Jinder Mahal
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Height 6ft 5in
Weight 235lbs
From Punjab, India
Debut 8th November 2012
Season 2 Record 1-3
Season 3 Record 2-3
Season 4 Record 3-16

Jinder Mahal is a former wrestler in the WTX Universe. He is a former United States Champion.


Debut (2012)

Jinder Mahal made his WTX Universe debut on the November 8th edition of NXT, losing to Justin Gabriel in a squash match.

3MB (2014)

On the May 16th 2014 edition of SmackDown, Heath Slater debuted a new faction teaming with Mahal & Tyler Reks, the three referred to their group as 3MB. They defeated the randomly paired group of Alex RileyGoldust & Bobby Lashley. On August 29th, Mahal was kicked out of 3MB and replaced with the debuting Wolfe.

On November 28th, Mahal was brought back into 3MB as Wolfe had left and Reks was kicked out, he teamed with Slater and new 3MB member Rockstar Spud to lose to Wolfe Pack.

On December 26th, 3MB fought their last match together, with the trio losing to Wolfe Pack once again, after which Slater walked out on Mahal & Spud, officially ending the trio.

Hero of America (2015)

At No Way Out, Mahal made his return this time as a singles superstar, he demanded a match on the show, threatening to hold the show up until he got one, this was answered by The Undertaker who went on to defeat Mahal. At King of the Ring, Mahal competed in the King of the Ring Tournament, being eliminated in the first round by The Rock. After this, Mahal issued open challenges for multiple weeks, facing larger stature wrestlers like Kane. On May 1st, the open challenge was answered by the European Champion Rusev, who Edge interfered in the match and Speared, giving Mahal a victory over Rusev and earning Mahal a championship match.

At Judgment Day, Mahal got his opportunity alongside Edge in a Triple Threat, overcoming the odds to win the championship, Mahal then brought back the United States Championship and dubbed himself "the hero of America." On May 29th, Mahal lost the championship in a forced open challenge, answered by Yokozuna. Mahal quickly lost his rematch in another squash the following week.

Championships and Accomplishments

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