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King of the Ring (2014) was a special event that took place within the WTX Universe. The event took place on March 2nd 2014.


Despite there having been a previous King of the Ring tournament within the WTX Universe, this is consider the first official King of the Ring event. It was the third even of 2014, taking place following No Way Out in February, it was the final event to take place before the yearly spectacle, WrestleMania III in April.

The event featured a total of thirteen matches, with six being for championships and the other seven being the King of the Ring tournament. The show was the first to not feature a World Heavyweight Championship Match with the event's main purpose to be to determine a contender for the WWE Championship or NXT Championship, the two world championships that the Royal Rumble winner Wade Barrett chose not to fight for at WrestleMania III. From RAW, the show featured United States Champion Sting continuing his rivalry with The Shield as he defended the championship against Roman Reigns, as well as a WWE Championship main event between new 3-time WWE Champion The Undertaker and the former champion Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match. From SmackDown, the show featured the Women's Championship as Layla faced Trish Stratus and the Intercontinental Championship match between champion Christian and uprising star Leo Kruger. From NXT the show featured the Cruiserweight Championship being contested in a 6-Man Battle Royal between champion Yoshi Tatsu and challengers Paul London, Evan Bourne, Trent Barreta, Sami Zayn & Xavier Woods, as well as a NXT Championship main event between Diesel and the originally scheduled opponent of Shawn Michaels. The show also featured the first traditional King of the Ring Tournament to determine a contender for either the WWE or NXT Championship, with four participants from each brand competing in the tournament, the tournament featured Crimzon, Mark Henry, The Great Destroyer & Edge from RAW and Damien Sandow, Triple H, Kevin Thorn & Antonio Cesaro from NXT.


In the first match of the show, Sting retained his United States Championship once again against Roman Reigns, after Sting pinned Reigns following a Scorpion Death Drop. Following this, Xavier Woods won the Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal last eliminating Evan Bourne following a Flying Forearm into a pinfall. In the third match, Layla retained the Women's Championship once again, defeating Trish Stratus via rollup to continue her incredibly dominant championship reign. In the fourth and final lower card match, Christian lost the Intercontinental Championship to rising star Leo Kruger after Kruger pinned Christian following a Snapmare Driver.

In the first main event, from NXT, Michaels gave up his spot for Ted DiBiase Jr., who went on to defeat Diesel, pinning him after a Dream Street to win his first world championship, the NXT Championship. In RAW's main event, The Undertaker defeat Randy Orton after once again knocking him out, this time for the 10-count to retain his championship.

The King of the Ring Tournament ended the show, with the opening rounds seeing Crimzon defeat Damien Sandow, Triple H defeat Mark Henry, The Great Destroyer defeat Kevin Thorn and Edge defeating Antonio Cesaro. In the semi-finals, Crimzon defeated Triple H and Edge defeated The Great Destroyer. The tournament finals saw Edge defeat Crimzon to earn a WWE Championship Match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania III.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 Sting (c) def. Roman Reigns Singles Match for United States Championship 4:29
2 Xavier Woods def. Yoshi Tatsu (c), Evan Bourne, Paul London, Trent Barreta & Sami Zayn 6-Man Pinfall & Submission Battle Royal for Cruiserweight Championship 7:34
3 Layla (c) def. Trish Stratus Singles Match for Women's Championship 5:06
4 Leo Kruger def. Christian (c) Singles Match for Intercontinental Championship 5:32
5 Ted DiBiase Jr. w/Shawn Michaels def. Diesel (c) w/Ted DiBiase Singles Match for NXT Championship 8:33
6 The Undertaker (c) def. Randy Orton Last Man Standing Match for WWE Championship 11:43
7 Crimzon def. Damien Sandow King of the Ring Quarter Finals Match 6:05
8 Triple H def. Mark Henry King of the Ring Quarter Finals Match 1:48
9 The Great Destroyer def. Kevin Thorn King of the Ring Quarter Finals Match 5:50
10 Edge def. Antonio Cesaro King of the Ring Quarter Finals Match 2:54
11 Crimzon def. Triple H King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match 5:51
12 Edge def. The Great Destroyer King of the Ring Semi-Finals Match 5:44
13 Edge def. Crimzon King of the Ring Finals Match for WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania III 4:38

Battle Royal Eliminations

Order of Elimination Wrestler Eliminated by Method of Elimination Time
1 Paul London Sami Zayn Pinned following Brainbuster 3:44
2 Trent Barreta Evan Bourne Pinned following Thrust Kick from Yoshi Tatsu 4:42
3 Sami Zayn Xavier Woods Pinned following Lost in the Woods 4:49
4 Yoshi Tatsu Evan Bourne Pinned following Flying Forearm from Xavier Woods 6:04
5 Evan Bourne Xavier Woods Pinned following Flying Forearm 7:34
Winner Xavier Woods - - 7:34

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