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WTX Universe (Ep.257 - Judgment Day)

Judgment Day (2015) is a special event that took place within the WTX Universe, it took place on May 17th 2015 and was hosted exclusively by the SmackDown brand.


This was the second Judment Day event to take place within the WTX Universe, it was the follow up to April's Backlash from RAW and was followed a week from the next Tuesday by NXT's own NXT TakeOver.

The show featured the typical seven matches, starting with a grudge match between Dolph Ziggler, and new talent D-Train who had recently targetted Ziggler after suffering a loss to him on a prior episode of SmackDown. The second matchup was between new Diva's Champion Beth Phoenix and her top contender AJ Lee, who earned a shot previously. The third match of the night was put together last second, as initially heading into the event, the main event was intended to be between Tyler Breeze and Roman Reigns for the World Heavyweight Championship, however, two days prior on SmackDown, Breeze teamed with Mark Henry to faced Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a match in which Breeze walked out on Henry, angering Henry and causing Henry to brutally injure Reigns and pull Reigns from the event. As a last second decision, a match was made between Henry & Ambrose to determine who would then challenge Breeze for his championship in the main event of the show.

The fourth match was a matchup between Ultimate Warrior and Sting, who had been butting heads since 2014. The fifth match was for the European Championship, putting the new champion Rusev up against the accomplished Edge, who was currently rivaling with Rusev, and Jinder Mahal, who Edge helped get a win over Rusev on an episode of SmackDown, earning Mahal a future opportunity in the process, and making the championship match a Triple Threat.

The sixth match was the WWE Tag Team Championship match, pitting the champions Bourne In-Zayn against the persistant team of The Flock, who In-Zayn had previously defeated in a championship match, however, The Flock won another opportunity on SmackDown. The main event would then see Tyler Breeze defend his World Heavyweight Championship against whoever had won the prior Ambrose vs. Henry matchup, giving Breeze a minor advantage.


In the first match of the event, D-Train managed to defeat Dolph Ziggler and in turn, regain his prior momentum he had lost. The second match saw Beth Phoenix dominate and retain her championship against AJ Lee. In the third match, Dean Ambrose defeated Mark Henry with Dirty Deeds to secure his main event match against Tyler Breeze later in the show. In the fourth match, Jinder Mahal got the upset victory over Edge and Rusev to win the European Championship, which he then rebranded back as the United States Championship, calling himself "the hero of America."

In the fifth match, Ultimate Warrior defeated Sting in one of the most competitive matchups of the night. The semi-main event saw The Flock robbed of their opportunity, as it was reported they had not shown up to the event, as Bourne In-Zayn then came out for their matchup, to be put in an impromptu match against Chris Jericho and Big Show, naming themselves Jeri-Show, who defeated Bourne In-Zayn to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

As the main event was to begin, Breeze made his entrance, to which it was then shown on the titantron that Mark Henry had attacked Dean Ambrose on his way to the main event, throwing Dean Ambrose through a glass window and horribly injuring Ambrose, Henry then charged down to the ring and the match was made, with Henry quickly squashing Breeze to win the World Heavyweight Championship.


# Result Stipulation Time
1 D-Train def. Dolph Ziggler Singles Match 3:27
2 Beth Phoenix (c) def. AJ Lee Singles Match for Diva's Championship 4:59
3 Dean Ambrose def. Mark Henry #1 Contenders Match for World Heavyweight Championship 8:30
4 Ultimate Warrior def. Sting Singles Match 10:06
5 Jinder Mahal def. Rusev (c) & Edge Triple Threat Elimination Match for European Championship 8:25
6 "Jeri-Show" Chris Jericho & Big Show def. "Bourne In-Zayn" Evan Bourne & Sami Zayn (c) Tag Team Match for WWE Tag Team Championship 6:52
7 Mark Henry* def. Tyler Breeze (c) Singles Match for World Heavyweight Championship 4:23
  • This match was originally supposed to feature Dean Ambrose, however, due to a backstage attack from Mark Henry, Henry took Ambrose's place.

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