took place on the 22nd February edition of Raw, with Ambrose defeating Kessler. The four way championship match was then announced in the weeks leading to King of the Ring.

On the 24th February edition of NXT, the first four participants of the King of the Ring tournament were announced, as it was confirmed that current reigning Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens would take part in the tournament alongside Stone Cold, Cesaro & The Great Destroyer. The next week on Raw, the final four participants were announced as a tag team match took place between Ryback & Triple H against Kurt Angle and a surprise returning Shawn Michaels, with all four superstars being revealed as Raw's four superstars in the tournament. On the final Raw before King of the Ring a 6-Man Tag Team Match took place with Stone Cold, Cesaro & The Great Destroyer defeating Ryback, Angle & Michaels. On the final NXT before King of the Ring another interpromotional match took place, seeing Kevin Owens defeat Triple H.

Also on the February 24th edition of NXT a Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match took place to determine who would challenge Pentagon Jr. for the NXT Championship. The match featured Prince Puma, Rob Van Dam, Leo Kruger and the winner, Eddie Guerrero, marking Guerrero's first one-on-one world championship match since Money in the Bank 2012.

On the February 29th edition of Raw, another Fatal 4-Way took place to open the show, this match saw Mark Henry defeat Drew Galloway, Rusev & Baron Corbin to earn a one-on-one WWE Championship match with Randy Orton at King of the Ring. The following week on Raw, Henry expressed interest in an Extreme Rules Match for the championship, after champion Orton turned the idea down, Henry took it upon himself to attack Orton later in the night, changing Orton's mind with Orton saying it was a bad decision on Henry's behalf.

On the March 3rd edition of SmackDown, the team of Edge & Christian faced and defeated the recently reunited Big Show & Kane in a #1 Contenders Match to determine who would face Erick Rowan & Luke Harper for the WWE Tag Team Championships at the event.

The final match set to take place at King of the Ring was confirmed at WTX Live! From London, following the Diva's Tag Team Tournament result, the new champions, Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch were set for a rematch with tournament finalists, Alexa Bliss & Emma for the Diva's Tag Team Championships.


The event saw only one new champion crowned, as during the opening Ladder Match for the Global Championship, Finn Balor retrieved the championship whilst Dean Ambrose was more focused on his rivalry with Wolfe Kessler, putting Kessler through the announce table as Balor won the championship.

Two matches in the evening also saw questionable endings, further leading to changes for WrestleMania V, first, during the WWE Tag Team Championship Match, as Edge & Christian dominated the match and almost won, Luke Harper attacked Christian with a weapon, getting the championship disqualified, thus keeping their championship. In the SmackDown Main Event, Batista was counted out against Brock Lesnar, meaning that although Lesnar won the match, he was not crowned champion.

The tournament itself saw Triple H make it to the finals from the Raw bracket, whilst Kevin Owens made it to the finals from the NXT bracket, in their rematch from NXT for the King of the Ring title, Triple H defeated Kevin Owens, earning a WWE Championship Match against Randy Orton at WrestleMania V.


# Match Stipulation Time
1 Finn Balor def. Dean Ambrose (c), Wolfe Kessler & Bad News Barrett Fatal 4-Way Ladder Match for Global Championship 6:07
2 Alice Lovecraft & Becky Lynch (c) def. Alexa Bliss & Emma Tag Team Match for Diva's Tag Team Championship 3:53
3 Randy Orton (c) def. Mark Henry Extreme Rules Match for WWE Championship 11:23
4 Edge & Christian def. Luke Harper & Erick Rowan (c) via DQ Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 3:56
5 Pentagon Jr. (c) def. Eddie Guerrero Singles Match for NXT Championship 13:22
6 Brock Lesnar def. Batista (c) via count-out Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 7:57
7 Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels King of the Ring Quarter Final 4:51
8 Triple H def. Ryback via count-out King of the Ring Quarter Final 2:57
9 Cesaro def. The Great Destroyer King of the Ring Quarter Final 7:37
10 Kevin Owens def. Stone Cold King of the Ring Quarter Final 6:08
11 Triple H def. Kurt Angle King of the Ring Semi-Final 8:35
12 Kevin Owens def. Cesaro King of the Ring Semi-Final 2:19
13 Triple H def. Kevin Owens King of the Ring Tournament Final Match for WWE Championship or NXT Championship Match at WrestleMania V 14:18

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